Is Charice Pempengco lesbian? And so?

When 2008 American Idol runner-up David Archuleta came to a gay club in New York last April 2010, nasty rumors about his sexual orientation spread like wildfire. This prompted Archuleta to explain himself via Twitter, implying that he would think twice next time before going to such places. Turns out he was there just to watch his friend, international singing sensation Charice Pempengco, perform.

Two years later, Pempengco herself became the subject of lesbian rumors because of her chosen new hairstyle (which she described as the “edgy look”). One local showbiz website noted that the 19-year-old Pempengco  now “looks like a butch.” It also repeated the unfounded claim that the personal assistant who accompanies Pempengco in the US “is actually her girlfriend.”

Charice Pempengco’s new hairstyle has been ridiculed in social networking sites.

In a press conference last Thursday for her upcoming Infinity concert tour, Pempengco said that with her new image, she wanted to be more like Avril Lavigne and Rihanna. And for those insinuating that she is lesbian, Pempengco said: “This is the look that I want. I know what people think, and I don’t care.” She even criticized those who kept on insisting on this subject, saying: “Why would you ask me that question? I think that’s a very inappropriate question.”

She’s right. Why is it that bullying someone (a celebrity in most cases) into admitting that he/she is a homosexual has seemingly become a national pastime? This is the case especially at the height of the controversy over the break up last year of Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion. Deviate from long-imposed gender norms and you’ll surely be labeled as gay or lesbian. Do you think David Archuleta would have to deal with such rumors if he did away with his goodie-goodie image? Or if Charice kept her teeny-bopper style? Or if Piolo got married years ago? Most likely not.

American television host Rachel Maddow wrote in her blog last year that gay people “have a responsibility to our own community and to future generations of gay people to come out, if and when we feel that we can.” And that is one thing only the concerned person himself/herself can determine. After all, coming to terms with one’s own sexuality is one thing, while asking for acceptance from his/her family and the society as a whole is another. So what if Charice Pempengco is lesbian? Should you care?

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(UPDATE) has reported this August 10 Pempengco’s announcement that Courtney Blooding, a Canadian, will be her new “point-of-contact” after she fired Grace Mendoza, her erstwhile manager.

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99 thoughts on “Is Charice Pempengco lesbian? And so?

  1. Personally, I think being gay is much more accepted in the Philippines than in the USA. There are some cities and States in America where gays are more accepted than in others but overall, it is still a hot issue, especially in the political arena.

    I don’t make it a personal issue if someone is gay or not no matter what their profession or even if they don’t have a profession. I am not homophobic or a gay basher. I dislike all crimes but hate crimes toward people is one I especially dislike.

    1. Thank you so much for being open-minded. I wish we can have more people like you in our country and the world as a whole. Let’s make discrimination a thing of the past!

    2. Wahaha!!!! Ure so full or ironies! Hahaha! Kakatawa! Where did the political arena come from…and how did the profession affect ones gender!

  2. yes, so what if she’s gay? that does not make her less of a person. she still is one hell of a talented person. that’s what matters. 🙂

  3. I agree. Some people are way too conservative when it comes to accepting other people’s “lifestyle”because it challenges their limited view about human nature. Why do we need to put labels to people just because they look “different” from the “norm” and they chose to express themselves in a different way? Sick people. Sexuality is not defined by how you look or what you wear.

    1. Couldn’t have said it any better!Thanks for sharing your view point here. I think humans are complex beings – too complex they can’t be defined by their sexuality alone.

  4. I actually believe that people shud not be decribed in what sexuality is he/she..except the fact that most of people aware and discriminate homosexuality. But in this case people shud know also that they are just a “FAN” not a consultant or an educator of every persons lyf… EVERYONE HAVE A FREEDOM”.. actually I dnt think that charice is really a lesbian. But,if she is? She’ll gonna rock the lesbian world!.. :)))))

  5. Im lesbian and I find it intruiging if she’d come out of the closet. She’s the last person I’d think I’d imagine to be gay 🙂 It’s funny how things kind of work out for some reasons.

  6. I am a les and I’ve somehow known all along that Charice was one herself. Takes one to know one. Wish her all the best. She’s one of the world’s most talented and she deserves all the good things coming her way.

  7. I think this image will effect not very good on Charice, if she want to prove herself is a strong personal there are many ways. I really shock with the new image of her. But anyway Charice is one of favorite artist so all i can say is wish her luck. God bless you Charice !

  8. CHARICE IS AWESOME whether lesbian bisexual or straight. she has an amazing powerhouse voice and unique style

  9. it might ruin her career if shes a lesbian. People do not like lesbian. i dont like lesbian. Thats hell!

    1. you are the one who’s pathetic!!!you don’t have a place on this planet!you don’t have the right to condemn gay people just because of their sexuality or gender preference ‘coz
      it doesn’t make them less of a person!you go to hell not the gay people!

      1. Ohhhhh, i feel confused if they are real with the way they feel. Being attracted to a lesbian means you also is a lesbian.

    2. you go to hell. you discriminate people. you fuck yourself. im a straight guy but i am open to homosexuals.

  10. If I were Charice, I won’t take offense about being called lesbian and simply be cool about it. I would say something like,” I’m not lesbian and my personal assistant is not my girlfriend. Still, it still flatters me that other girls find me attractive.” Bongga, di ba?

  11. You cannot please everyone..Life is too short, live your life as if everyday is your last day! Good luck charice and continue being yourself!

  12. It does not matter if Charice is gay or not. So what if she’s a lesbian, right? What matters is the fact that she can sing, she’s famous and she’s carrying the Filipino pride in herself.

  13. I think it’s completely ridiculous to attach stereotypes to certain appearances.
    So, if I shaved off all the hair on my head, would that mean I’m a trouble-making punk? What if I actually donated all that hair for a cause, like cancer?

    Also, I am not happy that most Filipinos use “tomboy” as a synonym for “lesbian”, because I am a tomboy, although I have a boyfriend.

    Tomboy is a girl who has interests that are generally for males.
    Lesbian is a female homosexual.

    If Charice is happy with her life and that she is not hurting anyone, then everything is fine.

    It makes me sad that Filipinos are quick to judge.
    I, myself am Filipino.

    1. Hi there. As someone who’ve been prejudged and victimized by stereotypes just like Charice, I totally agree with what you said. But actually, I think not only Filipinos are fond of doing that. How I wish things change for the better soon

  14. She’s a lesbian??? Oh my God, NO WAY! Oh my God oh my God oh my Go – wait. I forgot it’s not contagious…. Or is it?! Oh my God oh my God oh xD kidding, kidding. I think she looks cute. If she is a lesbian or whatnot, it’s still her, still Charice. But I hope she goes for the f2f thing =] just sayin. BTW for that straight girl who was talking about being a tomboy – a tomboy is a boyish girl. period. she could be a lesbian, she could be straight. period.

  15. Let me just say me, being a homosexual, has good gaydar and i thought she had a very boyish/ butch adittude kinda revealing a sense of gay in her but she is still amazing to me 🙂

  16. wala kayong magagawa kung ayaw ng ibang tao ng lesbian o kung gusto nila.. pero personally, if you’re an artist you must be responsible enough sa lahat ng decisions mo, let’s say, madami ka ding tagahanga na kaedad mo, o mas bata sayo, wat would they feel if suddenly you changed your views and perception. c’mon? honestly, having lots of money and fame always comes with a huge resposibility, a public figure should be careful, kung maging laos ka because of your decision, ikaw at lahat ng fans mo ang malalaos, their dreams and ambitions and you as their inspiration will all fade… whether you like it or not, you must not be indecisive, the public own you just like in the military, the government own them, hindi nila hawak ang oras nila. tulad din ng mga artists and entertainers. you must compose yourself at all times because the public own you.

    1. This is the root of the problem in society, that starts mostly in the individual. This should address the people who are into press releases that are negative such as those we can find on social media sites. As we always say “u can’t please everybody” and u don’t have to. If Charice chose to be “who she wants to be” does it mean she doesn’t have the right to be who she wants to be? If the public owns her, then does it mean that they should rule her then? If this is how every individual that compose our society think then there is wrong with our society and yes there is something wrong because many people are becoming more “chismoso or chismosa”. Before we blame celebrities for who they are in terms of what they do with their life, we should blame first these people who think they have the right over these celebrities. We don’t own them, we just look up to them and if many are intrigued or curious or whatever that runs through their heads it’s the way they interpret things and must be over reading. If their suspicious and doubtful, so let it be that’s human nature but to bring it to a different level where they have to be ruining the person like Charice, then that needs an explanation. So the root of the problem in our society is how every individual also behave towards an issue. If we don’t know how to neutralize things then it’s always going to end up ugly. We should always consider other people’s feelings and it’s not always about “what we think or feel” there are more people involve and the responsibility usually is in every individual it’s not always right to point fingers on somebody because we think we’ve the right sometimes we over represent ourselves as if we really have the right to do such. What’s funny is that in the end people we find ourselves, why we’re in this anyway why don’t we just mind our own lives and just let her be, she hasn’t ruin other people’s lives so what’s the fuss? Charice is a woman and just like everybody else who has a name and reputation regardless of so many negative reactions, she still deserve to be respected and acknowledged for her contributions. Like i said one good press release will always have another negative press release, i guess we’ll never learn or our society got really worse? I’d say wait until everybody’s against you and you’ll see what it’s like and perhaps everybody’s going to get sick of each other and maybe… maybe by that time we’ll have enough. However, we gotta be virtuous or we’ll lose our mind and act like them. Stay grounded people!

  17. Now charice has grown to a young lady , let her discover herself, give her
    credence to her good singing and outlook in life. She deserve to get nice
    reveiws from you all. RESPECT.

  18. Charice’s assistant, Courtney Blooding is a MARRIED WOMAN so haters shut the hell up! Can we just be thankful that we have a kababayan as talented as her?!

    1. According to her own past tweets via @durtyfeet, Courtney Blooding is now divorced from her husband and is currently happily committed–to whom?–your guess is as good as mine.

    2. Do your research first before commenting. The “assistant” she was talking about is not that Courtney girl. Charice has another assistant about her age. They went to the same school before. And Yes! That girl and Charice were lovers. They’ve been in a relationship for years but then they broke up but managed to still be friends since that girl is also close to Charice’s family. If you guys are wondering why I know this, it’s because I am personally friends with the gir Charice had been with. I’m not close to Charice but she’s a great girl. Whatever her sexuality is I am comfortable with it since we are on the same side. Bunch of lesbians flock around the Philippines. She is amazing as a person and I am personally a fan. I just can’t take the bullying between her and my friend which is her ex. Her ex already moved to US. She used to be appearing behind Charice when Charice is having interviews in the news like TV Patrol. Straight up guys Charice had been with a girl but I don’t know if she also prefer to be with guys too. Regardless, we live in a world where sexual fluidity is common. You fall inlove with a person no matter what his/her sexuality is. Charice has to do her thing. Deny, well maybe for now. If she is not ready to come out yet let her be!

      1. me and charice are classmates. and yes, that girl you said is her lover. but i dont care coz she is great. she makes me proud as a filipino.

      2. oh really????!!! I thought it just rumors…and i thought she just feel comfortable w/her looks now and has nothing to do w/ her sexual orientation….but nevertheless i’m still a huge fan of her..and nothing can change that… Let’s just let her be what she wants to be…if u cant love her then leave her alone,simple as that..we dont have the right to dictate somebody else’s life.. Let’s accept and celebrate our differences! 🙂

      3. i have nothing against lesbians / gay people.. but i just straight out dont like charice.. i think her head went blimp!!! after all this recognition and all.. and yes your friend probably deserve someone better thant this ugly charice… and yes charice has the right to be a lesbian since no guy gonna like her anyways…

  19. The main problem is that LGBT issue has been directly connected with the “Discrimination” issue. That’s why religious organizations who are trying to rebuke (even with love) them on the basis of morality are seen as perpetrators of their right. 🙁

  20. I am not a lesbian. I would have not cut my
    Hair that short but is me. I think Charice should do what She wants to do and people should leave her alone and get a life.

    1. Charice does not want people to leave her alone. She wants people to love and admire her., to buy her records, to watch her shows, to buy her t-shirts, etc. And people bought in to the cute girlish Charice. Now that she suddenly changed her image, she can’t just say to her fans, leave me alone, don’t ask me “inappropriate” questions.

      And yeah, many of her fans want to know if she is a lesbian or not!

  21. What is wrong with the question: are you gay or are you a lesbian? Answer yes or no! What’s so hard about that? If you don’t answer the question and get smart about it, like saying its bullying or inappropriate, you only fuel the issue. Besides, if you really think being gay or lesbian is ok, then what is your problem? Now, if you think that it’s an insult, then there really is a problem.

    Charice should face up to the question and categorically deny or own up to it. It’s only natural for people to ask the question.

    1. She may not answer since it’s nonsense. People like you who are close minded should just shut up.

    2. Now, we don’t have to bow over questions and give way to people who are critical of you. Would you allow them too to dictate your life? Certainly No! I’d pretty much stay grounded and say whatever i’ve to say but i don’t owe anyone, just because i can’t explain further. If Charice prefer not to explain then she doesn’t have to, she has the right to say NO but if many are so into it and wanted more – that becomes their (peoples’) problem. If they felt they were left hanging, is just that they wanted more so they can come up with something else or something ugly again. In this generation whether you admit it or not there’s always someone who’s going to “b****” about it, this is the ugly truth. So, why care then of what people think? I’d say Charice just did the right thing. Let people say what they wanted to say and just let it go through one ear and let it out on the other. There’s no cure for people’s mentality unless it’s no longer an ailment.

  22. She is so confused about everything going on around her. It can happen when you don’t grow up in a normal environment. Homosexuality is wrong!!!! You who are not homosexual don’t know what’s like to live as one. I can sense that something is wrong with her life. She seems to go through a rebellious stage. Hope she gets out of the stage.

  23. Poor David Archuleta….He had a thing for Charice and now she ends up being a lesbian….It madd David look like a fool when he was persuing her….Obviously he was falling for her and she didn’t reciprocate because she was lesbian…POOR DAVID…Now it makes it look like David is gay,which he is not….Miss Vicki

  24. when you are a celebrity — you can’t just say “I don’t care”. First and foremost, you being a celebrity makes you a public property, so whether you like it or not people will ask, especially fans. One more thing, if it’s really not a big deal, a plain YES or NO should suffice, Charice aside from her talent became famous because of people who liked her. Her looks now is way far from an Avril or Rihanna, not even close. And to add that she (Charice) became to proud of herself, pretending to have a difficult time speaking in tagalog, trying to fake an accent and overrated.

  25. Here we are again, we make it so obvious when we try to antagonize but we always have to observe decency here. We can’t be talking too direct to the targeted person just because we like to attack. It simply shows our way on how to approach and address issues. If we want to comment on someone’s statement or behavior, we have to look into many things and consider many things before we throw out words that’s going to be read by many. As we all know that whatever we write or talk about in any forum, blog, or any social media sites will be crawled, tagged or indexed so the responsibility starts from us. We’ve to be able to show unbiased judgment or it’ll simply mirrors the person’s preferences which can be determine by the way he/she addresses the issue. We can’t or we don’t have the right to judge someone (like Charice) to think of her as if she has gotten worse. Who are we to judge? Who are we to say such? The girl have matured and the fact that she has lived and worked abroad she has developed confidence in herself but many has mistaken it as arrogance. C’mon people we all know that in our history we’ve been deprived so many times by nations who ruled our country and so this isn’t new to us, sometimes we allowed people in our own country to deprive us. Don’t we all know this? That’s why when we see someone like Charice making it internationally and she came back, many people would say “oh she turned out to be mayabang or ganito, ganyan” Hehe, i laughed so hard to tell my friends here in the U.S. because i tell them this is so Filipino, and they’d ask me why’s that? I said you should ask them. My foreign friends would be intrigued and ask me again why do they do that? I said, it’s because they wanted their way, they always have that and they always do that to you. Their replied was, oh that’s not good… I said oh yes, we already knew that’s one of the reasons too why i feel so bad for other Filipinos who are trying to make it abroad and then they went back home and that’s all what they’re going to say to them. It really get into my nerves and I feel like “wala na nga magawa ang iba para sa bayan at kung magsalita pa akala mo sila pa yun nagdala ng karangalan.” I guess that’s very old fashioned traits na namana pa sa mga sinaunang panahon. I hope that this goes away it’s such a disgrace to have people in our country who are so “backwards.” This doesn’t make me feel so excited coming home to people who are narrow minded and judgmental. Just so people know that there are other nations who cares about the welfare of the people and that they prefer not to mind each other because that’s just the start of the fall of a nation, so i guess it’s time too that people in the Philippines should start changing these behavior because it’s getting uglier. Let Charice be herself, for God’s sake, and we’ve no business in minding her life. We’ve our own to mind.

    1. Yuck. I hate you. You’re gross. What can I do? I can’t simply force myself to like you. You’re just gross – I am lesbian and proud I just said this to you.

  26. charice is acting like a typical poor filipino who got richer and has moved to a first world country. they become overacting, annoying and overdo everything and end up looking like trying hard.

  27. Couldn’t agree much more w you. I’m also a girl, but I’m more into neutral looks/unisex. I think shaving and cutting asymmetrical or spiky hair style is very edgy and stylish, like I have an attitude of my own, but it doesn’t mean that I am a les or what, it’s my own personal preference, but the majority of ppl like to stereotype and suppose that girls should be prim and proper, having long hair or dress like one. Honestly speaking, it’s the heart that matters. I respect her for who she is and not what she is. They shouldn’t jump to conclusions and they shouldn’t label people. Although I’m not into homosexuality, but I respect the decisions and choices of others.. I still support Charice!! Heck care the morons!! 😀

  28. I don’t care if she’s gay or not and I don’t discriminate gay people. For me, all people are equally created like race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, status, etc. I am an open minded person and if I could be the President of the Philippines, I’ll make Philippines like a Thailand, I mean that country is so open and very accommodating with gays. There’s no discrimination at all.

  29. Nice opinion from all of you guys. Everyone has a point here.

    1. that Charice is a public figure. Whatever she does will have an effect on her career, fans, and much more to her family. Mature People will have mature decisions too.
    2. that sexuality is not an issue and should never be an issue. Appearance is the outer cover and is not a totality of human being. The sweetest fruit had a rotten skin at most times.
    3. that this is big deal because she is famous. If it happens to be that she is not a celebrity, it would not make big fuss.

    In the end, all I can say is that this is a world full of mediocre minds. You do great things, there is a criticism. You do bad things, you get more criticism. It is a tough battle where insecurities are ticking time bomb and kill everyone deep inside.

  30. i think the problem here is that some people are still living under what we called feminism. that a boy should play guns and trucks while girl should be playing dolls. This kind of issue is still one of the biggest problem in our society. Sadly, we cannot change this like a magic. in addition, upbringing has also something to do with this kind of behavior. each one of us has its own values and beliefs that are needed to be respected and valued. considering that Charice was born and raised in Philippines which has a very old fashioned upbringing and mostly religious people, changing her looks was a fuzz. As born filipino and lived there for a long time, I also get that criticism every time I come home for a visit. I always hear statement like..” oh we are surprised, you did not changed, you are still nice and kind blah blah…which is very annoying”..I think one of the problems of the Filipino is having a crab mentality. . However, as I mentioned not all filipinos are like that because I am not like that. As a charice fan, her new edgy look shocked me. but then, I started liking it. but for some people, they don’t like changed and it made difficult for them to move on; however, it did not give them either the right to bash or insult someone. As a fan, I don’t care if Charice is gay/lesbian or no gender at all, All I want is truth. honesty is the best policy. Issues about her gender came out after her edgy look, and as a fan no one cannot blame me if I demand truth because for a long time I knew her as a Selena Gomez alike with long curly straight hair which my husband likes that way too. don’t get me wrong, I still support Charice. What am I trying to say is Can Charice able to stop this issue? Is it really hard for her to say “yes I am a lesbian or No I am not a lesbian” David Archuleta answered humors straightly by saying I am not a gay. As a fan I deserve a truth and a straight answer because I am hurting with this issue. Loving her music includes loving charice as a person for who she is, but how a fan like me can continue doing that if I feel I am living in a lie. I don’t know anymore what’s going on. I am totally have no problem with other sexual preferences, and I think asking for truth is not discrimination or prejudices…Remember, truth will set you free. And yes, as a celebrity, she needs her fans…a fan like me who is open minded and willing to support her till she decides to retired singing, but the relationship between her and her fans are somewhat affected right now because she cant answer a simple question. the issue here is not about her gender but about truth that most of her fans wish to hear from her..I knew few Charice’s fan that still support her but also wishes the truth.hope this will help everyone to think why the issue still continue to roll.

  31. She really doesn’t need to tell us if she is lesbian. I’m a fan and I don’t care what her sexuality is because at the end of the day, it’s her talent that makes me her fan as well as her down to earth personality. 🙂

  32. “Is Charice Pempengco lesbian? And so? |
    The Filipino Scribe” johnfowlesthetree was indeed
    actually engaging and insightful! Within todays society that is really hard to achieve.
    Thank you, Damion

  33. Yes Charise is a lesbian. My relative in US is here mother friend and she and her mother already separted ways because of her american assistant which was tol by charise mother thats they are having an affair.

  34. Look at picture in the link provided. Here constant transformation is going from bad to worse, I respect her but she should explain herself to the public to avoid such rumors and to somehow glorify and respect her inner self. It’s not that I hate those under the LGBT sector, I for my fact is one member. The more she denies herself or denies in silence, the more the public will suspect.

    I hope she finds her way.

  35. I don’t get it why people keep on attaching stereotypes to sexuality. My Mom dresses up like a guy most of the time and her hair is like a man for more than a decade but she is a mother and a wife and a woman. Geez, I just can’t stand how the media has stereotyped how a woman and a man should look like and how they are different to homos.

    Seriously, if we can’t accept them, then let’s just leave them alone in peace. Why push them to ‘come out of the closet’ and after that what? Bully them again for being homos? -___-”

    I am a Christian but I support LGBT or whatever people wanna label them. They are humans. Period. If they come out or not, it’s sooo NONE of our business.

  36. my thoughts about Charice new image is…Everybody has the rights to freedom. Let us not deprive somebody of his/her freedom to be a gay or lesbian or somebody. If she wants that new image..then who cares for that! People also have rights to criticize. Let’s also give them freedom for that. Everybody has freedom to be a lesbian, to be a gay or somebody and freedom to become a chismosa and chismosa. This is what reality! Lets enjoy this freedom! Freedom to give negative comments and freedom to give positive comments ok! If some poeple dont like charice now, then be it! If u still like her, then be it also. We cant get richer on this issue! Charice doesnt care about our opinions! Thats all!

  37. if Charice is a lesbo. i think she should keep her girly image. Instead of changing her look or style into a guy. she should just make her self slim and focus more in her beauty.

    lesbians are hot girls when both are girly looking rather than butch dyke girls.

    Bwhahahaha but that’s that’s just my opinion.
    I prefer my woman looking hot like myself 😉

    but then again I’m not a fan of Charice.
    So on the Poll Vote I clicked “Don’t Care” lolz

  38. Vice Ganda, boy abunda & Aiza are also gays and are well respected not just by their fans but by their co workers as well. Theres nothing wrong if your a gay and if want respect and acceptance you can have it but that’s only if you give that to yourself in the first place. Charice gay or girl she still has that powerful voice that added points for Filipino talents to be noticed worldwide. but to reiterate If you are public figure then you are public! if you dont want to be talked about then hide yourself..

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  40. ive been loving her music even before she debuted in the U.S.
    so this controversey whether she is a lesbian or not..well. i just dont care about that..

    as a fan, i just think that hairstyle doesnt suit her at all..really..
    she looked so much better and feminine before.

    no doubt she is a great vocalist..i just don’t like her new image..yea..but yea..
    she can do whatever she wants.. …

  41. Whether Charice says yes or no, people would still speculate. You should just keep on doing what she’s doing and ignore what people say about her.

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  43. It’s sad to know that this kind of alternative lifestyle has been increasing in numbers at the present time although this has been happening ever since which Genesis times brought about by pagan nations who practice idol worship. God hates this and showed his judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah which was destroyed by fire and burning sulfur that came from heaven which leveled every living people, animals, and the whole vegetation of that place. if only we could minister to this people and understand them and make them understand what God wants them to be according to his will for mankind. there still time to change to be normal rather than be caught with God’s wrath to come.

  44. being lesbian is not so acceptable. Based sa kaalaman ko, hindi tinatanggap ng Diyos ang mga GAY or LESBIAN. She should not be idolized for she is not a good image for everybody. At tsaka sa tingin ko, gawa gawa lang niya yan na LESBIAN siya para mapansin ulit siya. HINDI NA KASI SIYA SIKAT!!!!!! 😛

  45. being lesbian is not so acceptable. Based sa kaalaman ko, hindi tinatanggap ng Diyos ang mga GAY or LESBIAN. She should not be idolized for she is not a good image for everybody. At tsaka sa tingin ko, gawa gawa lang niya yan na LESBIAN siya para mapansin ulit siya. HINDI NA KASI SIYA SIKAT!!!!!!

  46. Charice is so mean that she doesnt even convince her mom to forgive her. She choose to live and stay away from her family. From canton hairdo to jb and dj hair style not good. Messy, Messy! Will never be good.

    1. WTH?! Fuck off. You don’t know what she’s going through and the pain that she’s feeling. Why won’t you try to understand her situation rather than making ridiculous comments. Get a life, motherfucker.

      1. Not everyone has the same perception in life. You guys should know how to respect one another. just because the other one contradicts the idea of being gay doesn’t mean you have to be so harsh on that person. Let gay people be, and let those who persecute them be. we’re all different.

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