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Hacker defaces NBDB website

EXCLUSIVE A hacker who goes by the screen name “Fiofa Fado” attacked the official website of the National Book Development Board (NBDB) around Monday midnight. An attached agency of the Department of Education, the NBDB works closely with the Philippine book publishing industry. It sponsors the annual

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Anonymous Philippines attacks Tito Sotto’s website

Anonymous Philippines hackers defaced the official website of Senator Vicente Sotto III early Tuesday morning. The attack came three months after it was first reported that both foreign and local “hacktivists” are targeting Sotto’s website mainly for his role in inserting the provision on online

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Cyberbullying in the Philippines – let’s get personal

Last week, I appeared on Global News Network’s Opinion Leaders show to talk about cyberbullying together with Alvin Dakis of the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates. Before I venture into that topic, let me discuss some relevant basic stuff first re Internet in

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Cybercrime Law – repressive state apparatus?

There is no denying that just a handful of conglomerates control major media outlets in the Philippines, just like in the United States. And as the political and economic theory of the mass media argues, this set-up directly affects the way media messages are constructed

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Cybercrime law will have chilling effect on free speech – HRW

This is a slightly modified version of the press release sent by Mr. Carlos Conde, Human Rights Watch director for Asia. The new Philippine “cybercrime” law (it will be in effect starting today, October 3 – TFS) drastically increases punishments for criminal libel and gives

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Anonymous Philippines hackers attack NTC website

Four days after attacking a number of government websites, hacktivist group Anonymous Philippines defaced the online portal of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) as part of its continuing online protest against the newly-passed Cybercrimes Prevention Act of 2012. Rock music can be heard upon accessing