DON’T BLAME THE SCHOOL! | Ramon Tulfo’s daughter defends College of St Benilde from her father’s drug accusations

college of saint benilde campus
De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde (Photo taken from

Nastassja Ramone Tulfo, daughter of Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Ramon Tulfo, strongly defended De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) from her father’s accusation that drug abuse is prevalent among the school’s students.

In his column published February 17, Tulfo claimed that his daughter came home one night droopy-eyed.  “She admitted to her mom that she had taken Valium, a depressant, which she and her classmates bought from a fellow CSB student,” the controversial columnist and radio personality said.

college of saint benilde campus
De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde (Photo taken from

Tulfo wrote that he and his wife also discovered a sachet of marijuana from Nastassja’s bedroom, adding that their daughter confessed that these drugs are being sold in three coffee shops in the vicinity of CSB and its sister school De La Salle University – Manila.

Apparently disturbed by these revelations, Tulfo went to CSB with the aim of personally informing the school’s top officials about his discoveries. However, his failure to do so (he waited for an hour to no avail) led him to believe that the officers “are not concerned about the welfare of their students.”

Nastassja Tulfo used her Twitter account (handle: @nastassjatulfo) to accuse her dad of “impulsive writing” and to appeal to him to stop blaming her school. “FYI,  (it) is my fault (and) NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BLAME THE SCHOOL. IT’S ALL ON ME. It’s a personal choice, NOT CSB!” she wrote.

nastassja tulfo twitter
Ramon Tulfo’s daughter Nastassja defended the College of St. Benilde from her father’s accusations (Screenshot from Fashion Pulis)

“Ruining the name of CSB won’t solve our family problems nor fix the current issue. You just ruined the family name and me!” Nastassja wrote in a succeeding tweet, appealing to her father to “know your facts and what really happened.” Curiously, her Twitter account is now set to private.

The administration of CSB is yet to speak about the issue although Ivy Cruz, a staff member of the school’s Institutional Communications Unit, belied Tulfo’s claim that the school is not concerned about its students.

“The administration is working very hard to ensure that the students and parents are happy about our services. The primary concern of the school is the welfare of the students. We are really concerned on the welfare of the students and the parents,” Cruz said in an interview with the Inquirer‘s Aries Joseph Hegina.

nastassja ramone tulfo
Photo taken from Nastassja Ramone Tulfo’s Facebook page

COMMENTARY FROM TFS: This is a grossly unfair article by Ramon Tulfo. Why should the entire institution of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde be publicly humiliated for the mistakes committed by some of its students?

It’s like accusing UP Diliman of harboring thugs because some students studying there got involved in a frat war.

If there’s one thing I keep on telling my students, it’s this: their professors and the school is not liable for their actions outside the campus.




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