SPONSORED VIDEO: Jude Law stars in latest ad campaign for Johnnie Walker

jude law for johnnie walker
Hollywood actor Jude Law is in the latest ad campaign for Johnnie Walker (Credits: www.UnrulyMedia.com)

Hollywood megastar Jude Law and famed Italian actor and dubber Giancarlo Giannini share the spotlight in the latest ad campaign for Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

The six-minute short film tells the story of an aging man (played by Giannini) who brags about his most treasured possession, a “rarer than rare” Italian boat made in 1928, and a middle-aged man (portrayed by Law) who will do everything to have that boat.

jude law for johnnie walker
Hollywood actor Jude Law is in the latest ad campaign for Johnnie Walker (Credits: www.UnrulyMedia.com)

Conventional wisdom suggests that Law, a multi-millionaire according to several websites (check here and here), will offer Giannini huge cash to acquire the antique boat.

In a strange twist, Law instead made a wager to Giannini, saying that he would show his dancing prowess to convince the latter that the boat should be his.

With the help of scores of people, Law was eventually able to pull off an energetic dance presentation inside an antiquated building which persuaded an initially-unwilling Giannini to give him the boat.

The mini-movie was directed by Jake Scott while the scenes were shot in the British Virgin Islands (where the boat is docked) as well as London (where the wager was played out).

One of the broader themes of this particular ad is an individual’s need to fulfil his/her desires. How far can a person go to get something he/she wants? Doing the ad must be very challenging for Law, who is not known for his dancing skills.  The ad shows that when we are truly driven to get something, nothing can stop us.

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