Pacquiao-Marquez III Live Updates

CNN host Piers Morgan on Pacquiao’s controversial win: “Just because crowd was booing doesn’t mean result was wrong. Audience booed me every week on America’s Got Talent and I was usually right.”
Mexicans are booing Pacquiao. Not unexpected, but I feel sad for him. This is an ugly win. This is reminiscent of the Mayweather-Ortiz fight last September. Travel advisory to Filipinos: Please avoid going to Mexico … if you want to remain alive. (@marksphere)

115-113, 114-114, 116-112 -> PACQUIAO WINS BY MAJORITY DECISION.

Marquez raises his arms in triumph. Manny has his head down in the corner. #PacquiaoMarquez3

The 12 rounds has ended. Waiting for the decision now. Hoping it is a draw.

Manny Pacquiao last lost a fight in March 2005. That was against Erik “El Terible” Morales. He has won 16 straight since then. This record is now in great danger.

End of 11th round. Marquez might be slightly ahead on points. (via @raffytima) #PacquiaoMarquez3

Another action packed 10th round. Manny needs to win these two rounds! (via @solarsports) #PacquiaoMarquez3

GMA News: Pacquiao connecting repeatedly w/ right hooks in the 9th. Unofficially takes the round. Marquez looks tired. #PacMarquez (via @markzambrano)

Cecilia Orena-Drilon: Round ten: Marquez showing fatigue

10th round of #PacMarquez fight underway!

Wow! Explosive 9th round. Both fighters dish out and receive power punches! #PacquiaoMarquez3 (via @raffytima)

Now Marquez is playing the aggressor, as Pacquiao continues to seek ways to connect. #PacMarquez@trboxing

Round 9. Marquez defying most boxing experts! #PacquiaoMarquez3 (via @raffytima)

Marquez landing the cleaner blows at the end of round 8 #PacquiaoMarquez3 (via @raffytima)

Roach tells Manny: we’re falling behind. End of round 7

AKTV on IBC 13: Marquez dominates the 7th round, as Pacquiao couldn’t seem to get any momentum. Marquez dictating tempo.

Manny being outpunched in the 7th. Dominant round for Marquez. Manny showing signs of frustration. (via @markzambrano)

Pacquiao is having to chase Marquez down; and when he does, Marquez waits for the opening and fires. #PacMarquez@trboxing

RT @francistjochoa: Pacquiao uneashes combos that rock JMM, but the Mexican counterpunching his way out of potential trouble each time. (6th round)

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From GMANews Twitter: Thia Megia sang the US National anthem. Maria Aragon for “Lupang Hinirang.” Raymond Gutierrez announces his exclusive interview with PacMan later this afternoon in Showbiz Central.

Pacquiao (to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger” ) and Marquez enters the ring. Mexicans chanting “Viva Mexico.” Chavit Singson is with Pacquiao, as always. #PacMan is the top trending topic in (Twitter Philippines) right now.

Dave Bickler of Survivor ushers in Pacquiao to the MGM Grand Arena boxing ring! (from GMANews)

Round 1 is on.Live streaming here:—wbo-welterweight-championship-%28las-vegas,nevada%29.html

From ABS-CBN News: They’re sizing each other up in the first. But the crowd isn’t waiting, especially the Mexican fans. They’re singing “Ole!

Second round is on!

Pacquiao leads with a one two and Marquez tries to counter with s big left that just missed. A very cautious first round. (via @solarsports)

Both fighters cautious and waiting for the other to make a mistake in the 2nd round. Marquez countering perfectly. (via @markzambrano)

From Ces Drilon: Commentator says round 1 goes to Manny. Round 2 goes to Marquez.

Good right from Pacquiao to Marquez’s head at the end of round3. #PacMarquez@trboxing
4th round of #PacMarquez fight underway!
Pacquiao with a good round 4. Loosens up and even countered. Still a very close fight. #PacMarquez (via @markzambrano)
RT @francistjochoa: marquez back at work. right hands finding their mark. manny a bit overcautious.
5th round; gmanewsGMA News – Combination of three punches hit Pacquiao in the 5th round.
Marquez hurts Pacquiao with a right straight in the 5th. Manny looks tight and bewildered. #PacMarquez (via @markzambrano)
@ChrisMannixSI: Press row is stunned by how well Marquez is fighting. Pacquiao needs to start winning a few rounds

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