2Go Group on MV St Thomas Aquinas sea tragedy

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Environment can be rehabilitated from oil spills and 2GO spent millions of US dollars for the control of pollution caused by this horrible world breaking disaster….Its flattering when you read the words they have done their best, procuring salvage companies with sophisticated equipment for containing the oil spills and hired foreign specialist for this purpose… The question is, what about the people? The most important part of their responsibilities and liabilities are the people. It is not an accident, it is an absolute negligence. SOLAS – safety of life at sea, it was never safety of property at sea, not even it was safety of environment at sea. Yes because no other important matter in this world but the lives of people, and someone must be detained especially the owner of this shipping company, the lives of the people onboard the vessel is the liabilities of the owner, because he is the authorized signatory of all things pertaining to the entire vessel….

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