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enchilada hermanos taco

Experience authentic Mexican cuisine with Hermanos Taco Shop

Thanks to three centuries of Spanish colonization, Philippine cuisine bears the imprints of profound Mexican influence. History buffs should have no trouble remembering that Spain governed the Philippines through the Viceroy of Mexico and that the famous Galleon Trade involved Manila and Acapulco. Hence, we can

2015 araw ng makati

Araw ng Makati 2015 holiday?

Makati Day 2015 Makati City will be celebrating its 345th foundation day anniversary this entire month. Despite the occasion, no date in connection to the said occasion has been declared a special non-working holiday, perhaps owing to the fact that Makati is the financial and business capital

apag marangle boodle style

APAG MARANGLE: Serving Kapampangan cuisine in the Metro

Filipinos will forever associate Kapampangan cuisine with highly-delectable dishes. From meat products like tocino, delicacies like sisig, and kakanin desserts, Kapampangan cuisine has got it all. Luckily, us living in Metro Manila need not go to Pampanga anymore to enjoy the majesty of Kapampangan food

online shopping philippines

What factors affect the behavior of Filipino online shoppers?

Every country in the world is witnessing a mass transformation in terms of trading environment and mode of transaction. Instead of going out and spending entire day out on the streets shopping, people now prefer to buy en masse material online and get it delivered

minolo shipping lines

Visit Puerto Galera through Minolo Shipping Lines

Second of a series Despite the popularity of low-cost airlines in the Philippines, it remains a fact that many places in the country can only be accessed via sea travel. An obvious example here is Puerto Galera, which can only be visited by boarding a ferry