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Marquez beats Pacquiao via 6th round knock out

Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez dealt Filipino hero Manny Pacquiao the worst loss of his storied career – defeating the eight-time champion via knockout shortly before the sixth round of their fourth battle came to an end. Pacquiao had the momentum in the first two

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Pacquiao-Marquez III Live Updates

CNN host Piers Morgan on Pacquiao’s controversial win: “Just because crowd was booing doesn’t mean result was wrong. Audience booed me every week on America’s Got Talent and I was usually right.” Mexicans are booing Pacquiao. Not unexpected, but I feel sad for him. This

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Pacquiao-Marquez III fight day predictions

Being a non-afficionado of boxing, I am not in a position to give an educated prediction of who will win the Pacquiao-Marquez bout tomorrow, though I have a gutfeel that it is going to go down the wire once again. Anyway, expect the following events