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The Meaning of Nancy Binay aka “Nanay de Pamilya”

In politics as in marketing, name recognition (also referred to as name recall or awareness rating) plays a key role in giving certain candidates a head start over their rivals. This explains why, for example, Hillary Clinton leads all her rivals in polls conducted in

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United Nationalist Alliance first 2013 campaign ad – recycled?

The 2010 Philippine national elections produced a number of memorable political jingles. Who can forget Juan Ponce Enrile’s “Gusto ko, Happy ka,” Loren Legarda’s “Ikaw” (featuring pop star Sarah Geronimo), and Manny Villar’s “Tunay Na Mahirap”? As the May 2010 polls drew closer, then-Makati City

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The uninvited ones to the Mar Roxas-Korina Sanchez wedding – 2011 edition!

Two days ago, one-time presidential wannabe Mar Roxas (currently the Transportation and Communication Secretary) and his wife, TV anchor Korina Sanchez, marked their 2nd wedding anniversary. In 2009, I wrote a blog naming the uninvited ones to their wedding ( The past two years, the

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Possible replacements to the now-removed underwear ad in EDSA

Mandaluyong City mayor Bunhur Abalos (son of disgraced ex COMELEC Chair Benjamin “Hamburjer” Abalos of ZTE deal fame) created a stir last week when he ordered the removal of sexy male Bench underwear billboards featuring players of the Philippine rugby team (aka The Volcanoes) along