DEAR MARK: Letter for my 12-year-old self

mark pere madrona
A letter for my 12-year-old self :)

(This post was inspired by United States Vice President Joe Biden. See his to letter for his 12-year-old self here.)

Dear Mark,

How are you? I hope you’re enjoying your first months in high school. I know this is not the school where you wanted to study, but believe me, in a few years, you will be very proud that you went here. Things will not always go the way you planned it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be good. Soon, many opportunities will come your way and you will take advantage of all of those to test your potentials and prove your worth.

You fell in love with reading and writing since you were a little boy thanks to Dr. Seuss and the newspapers you lay your hands on everyday. Now, always remember to nurture your passion for reading and writing. Someday, it will open great things for you far beyond what you’ve ever imagined.

mark pere madrona
A letter for my 12-year-old self 🙂

Nevertheless, it won’t be an easy ride for you. Trust me when I say that there will be lots of competitions you won’t win, plans that won’t materialize, target jobs you won’t get, and yes, rejections from people you like! But somehow someway, you will find a reason to go on and continue your journey. There will be countless failures and rejections ahead, but you will always keep trying because you are brave.

Lastly, I’m aware how bad you feel whenever your classmates, relatives, and even neighbors and strangers mock the way you talk and your rather “soft” actions. They will never stop doing so, but you will learn to ignore them because they don’t really matter. You may be having a hard time accepting yourself right now, but someday, you will be fighting hard for people in the same circumstance as you.

So there we go, Mark. Have fun, stay cheerful and optimistic, and you will reach great heights.

Yours truly,
Your 25-year-old self

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