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BANG BANG! | Jef Gaitan reveals Alex Castro cheating scandal with Sunshine Garcia

Television personality and commercial model Jef Gaitan dropped a bombshell after she revealed earlier today that she caught her boyfriend, young actor Alex Castro, in the bedroom of her friend and fellow Banana Nite host Sunshine Garcia.

I went to Sunshine Garcia’s condo and I saw Alex Castro in her bedroom. He did the same thing to his ex-wife with whom he has an 8 year old son and he did the same thing to me. I guess this should come as no surprise,” she wrote on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Gaitan continued attacking the two in her succeeding posts. In the first one, she pointed out that both Castro and Garcia have love children.  “Pareho palang may anak kaya nagkasundo!” she quipped.

jef gaitan on sunshine garcia

Jef Gaitan to Sunshine Garcia: “Have the decency to tell the truth and respect friendships!” (Taken from Jef’s Instagram page)

Nevertheless, it appears that she blames Garcia more than her erstwhile boyfriend for the cheating scandal. Via Instagram, she wrote: “The decency to tell the truth and respecting friendships.”

Betrayal of trust and friendship. Marami namang dagat sa isang area ka lang naghanap ng isda?” she lamented again on Facebook, perhaps referring to the fact that all of them are working on ABS-CBN.

Gaitan and Garcia used to be good friends. As noted in the entertainment website, the two even appeared on the cover of FHM Magazine along with Aiko Climaco for January 2014.

alex castro sunshine garcia scandal

Jef Gaitan and Sunshine Garcia appeared on the cover of FHM’s January 2014 issue

Gaitan, Castro, and Garcia used to be with GMA Network before moving to Channel Two. Gaitan competed in Survivor Philippines: Palau in 2009 where she finished third place. After a brief stint in TV5, she became a Kapamilya in 2011.

Garcia meanwhile used to be a leading part of the once-popular all-female group Sex Bomb Dancers prior to her departure in 2011.

Castro gained popularity in 2009 after his participation in the singing contest Are You The Next Big Star?  He ran unsuccessfully for the position of vice mayor in  his hometown Marilao, Bulacan two years ago. Prior to that, he was a city councilor for two terms.

#ThrowbackThursday – Here’s Alex Castro urging his Twitter followers to support Jef Gaitan in the 2011 FHM Sexiest Women list:




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