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ka tenny manalo

Online video reveals infighting within Iglesia ni Cristo’s Manalo family

Online video reveals infighting within Iglesia ni Cristo’s Manalo family

In a jarring two-minute online video,┬áthe wife and son of Iglesia ni Cristo’s former Executive Minister Erano “Ka Erdy” Manalo are appealing for help from their churchmates because of what they described as threats to their lives. The elder Manalo led the congregation from 1963 until his death in 2009. He was succeeded by his

MRT prototype philippines

The proposed MRT prototype may be too dangerous for the riding public

The implementation of higher fare rates for the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) six months ago has done nothing to improve the train system’s quality of service so far. MRT commuters still face the same problems every day – ┬álong lines just to get inside the train as well as overcrowded trips. Of course, that is

imported garbage from canada

BASURA, BULOK, at PEKE – More Fun in the Philippines

There is currently an online petition calling on the Canadian government to send back to their country 98 container vans full of waste material. The said petition on Change.org now has nearly 30,000 signatures. Come to think of it – how did those vans get into our shores in the first place? Why does our

marriage equality in the philippines

Implications on the Philippines of same sex marriage legalization in United States

Voting 5-4, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) made history Friday morning (Washington time) when it declared that all state governments throughout the country, regardless of party affiliation and religious beliefs, are required to allow same-sex couples to marry. Its full text can be accessed here. This means that the bans in same