Dan Brown, Manila, gates of hell

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  1. aryanliddell says:

    “Negative publicity is better than none at all.” Why Nancy Binay won.
    It’s embarrassing to the international community to be making such a big fuss about a work of fiction. But then again, to some extent, it is true. If Filipinos continue to insist it’s not, the best way to prove him wrong is to “do” and not just to flail their arms and argue with empty words.

  2. Steven Wade says:

    utter nonsense my grandfather who is american fought againt the japanese said manila was “hell” for those who fought there and with the help of filipino warriors gave the enemy hell, I dont know why filipino even entertain what one stupid author says when he doesnt represent a nation of people maybe american but doesnt stand for all americans.

  1. June 10, 2013

    […] Dan Brown, Manila, gates of hell (filipinoscribe.com) […]

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