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Analyzing Mar Roxas’ ten biggest political blunders

Analyzing Mar Roxas’ ten biggest political blunders

1) Be authentic right from the start. Roxas came out as authentic, sincere, and honest right after his talk hosted by the Makati Business Club, and that was on March 30, 2016. It was already too late in the game and not enough to erase his previous “artista” image that was all about pretentious role-playing.

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SURPRISE! Deciding a tied election by coin toss is allowed by law

It is not unusual for elections at the national and local levels to be decided by narrow margins. However, on certain instances, there may be two or more candidates that end up having the same number of votes. For example, the winner of the mayoralty race in Bocaue, Bulacan was determined through a coin toss after

comelec media accreditation

#BotongPinoy2016 – COMELEC grants media accreditation for The Filipino Scribe

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) last week granted The Filipino Scribe accreditation to cover the various activities related to the May 9, 2016 national and local elections. Because of the accreditation, TFS was able to monitor the conduct of the elections at the Corazon Aquino Elementary School in Quezon City and the Ramon Magsaysay High School

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Hontiveros on her Senate victory: ‘There is much to be done’

After failing in her first two senatorial bids, Risa Hontiveros is now well within the so-called magic twelve. With her victory official proclamation as a Senator-elect just days away, the former Akbayan party-list representative is taking the opportunity to thank and reassure her supporters who stood by her during the past three election cycles. “Our long


#RP69FanFic – Twitter explodes with fictional sex stories of candidates’ sons

With the election results now largely settled saved for the vice presidential race, netizens turned their attention to something else. The past few weeks/months, people had been buzzing about the good looking sons of certain national candidates, particularly Sebastian Duterte, Brian Poe-Llamanzares, Paolo Roxas, and Sandro Marcos. It didn’t take too long for some creative minds on