Antonello Joseph "AJ" Sarte Perez, 1993-2011

I’ve always wanted to see and meet Antonello Joseph (AJ) Perez in person. This afternoon, I got the chance to see him up close – not during one of his promotional shows, but during his wake.

I traveled for over an hour to pay my last respects to him. His remains lie in Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows Avenue, Quezon City. As I mentioned in my post last Sunday, I’ve been his supporter since I first watched him in Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv way back late 2006. He was only 13 then. I remember tuning in to the show early to see the credits for me to know his name. I only became certain about it when I bought that year’s issue of Star Magic Catalog.

Through the next four years, I’ve watched closely many of his other projects, like Boystown and Lobo, as well as his guest appearances in various TV shows (including GMA 7’s Maynila). I like him, and it is an understatement. He made it to my annual hottest guys list for three years.

Me at AJ Perez' wake (notice his self-made video in the background)

I was fortunate enough to be allowed to get inside the room where his coffin is. As to be expected, AJ’s family and friends filled the area. I was not allowed to take pictures inside the room, though I managed to have some shots taken outside it. There are two TV monitors where the behind-the-scenes of AJ’s stint as a judge in Showtime is being shown, with himself narrating the footages.

Even for less than a minute, I was able to stare at him. Clad in white polo, a black suit, and a necktie, he remains gorgeous even in death. Too bad he won’t be able to thank me for my compliments. Nor can I ever shake his hands. And I will miss receiving daily messages in my Friendster account from his account there. My heart bleeds for this fallen angel.

Home page of AJ Perez' Friendster account (click image)



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