Saying goodbye to my fluffy friend “Meow”

Saying goodbye to my fluffy friend “Meow”

The past two months have never been the same again for me here at home. The feeling of loss persists, even to this day. And through this blog, I’ll share to the world my sad story.

I don’t exactly recall when and how “Meow” became part of our family. All I know is that it must have been two years ago since she decided to adopt us (I know some will find it weird, but I am among those who believe that stray cats choose the family they’ll live with).

And if I’ll be asked to share a memorable moment with her, I won’t be able to share just one because we’ve shared a lot of those. Each day is special.

Every time I come home from work, “Meow” will always welcome me at our gate. She loves to rub her belly against my legs, and that often stops me from being impatient whenever it takes several minutes for my Mom or Aunt to open the gate for me. Every now and then, I still hope she’ll suddenly appear once I knock.

And oh, “Meow” loves to follow me around all the way to the terrace whenever I’m talking to someone over the phone! She constantly does that during our time together. However good or bad my day went, I know she’ll always be at home waiting for me.

death of pet cat
The death of a pet, especially if it’s someone you’ve come to really love, is not easy to accept

Another source of amusement and annoyance is the way “Meow” makes my mom and aunt call on me frantically because she sneaked into our house and I’m the only one who can lure her out with food. A lot of times, she surprised me with her presence in my room, even though we have no idea how you got in! My cousin who lives with us is asthmatic so all pets have to stay outside our house.

And another testament to her ninja-ness is the quickness by which she steals our food, from uncooked fish to burgers and siomai! There’s no point scolding her, so ngumingiti na lang ako.

Last April, I noticing her bump in the belly and her pinkish nipples. That got me excited because my daughter will be having her own baby! I amused myself thinking that I’ll be a lolo of sorts already for the soon-to-be-born kittens.

Last April 21, she gave birth to just one kitten. I remember having to do some research on Google to make sure that it is just normal, and got reassured after reading that it is. Two days after her birth, I had to spend the most of the next three weeks on out-of-town training workshops. And so everytime I call home, I never fail to ask my mom how my cats are doing. When the trainings ended, one thing I really looked forward to is being able to spend time with them again. Sadly, it would turn out to be their final days with us.

photos of pet cats
Here’s my cat’s “I know Mark is taking pictures of me so I will pretend to ignore him” pose. ????

Since “Meow” gave birth to her lone kitty three weeks prior, I provided a box for her and her kitty to stay. However, on the night of May 15, she suddenly disappeared. She was a very protective mom, so seeing the kitten unattended is quite disconcerting.

My heart never felt as crushed as it did that Tuesday morning (May 16). My family found the dead body of Mother Cat at the back of our house while I was away this morning. Mama said she saw her around afternoon of the previous vomiting, so she apparently ate something from somewhere that she shouldn’t have eaten.

They placed her lifeless body inside a plastic bag which I didn’t even try to open. I know I couldn’t bear it. I went to my room and the realization hit me hard. I missed “Meow” when I was away for three weeks, and now I will miss her forever.

This is “Meow” with her lone kitten. Sadly, they’re both gone now.

 A week later, her lone kitty passed away in her sleep. She was blind and just three weeks old when her momma suddenly, and she hasn’t weaned yet. Despite our attempts to give her replacement milk, she wasn’t as responsive as necessary. Making things worse, I found her dead body on the same spot where she and her deceased momma used to stay. Ang sakit-sakit isipin.

Oh, Meow! I know you’re in heaven now, probably with Lolo Daddy (who taught me how to love someone like you) and all the other cats that I’ve cared and loved through the years. Someday, we’ll be together again. For now, please keep me company from up there. 
Given a choice, I would have loved to write a feel-good article with my pet for this blog competition. However, that is not possible given my current circumstance. So instead, I decided to just use this opportunity to pay tribute to the cat that I truly loved.

Taking selfies with your fluffy friends? Which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone produces the best selfies?

If and when I’ll get another pet again, I would of course love to take photos with them and of them. And of all the #SelfieExpert smartphones offered by OPPO, I am particularly intrigued by OPPO F1 with 16MP front camera and 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F 2.0 aperture.

Cats are oftentimes uncooperative when taking photos, and it would be good when both sides of the phone are usable. Also, won’t it be good when the pictures you take are in really high-definition? Just by looking at the photo you took, you can already feel as if you have your cat in your arms! And why else am I going for the F1? Because I’m a big fan of Sarah G. (proud Popster here)! <3

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