The government-run Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PHILHEALTH will be charging higher monthly contributions from its members, both in the public and private sectors, starting this January 2018.

Under the new system, the premium contributions will be set at the rate of 2.75% computed straight based on the member’s monthly basic salary. It will still be equally shared by the employees and their employer.

Monthly Basic Salary                         Monthly Premium               Personal and Employer Share
(2.75% of basic salary)

P10,000.00 and below                      P275.00                                                      P137.50
P10,000.01 to P39,999.99            P275.02 to P1,099.99                P137.51 to P549.99
P40,000 and above                             P1,100                                                          P550.00

philhealth contribution table 2018
PHILHEALTH contribution schedule effective January 2018 (click image to enlarge)

In her advisory #2017-0054, acting PhilHealth President and CEO Dr. Celestina de la Serna said the higher collection will help sustain the country’s National Health Insurance Program.

“The adjustment in premium contribution rates will provide us with enough fiscal space to introduce more benefit packages, such as offering the Primary Care Benefit package to all other member-sectors, and to enhance existing ones,” she said in an interview with the newspaper Malaya last month. It is worth pointing out that the government-run corporation has consistently denied for years that it is dealing with a potential bankruptcy.

Those with additional queries or clarifications are invited to contact PHILHEALTH’s 24/7 Corporate Action Center Hotline at (02) 441-7442 or through the e-mail address

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  1. Hi I just wanted to ask. I am on my 7th month pregnancy and I haven’t gone to the doctor yet or check up. And I haven’t file a maternity benefit I am employed. Will I still be able to claim my maternity benefits? Thanks for answering.Neogen

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