PH can’t depend on US in conflict vs China despite the Mutual Defense Treaty

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9 Responses

  1. Rafael says:

    Do you think the Philippines should fear China? Is the threat real?

  2. lesh says:

    your extremely right with your opinion…100% i agree, its time US mind thier own business, and stop acting like a knight in shining though in fact they have their own interest… i thank US for what they did in PH before,,,but i don’t really agree with them right now,,,their just making things worst..if i now they even convince Noynoy to go over war, yet in the end… they just drop us like a hot potato..BWISIT!

  3. boknoy says:

    LESH, bring you bolo and faced the missile of china…now we need u.s.a + eu to strengthen our military…until we can stand alone.. phillippines still the most corrupt country…kaya malayo pa ang lalakbayin ng pilipinas…

  4. boknoy says:

    sabah island nga na talagang atin,,,walang magawa ang govt.

    • markpere2010 says:

      Hi. Thanks for reading. Sabi ng ilang FB contacts ko, US abandoned us daw during the 1960s – when we were really pressing our claims over Sabah. As you know, Malaysia now owns Sabah. It is a former colony of Great Britain na siya namang mother country ng US.

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