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Manifesto ng Tunay Na Lalake – 2012 edition

This post is “inspired” (is there any other word?) by Hay Men! Ang blog ng mga tunay na lalake! 10. Ang tunay na lalaki, hindi manonood ng “Glee” kahit kailan. 9. Ang tunay na lalaki, mas pipiliing manood ng NBA kaysa samahan sa mall ang

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Is Charice Pempengco lesbian? And so?

When 2008 American Idol runner-up David Archuleta came to a gay club in New York last April 2010, nasty rumors about his sexual orientation spread like wildfire. This prompted Archuleta to explain himself via Twitter, implying that he would think twice next time before going

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Rev. Ceejay Agbayani’s thoughts on the Bible, LGBT rights, and same-sex marriages

This is a two-part post. Here’s the first one: “MCC-PH’s Pastor Ceejay recalls his days as a seminarian”:   Rev. Ceejay Agbayani has been all over the media lately. He has been interviewed by the likes of Karen Davila, Vicky Morales, and Kara David