Hackers from Philippine Cyber Army attack website of UST Hospital

UST hospital website hacked
The website of UST Hospital was hacked Sunday afternoon

Hackers claiming to be part of the group Philippine Cyber Army defaced the official website of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Sunday afternoon. The attack was apparently in retaliation to a revelation last week that a resident doctor of the hospital refused to admit a woman about to give birth because she didn’t have P20,000 as down payment.

According to a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Anjo Pelayo and his wife Siarra Gamba-Pelayo went to the hospital last February 19 when she began her labor. There, they met Dr. Anna Liezyl Sahagun who told them that P20,000 is needed for admission. Since the couple only had P6,000 at that time, they were advised to go to a public hospital instead.

UST hospital website hacked
The website of UST Hospital was hacked Sunday afternoon

Rejected, the couple went to the nearby Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center where they were likewise not accommodated because all incubators are in use. They returned to UST Hospital to try their luck once more but they were rejected again. They opted to go to the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City again. Gamba-Pelayo gave birth inside the cab and the baby died shortly.

“When money is more important than human life, we start questioning our existence,” the group said on a message posted on the website. According to the tabloid Bandera, the hackers originally posted a longer message there:

Napakamali ng iyong ginawa Dr. Sahagun. Sumumpa ka sa iyong tungkulin para magligtas ng buhay. Hindi para unahin ang pera. Isa itong malaking paglabag sa iyong sinumpaang tungkulin at hindi namin ito hahayaan na mabalewala lang.” The hackers likewise called on the authorities to investigate the matter further.

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