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september 2017 licensure exam for teachers results

On passing the September 2017 licensure exam for teachers

After over two months of waiting, the results of the licensure exam for teachers (LET) held last September 2017 was finally released this November 27. And with God’s grace, I was among the 49,626 who passed from 107,020 examinees (the passing rate is 46.37%). Without

death of pet cat

Saying goodbye to my fluffy friend “Meow”

The past two months have never been the same again for me here at home. The feeling of loss persists, even to this day. And through this blog, I’ll share to the world my sad story. I don’t exactly recall when and how “Meow” became

mark pere madrona

DEAR MARK: Letter for my 12-year-old self

(This post was inspired by United States Vice President Joe Biden. See his to letter for his 12-year-old self here.) Dear Mark, How are you? I hope you’re enjoying your first months in high school. I know this is not the school where you wanted

The Filipino Scribe awards and recognitions


The Filipino Scribe (TFS) is managed by Mark Pere Madrona, a multi-awarded blogger, journalist, and licensed professional teacher from the Philippines. A former instructor for tertiary institutions, he is now teaching senior high school students for the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. He previously worked as