What will happen to TopBlogs.com.ph whose domain has expired?

As of Sept. 14, 2011 (1:00 PM, Manila time), topblogs.com.ph is back. 🙂 – MM

I only registered this blog on topblogs.com.ph last September 3 under the “news and journalism” category. At first, I was in #237 (which is the number of blogs filed under that category), and from there, my site rose steadily to the top 40 (last Sunday, it reached #25).

It has become a ritual for me to see how “rightonthemark” is doing on their charts. I live-blogged Miss Universe 2011 this morning, and it gave me astronomical page views for almost two hours. Anxious to see if my standing in topblogs.com.ph has moved up, I clicked their link in my page. Lo and behold. Here’s what I saw on their page:

Topblogs.com.ph's domain has expired, as seen in this page (click image for higher resolution)

According to Prof. Danilo Arao, my instructor in online journalism, this really happens, especially if site owners lose track of their domain’s expiration date. He also told us to be on the look-out for popular sites out there whose registration may be expiring soon. He mentioned in our class that Star Wars (the iconic science-fiction saga) once had a problem when its domain name expired. So, out of curiosity, I clicked the “renew” link in the dotPH interface. I saw this message:

"This domain was registered through Enthropia Inc.. Kindly contact them regarding renewing this domain. "

Hey, owners of topblogs.com.ph! Too busy watching the Miss Universe 2011? Renew your domain now!

“Science fiction site domain expires” ->


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9 thoughts on “What will happen to TopBlogs.com.ph whose domain has expired?

    1. I guess the same goes for everyone else whose site has been registered there. Sayang! I just checked their site again, and obviously, they haven’t fixed this stuff. Thanks for your comment! Hope you can visit again.

      1. by the way, that wordpress site is not actually my mainsite. i’ve been blogging since time immemorial (exaggeration) i have several blogs. i created that blog and left it as is. so far google has already indexed it. ill ad some contents create a backlink to my excel site. (SEO as they say). you can find at @seoboy2011, Excel Formulas and Get SEO Help
        i just stumbled upon your site through google (topblogs.com.ph down).

    2. That isn’t really unexpected since a huge part of my views come from search engine referrals.:)
      I actually do not know any sophisticated SEO techniques, but my blog occasionally appears high on Google search list if the topic is trending.
      Do you intend to create a blogroll? We can exchange links. 🙂
      Can you post here the URL to your blog? Thank you.

    1. Personally, I am pissed since today is my best blogging day ever (based on hits) because I live blogged the Miss Universe event. Too bad I can’t check my rank. Hope you can visit the page again. 🙂

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