Yoyayin Victoria apologizes for viral video, appeals for understanding

Yoyayin Victoria apologizes for viral video, appeals for understanding

In yet another reminder that whatever you post online can eventually come back to haunt you, a 16-year-old high school student from Quezon City apologized Thursday morning to her contacts on social media for uploading a short video three days ago.

Yoyayin Victoria early this week uploaded a 21-second video of herself on her Facebook page. where she can be seen wiping a whitish liquid on her face while saying, “Sabi ko mamaya na e!” Predictably, many netizens immediately dubbed the video as a “scandal” because of its sexual overtones.

In a post on her Facebook page, Yoyayin Victoria apologized for uploading the video, saying that everything was “scripted” and made just for fun. She added that the liquid on her face is really just a body lotion, not glue, condensed milk, or anything else.

yoyayin victoria video
Yoyayin Victoria’s 21-second video has become viral online

Maniwala man kayo o hindi, inispray lang po iyon. Sa sobrang katuwaan hindi na po namin naisip ang susunod na mangyayari,” she said apologetically while emphatically denying that it is a sex video.

She also apologized for people who may have been disappointed with her actions, adding that she acknowledged those who refused to judge her but instead gave her words of wisdom to help her get through this difficult time.

In the end, she acknowledged that the past few days has been a painful learning experience for her. She called on the youth to be more mindful of what they put online, whether these are blog posts, photos, or videos. “Dahil sa ang mundong ito ay puno ng mga mapanghusga at hindi mapigilang malikot na isip ng tao na nagiging dahilan ng mas lumalaking usap-usapan!” she warned.

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