Over 26000 views in seven months. Thanks, everyone!

It has been less than three months since I wrote about this blog getting its first 5000 views. I noted then that though other sites out there can probably get 5000 views in a matter of days, I am still very proud about it, comparing myself to a father who is relishing the sight of his child’s first baby steps.

This blog has reached other significant milestones since then. Despite being up-and-running for only seven months, this page has now received over 26,000 views (or about 120 views a day). Just to give you some perspective, I averaged less than 10 hits a day during the first three months of my blog.

A snapshot of my blog site "Notes from the Philippines." Look at the number of views!

The month of September was very significant for my blog. First, I had almost 9000 views for that month alone (my best month so far). WordPress, on the other hand, included my blog (then titled “Asking about anything, Writing about everything”) in their list of “growing blogs.” The list features sites that have “gained the most popularity recently.”

Also last September, I have registered my blog in TopBlogs.com.ph mainly for two reasons: to know how my site is doing relative to others, and to enhance its visibility. Yesterday afternoon, my blog briefly occupied the top spot in Top Blogs PH’s Politics and Government category.

Even for a brief time, I occupied the top stop in this list!

This blog not only provided me with a platform for my thoughts and a way of sharing relevant information to others. Through it, I got to meet many interesting people, albeit virtually. I hope that my blog is here to stay. I am so excited about what lies ahead for it, the way I am excited for my own future. Special thanks to The Professional Heckler (who I got the chance to meet last August), Ms Raissa Robles (foreign correspondent and now a contributor for ABS-CBNNews.com), writer Eros Atalia, coffee painter Sunshine Plata, and everyone else who’ve either bookmarked my blog or has subscribed to my post. Expect more write-ups to come.

Please do me a favor by visiting their latest posts here:

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      1. Thank you, Mark! Just keep writing. (Before I get any further, I know you are the genuine writer here. I’d like you to know that.) With your writing background and BIG brain, I am confident to say that your time will come. I have faith in what you can do. Pinoy yata tayo! 🙂

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