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Globe Telecoms expand their list of redeemable reward items

I know it is presumptuous for me to think that someone from Globe may have read my previous blog on this topic. One thing is sure: Globe is aware of the negative feedback their recent flip-flopping on their own rewards promo has generated among subscribers. It can be recalled that three months ago, Globe Telecoms

Unable to redeem Globe Rewards lately? Here’s why

Before I start, I want to thank the organizers of the Globe Tatt Awards last August 26 for giving me passes to that event (http://rightonthemark.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/face-to-face-with-ms-maria-ressa-and-the-professional-heckler-at-the-1st-globe-tatt-awards/). I’ve been a Globe subscriber the past three years. I was a Smart user before that, but I got disgusted with the unsolicited ringtones they kept on sending me (which