‘Kumusta crush mo?’

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  1. Great post and right on! My first job in America when I graduated college, and for the next 10 years, was working in a State funded Developmental Center that had more than 300 residents with PWDs, both male and female. The mission of the center was to teach the residents life skills development, with the ultimate goal of independent living.

    Some residents had basically been discarded by their families because they were ashamed and other residents were placed in the center so they could learn how to live independently as possible, since parents realized that they would not always be around to take care of a special adult child.

    A number of residents were able to secure jobs in the community, which they could perform, and have their own place to live. They could not only carry on a regular conversation, they could do some job tasks very well and some had girlfriends and boyfriends! They not only had a good quality of life but they were also contributors to their community.

    No matter what age, most of our residents always looked forward to the Special Olympics every year and some were actually very good athletes.

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~

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