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FORGET ABOUT YOLO – When in college, you’re on your own!

FORGET ABOUT YOLO – When in college, you’re on your own!

Note: I was recently invited to be part of the ‘Humans of MasKom’, one of the activities spearheaded by the UP College of Mass Communication (UP CMC) Student Council in partnership with the UP Broadcasters’ Guild and other orgs for the college’s freshmen students. This took place last August 5 at the CMC Auditorium. Good

OFFLINE | Andrea Brillantes and The Filipino Scribe’s darkest 48 hours

When I was first informed of the alleged private video of Angela Brillantes during the wee hours of July 10, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Regular readers of TFS definitely know the context of I mentioning the following: Ramgen Revilla, Marjorie Barretto, Paolo Bediones, and the “Bagito” high school kids. Needless to say, writing about

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UNFRIENDED | On maintaining civility in Internet discussions

I was a guest last May 6 in the program “Samahang Bidang Bida,” a talk show that airs on DZUP every Wednesday morning. The show is celebrating its fifth year anniversary this month so every week, they will be interviewing so-called “icons of change.” Like in my previous media appearances, they invited me in connection

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KID KULAFU: Movie review and memorable scenes

With just a little more than two weeks to go before his upcoming mega fight against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., Filipinos will get the chance to know the struggles Manny Pacquiao had to endure early in his life through the movie “Kid Kulafu.” Speaking to selected bloggers and members of the entertainment press, director Paul Soriano

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THANK YOU! Cheers for the Filipino Scribe’s fourth anniversary!

The Filipino Scribe (TFS) last March 31 its fourth year anniversary! Thanks to you, this news and commentary website has now received over four million in total page views or an average of about 85,000 visits per month. I know those figures are paltry compared to other more popular websites around there but I am proud of