The Filipino Scribe (TFS) is accepting guest articles and contributions from interested writers!

In line with the website’s mantra of “writing about anything,” submissions can be on any topic. Story pitches can be sent using the form below:

Internship Opportunities

TFS is also open to senior journalism or communication arts students who may wish to have their internship in an individually-maintained news blog. This is of course subject to the approval of your respective home institutions.


Choosing to write for a news blog for your internship may be an unorthodox move, but why not?

Although blogs were initially known as mere online diaries, a good number of them have become a part of the alternative press (as opposed to corporate-owned or mainstream media) over the years.

In fact, the 2014 Philippine Trust Index have shown that among the so-called “informed” public, blogs are now among the top information sources for Filipinos.

Now, why choose TFS over the other blogs?

1) TFS is a nationally-recognized blog site, winning various accolades from 2011 to 2014. You can read more about the blog owner in this link.

2) It can provide its interns and contributors access to exclusive events and interviews to news sources, just like in mainstream media outlets.

(Frankly speaking, if you give them the resources that their counterparts in the other side have, bloggers can do essentially everything that reporters of corporate media outlets do.) 🙂

3) TFS has a solid readership with an average of over 80,000 page views a month or 4.3 million hits overall since March 2011. The blog has an established overseas following, receiving at least 3,000 views from visitors in 23 countries the past four years.

If you are willing to explore this route, use the form at the top of this page to get in touch with me ASAP!

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