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Census of population = invasion of people’s privacy?

According to the elementary civics textbook I’ve edited recently, through census, the government obtains information from their constituents that may be useful in making policy proposals and pertinent programs. The National Statistics Office is the government body with the mandate to conduct a nationwide census

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Pay rules for the August 19 special non-working day

*According to my latest research, August 30, 2011 is a national holiday. Please refer here: Every year, August 19 is marked as a special non-working day in Quezon City and Quezon province to mark Manuel L. Quezon’s birth anniversary. This 2011, August 19 will

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GMA 7’s Jun Veneracion reacts to criticisms about his interview with Christopher Lao

Mr. Veneracion is apparently reacting to criticisms that he unwittingly made UP Law student Christopher Lao look stupid on camera during his interview with him last August 2. That was when Mr. Lao’s car was rendered useless by last Tuesday’s flashfloods (triggered by storm Kabayan).

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