What’s in store for Salbakuta this 2015?

stupid love salbakuta
Rap group Salbakuta entered the music scene in 2002 with their smash hit "Stupid Love"

It will be impossible to talk about the Philippine music scene in the early years of the new millennium without mentioning the rap group Salbakuta. The group that once-featured the quartet of Ben Deatha, Mad Killah, Nasty Mac, and Charlie Mac took the nation by storm in year 2002 with their smash hit “Stupid Love” (stylized as “S2pid Luv”).

The rap song was such a big hit that a movie with the same title was produced that same year, featuring Andrew E. (the group’s mentor), Blakdyak, Angelika dela Cruz, Maui Taylor, with the special participation of Salbakuta.

The group had other hits in the succeeding years, including “Di Karapat-dapat,” “Ubos na ang Pasensya” with Ogie Alcasid, and “Yo Gloria” with Rachelle Ann Go. More importantly, the popularity of Salbakuta brought attention to other Pinoy rap acts including Kawago, Crazy as Pinoys, and others.

stupid love salbakuta
Rap group Salbakuta entered the music scene in 2002 with their smash hit “Stupid Love”

The group faced rough times in recent years following the death of Nasty Mac in 2008 and Ben Deatha’s decision to leave the group last year but it actually never stopped making music, thanks to Homeworkz Records,  an independent music label managed by RnB prince Jay R. Songs from their 2014 album “Rebirth” can be bought through ITunes.

Now, loyal fans of Salbakuta have something to look forward to again in the near future. During a recent blog conference organized by the said record outfit, original Salbakuta members Mad Killah and Charlie Mac used the opportunity to introduce to the public the newest addition to their group, Jawtee.


During a question and answer session, the trio said they’re very much looking forward to developing a new album soon. “Puro pa rin tungkol sa babae, siyempre!” Mad Killah jokingly told The Filipino Scribe when asked about possible themes for their upcoming album. “Ang mga babae noon, parang Maria Clara. Ngayon, para nang mga Maria …,” Jawtee added in jest, possibly referring to popular Japanese actress Maria Ozawa.

The group was recently impersonated by the tandem of Melai Cantiveros and Tutti Caringal in the reality show Your Face Sounds Familiar, and clips from that episode has received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. This confirms Salbakuta’s enduring popularity among Filipinos, and thanks to Homeworkz,  we definitely haven’t heard the last from them.

salbakuta 2015
Salbakuta’s members as of 2015 are Mad Killah, Jawtee, and Charlie Mac (Photo by Joseph Xander Ramos)

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