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ica policarpio missing

Ica Policarpio and the missing rich young woman syndrome

In the United States, they have what’s called the “missing white woman syndrome” which refers to the extensive attention the media and the public in general gives to missing beautiful and upper-to-miccle class white women. Parenthetically, missing people who don’t fit this description like African-Americans

teaching certificate program

Teaching certificate program in the Philippines

The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) is requiring non-education graduates to earn 18 units in professional education before they can be eligible to take the licensure exam for teachers or LET. Hence, a lot of teacher education institutions around the country have developed their respective teaching

licensure exam for teachers review tips

Four tips to pass the licensure exam for teachers without reviewing

Every year, as much as 200,000 Filipinos take the Professional Regulations Commission’s board licensure exam for professional teachers (oftentimes referred to as BLEPT or simply LET). The bulk of examinees are fresh education graduates, although there could be older examinees as well. Typically, examinees are

september 2017 licensure exam for teachers results

On passing the September 2017 licensure exam for teachers

After over two months of waiting, the results of the licensure exam for teachers (LET) held last September 2017 was finally released this November 27. And with God’s grace, I was among the 49,626 who passed from 107,020 examinees (the passing rate is 46.37%). Without


DotA 2 vs. LoL: Which MOBA is Better?

It is no great secret that DotA 2 and League of Legends have been two of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena game in the E-sports scene nowadays. Now, given their similarities, a lot of people still ask – which of the two games is

mark madrona blogger

The Filipino Scribe wins in the first-ever #BreakTheFake Blogathon 2017

The Filipino Scribe founder and executive editor Mark Pere Madrona won 2nd place in Break the Fake Movement’s 2017 blogathon challenge held last November 19. The event is an on-the-spot blog writing competition with focus on the theme, “Maximizing youth participation in addressing fake news.” Madrona’s

#BreakTheFake – Fighting Fake News: It’s On Us!

I – The Youth’s Role in the Fight vs Fake News “RIP, Avril Lavigne!” “The world ends September 23, 2017!” “#WalangPasok sa December 1!” Fake news stories have been around for as long as world history. They are oftentimes amusing and too good to be true, but