Ahron Villena mistakenly posts private pic on his Instagram

Ahron Villena mistakenly posts private pic on his Instagram

Netizens went gaga over ABS-CBN actor Ahron Villena’s near-nude photo of himself that he apparently posted by mistake on his Instagram account Friday morning (July 28).

Villena deleted the photo several minutes after posting it, but a lot of Internet users were already able to save and share it to more people. It is not clear if Villena originally intended to send the picture as a direct message to another user.

ahron villena photo scandal
Actor Ahron Villena uploaded a private photo of himself on his Instagram account

This uncomfortable situation presents a lesson to all netizens, particularly among millenials. In its decision on Vivares vs. Saint Theresa’s College (G.R. 202666), the Supreme Court ruled that photos uploaded on social networking sites like Facebook among others are not covered by privacy rights.

“A person who places a photograph on the Internet precisely intends to forsake and renounce all privacy rights to such imagery, particularly under circumstances such as here, where the Defendant did not employ protective measures or devices that would have controlled access to the Web page or the photograph itself,” the High Court explained.

This case is about fourth year high school students of Saint Theresa’s College Cebu who were barred from attending their graduation rites after one of their subject teachers reported their “inappropriate photos” to school officials.




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