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Grace Poe 2016?

Grace Poe’s emergence as a senatorial frontrunner is a surprise, since Loren Legarda has long been perceived as the leader according to surveys. Poe denied Legarda the chance of being the first Filipina in Philippine political history to top the senatorial race thrice. This can have implications for the 2016 race, too. Had Legarda emerged

The uninvited ones to the Mar Roxas-Korina Sanchez wedding – 2011 edition!

Two days ago, one-time presidential wannabe Mar Roxas (currently the Transportation and Communication Secretary) and his wife, TV anchor Korina Sanchez, marked their 2nd wedding anniversary. In 2009, I wrote a blog naming the uninvited ones to their wedding (http://sexylove25.multiply.com/journal/item/376/The_Uninvited_Ones_at_the_Mar_Roxas_-_Korina_Sanchez_wedding_Laughtrip). The past two years, the couple not only remained childless – they also kept on