The Filipino Scribe expresses its outrage about the killing of 17-year-old Kian Loyd Delos Santos during an anti-drugs operation in Barangay 160, Caloocan City late Wednesday night (August 16).

A Grade 11 senior high school student, Kian Loyd’s dream was to become a policeman. Ironically, his dream ended on the hands of people from the ranks he wanted to join.

According to the official police report prepared by PO3 Arnel Oares, Kian Loyd supposedly drew a gun and shot the law enforcers (“nanlaban“) as they were approaching him as part of the so-called “Oplan Galuhad” in their area. They also claimed that they got from his possession a 45-caliber gun, four bullets, as well as two packs of shabu.

Speaking to Dominic Almenor of ABS-CBN News, his father Saldy Delos Santos emphatically said that his 17-year-old son does not own a gun and that he is not into drugs at all. “Ginawang parang baboy ang anak ko,” he indignantly said.

A CCTV recording of the incident as well as eyewitness accounts from two residents in the area refute the police’s version of events. In the CCTV footage, two police officers in plainclothes can be seen dragging Kian Loyd into a corner with another policeman following closely. Two eyewitnesses said they heard them force him to hold a gun, an order that he wanted to refuse. “Ano pong gagawin ko dito?” Kian Loyd was heard saying.

Kian Loyd Delos Santos
(Photo taken from Kian Delos Santos’s Facebook page)

After which, the policemen ordered him to run away. It is apparent that the police wanted Kian Loyd to run away with the gun on his hands so they can frame him up as an armed drug user who’s resisting arrest. By extension, it can also be reasonably stated that the 45-caliber gun as well as the two packs of shabu that were supposedly in his possession were merely planted by the police.

In summary, we have members of the police who staged a fake confrontation and fabricated evidences to justify the killing of an innocent minor – someone who is just at the beginning of his life. It’s a cold-blooded murder, plain and simple. If that doesn’t make you feel sick to your stomach, then nothing else will.

Assuming he’s really a drug dependent, what was done to him is still a blatant crime. Was he even given a chance to be apprehended peacefully, with him being made fully aware of his rights? Does he not deserve a right to due process? Does he not deserve a chance to reform and rehabilitate himself, moreso because he’s still a minor?

Despite their sworn duty to serve and protect the people, police officers are now becoming more and more unhinged in committing human rights violations. The blame for this madness should be on President Rodrigo Duterte himself. In his 14 months in office, he already made it acceptable for police officers to disregard legal procedures and human lives in the name of his mindless War on Drugs.

Frankly, it is mind-boggling how people can still support or at least tolerate this madness. Someday, those of you who deny or rationalize extrajudicial killings would be categorized in the same way as Holocaust deniers.

PS: There’s something wrong when Arci Muñoz’ alleged facial surgery and Daniel Padilla/Paul Salas Twitter war received more attention from the public than the death of a 16-year old student during a drug raid.

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4 thoughts on “STOP THE MADNESS | Justice for Kian Loyd Delos Santos!

  1. Literally , tulo talaga ang luha ko sa nangyari sa bata. Kasing idad ng anak kong panganay. Galit ang nararamdaman ko sa mga pulis na yan may bayad kasi kapag may inerereport na pinatay dahil sa droga.Ginagastusan ng todo ang anak, pinagaaral at pinapakain ng ayos pero hayun papatayin lang ng basta basta..

  2. mga manloloko tlg mga pulis ngaun kung iisipin nyo panu man lalaban ung bata eh.. bitbit nyo na saka sabi ng police bumunot daw ng baril e hawak nyo na nga sya edi sana nalaman nyo na na may baril sya halatang gawagawa ng kwento may mapatay lng gagawin ang lahat sana maparusahan mga gumawa ng karahasan kay kian salamat po ..

  3. Runner sya ng shabu kya sya pinatay! U want jutice for him …..he about s mga inosenteng buhay n napapatay ng mga tulad nya n tulak….?!?pusher sya ..!

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