My Letter to the Editor of Manila Bulletin

(Note: I emailed them this letter last May 24 2011, or two days after the news piece I am talking about was published. It’s been ten days already, but the Manila Bulletin have neither acknowledged my letter nor revised their problematic news story. What is the point of publishing a corporate email address, then?)

Vicente Edgardo C. Bartilad

Editor-in-Chief, The Manila Bulletin

Muralla corner Recoletos, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines 1002

Dear Mr. Bartilad,

I am Mark Pere Madrona, a Masters of Arts in History student from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. I earned my degree in journalism from the same school April last year. I am writing this letter to call your attention regarding one of the stories the paper ran last May 22, 2011.

I am referring to the news article “Chit suspect under police custody” written by Jeffrey Damicog. The story can be found here: The report tells about the surrender of Daniel Espinosa to police officials the previous day. He is the driver of the bus that rammed into the taxi where UP professor and veteran journalist Lourdes “Chit” Simbulan was riding in last May 13.

Chit suspect? What is that?

Prof. Simbulan used to remind our class to avoid confusing headlines. In this case, what does “Chit suspect” mean? The editors may have managed to shorten the headline, but what about the need for clarity in news reporting? It should have been “Driver in road mishap surrenders” or something like that. The said article also indicated that the fatal accident happened “on the night of May 6,” when it in fact happened a week later. And I thought journalists must always get their facts straight!

Respectfully yours,

Mark Pere Madrona

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  1. I am planning to share some thoughts and ideas sa mb at sa iba pang newspaper companies dito satin about sa friend ko na canadian-french. He’s creating a charity organization with the aim to raise money internationally for the construction of schools in the Philippines and Asia. Actually this wednesday meron po syang appoinment with former Minister of Foreign Affairs (Canada) and University President(Winnipeg), Lloyd Axworthy. The question is kung mag kakainteres ang editors dito,kung papansinin ba nila. I am truly amazed by this 16 year old boy na he is really aware with exploring a wide range of issues from child labor, education and child prostitution to the human slave trade, orphanages, political systems and so on.

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