Justin Bieber makes fun of Manny Pacquiao

Canadian teenage singer Justin Bieber posted two photos in his Instagram page ridiculing Manny Pacquiao. This came a day after the Filipino boxing icon lost to his Mexican archrival Juan Manuel Marquez via knock out in the sixth round of their fourth fight.

The first one is a photoshopped image of Disney character Simba (from the movie “Lion King”) trying to wake up an unconscious Pacquiao. “Dad wake up,” Bieber said in the caption. Check the original image in this link.

justin bieber ang manny pacquiao
Justin Bieber posted two photos ridiculing Manny Pacquiao in his Instagram page

In the second picture, the same image of a fallen Pacquiao has been placed side by side with that of Michael Jackson doing his signature anti-gravity lean dance move. “Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ .. Classic moment,” the caption goes. See the original upload here.

manny pacquiao michael jackson
These photos were taken from Bieber’s Instagram page

The morning after the fight, Bieber posted a photo of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s knockdown of Marquez during their twelve-round bout last September 2009. Mayweather won the match via unanimous decision.  Bieber wrote: “Look what Mayweather did to Marquez.. #moneyteam #nocompetition.” Bieber is indirectly stating that someone who lost to the guy who lost to Mayweather has no chance of winning over the “Pretty Boy.”

PS: The hashtag #moneyteam is in reference to Cash Money Records, the record label that manages Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and 50 Cent – all close friends of Mayweather. Bieber, Lil wayne, and 50 Cent were all present during Mayweather’s fight against Miguel Cotto last May.

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335 thoughts on “Justin Bieber makes fun of Manny Pacquiao

    1. Mannys’ achievements can’t be compared to anybody. HE IS THE GREATEST BOXER IN HIS CLASS. Also, he’s only human. Come on, he gave Marquez 4 chances. Of course marquez can get lucky at one time and it did. Whoever ridicules manny doesn’t deserve to be heard.

      1. I am hoping that he will not experience to fall down in his career too soon. Cause when it happens….it is what we called KARMA! Filipinos cannot easily be destroyed esp. Foreigners like him. Let’s not take it seriously. God will make him know his mistakes after all. Let’s pray for justin’s attitude…..i really pity him that he lost many fans here in the Ph after posting these. Tsk..tsk..tsk.

      2. My opinion: Bieber is a fag and does not have any right to put down those greater than him. In fact, he shouldn’t have rights AT ALL. I wish a giant chicken from the sky will grab him from the gorund and eat him! >:(

      1. And there’s this thing called PARODY. I suggest getting something called a SENSE OF HUMOR.

        Oh and you (and every other overly-sensitive Pacquiao fanboy) just got trolled by Bieber. Good day! =p

      1. @ Kay: at least Manny has a dick! haha. i guess your idol bieber doesn’t have any..he’s gay!he likes to suck dicks!!!!!

    2. Solid Pinoy Ako! :))
      Huwag Po Naman Sana Nating Husgaan, Laitin o Pansinin Ang Mga Bagay Na Nagbago Kay Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Tandaan Ninyo! Isa Rin Siya Sa Mga Dahilan Kung Bakit Nakilala Ang Bansang PILIPINAS! Even the best fall down sometimes, Ganyan Ang Buhay Hindi Laging Nananalo o Masaya. Tandaan Niyo Rin, Kasama Sa Buhay Natin Ang Mabigo At Masaktan.


      Walang Samaan Ng Loob, Sinasabi Ko Lang Ang Totoo At Kung Ano Ang Naririnig At Nakikita Ko.

      Ano Man Ang Mang-yari, PINOY Ako At Pilipinas Ang Bansang Inaapakan Ko! 🙂

    3. What does that little piece of shit know? All he knows is how to be a faggot. Put him and mayweather in the ring with pacquiao.

      1. Well… he knows how to use photoshop, for one. What about you? It seems all you know how to do is to be a butthurt hypocritical fanboy.

      2. She just gets so immature when she doesn’t eat enough shit during the day <3
        hope you all understand 🙂

      1. This is just a sample of what you say people are here but you are acting the same. 🙂 dont be too sensitive on how they react. It makes you look like a fanboy too (of JB).

      2. She enjoy’s dicks so much, she’s just very cranky because her idol, JB, doesn’t have one. My little bitch can get very upset sometimes 🙂

      3. If you have nothing intelligent to say, then why don’t you just shut your dirty, immature mouth of yours for the rest of your life.

      4. You get all upset when we insult Bieber for what he did. Then what do you think we felt when he ridiculed Manny? He didn’t just insult Manny, but also our whole race. So do us all a favor, and act like an educated person. Uncivilized people like you and Bieber do not deserve to be heard.

      5. You approve of insults so much, but can’t take some yourself (or for your precious but actually useless and ill-mannered idol)? what a coward. Where’s your integrity? Heck, where’s your intellect? Can’t you at least try being something more than an imbecile?

  1. you Filipinos make fun of him every day. you even disrespect Manny sometimes. How could u judge Justin..some of you are being stupid.

    1. You can’t specifically say that one country makes fun of him because there are certain people all over the globe who make fun of him, so stop blaming the Filipino community. Please stop making generalizations.

    2. Don’t be a hypocrite and claim that we are being stupid. Have we ever rubbed it on anyone’s face whenever Pacquaio won a fight? For crying out loud, Pacquiao is a main souce of inpiration here in the Philippines for all the people including those facing problems such as poverty. Cmon, you have to understand the situation in here because this hurts us(filipinos) emotionally especially after seeing our souce of inspiration fall down like that and afterwards you guys rubbing it in our faces(Especially that heart less and apathetic bieber :(… )
      I am very gratefull for being blessed with materials that keep me comfortable however the pain of seeing my idol getting mocked at is just too great. Now, just imagine the feelings of those who are not as fortunate as I am, seeing their source of inspiration and their idol falling down and being mocked at afterwards by a foreign superstar who supports another boxer( Maywether) who continously insults Manny. Manny kept a smile and admitted his mistakes after his loss unlike other boxer’s experience after lossing such as Ricky Haton. Manny Pacuqiao is a true example or sportsman ship and he will forever the greatest boxer who ever lived.
      Now…reflect on what I just said….hope this’ll convince you.

    3. we’re not judging justin for anything we just think it’s kind of offensive to say something like that to a great boxer like manny! here’s a good one for you! you guys disrepect bieber before being GAY! so some people are really stupid!

    4. If you’re prettier than Selena, then you can say that. But I am sure you’re NOT. Shut the hell up. —- Justine B.

    5. Bieber is a gay, ofcourse it was a big disappointment for Manny and for us but why he had to do this? How come Bieber makes fun of a person HURT? When Bieber is just a fetus, Pacquiao was already famous. Does he gave honor to his country like what Pacman did? All he does is sing sing sing sing baby, that stupid song. Tell Bieber to study and learn boxing before he mess up with our living hero. Who’s the big stupid? you? yeah right

    6. R u nuts!!….What Philippines did you go to? That’s the country’s “Golden Boy” and your dead wrong to think he was being disrespected by his own people. You must be an over grown man who’s got nothing better to do but lust over fag boy, Bieber!!! Yea, your damn right, I’m from the Philippines and damn proud to be one unlike yourself who can’t say the same thing!! Your the stupid one!!!

    1. Offensive – pictures of Filipinos being mocked.

      Parody – pictures of Pacquio’s loss being mocked.

      Learn to tell the difference.

      1. Learn to act your age. Unless of course, you are still a young innocent child who can’t tell right from wrong.

  2. it only shows how arrogant this Gay-stin beiber is. He why don’t you fight with Filipino and let see if your ass won’t burst out. You faggot!

    1. It only shows how easily butthurt this Ass-le is. Hey, why don’t you grow a spine and let’s see if your brain doesn’t get impaled by it. You faggot!

  3. Eh ano naman kung talo siya this time??? Di katulad sa iba dyan sariling concert sumusuka nakakahiya.. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY JUSSTIIIIIIINNNNN .. POOOOOORRRRR

  4. Bieber must be out of his mind!
    JM Marquez lost to Mayweather because Pretty Boy was very shrewd. He didnt make the weight & just paid the fine for it. Very unfair. Floyd was too big for marquez. And the added pounds made marquez slower. Hence, an easy victory for Money. But that was just too unfair…
    Know d facts, bieber!!!

  5. Hello bieber? If pacquiao really can’t win over “THE PRETTY BOY” , then why does mayweather doesn’t want to fight with the FILIPINO PRIDE??? Tsk, come on .. Think about that again .. And how many mexican boxers has pacquiao won over?? Does he know how to count? Well then start counting .. 🙂

  6. Well… there you have it, a dumb little boy who has yet to reach puberty and discover where Germany is and that, Yes, it IS in fact a country. Keep going Justin, you’re gonna find your career going down the tubes. You just offended an entire country… I got an idea, why don’t you keep your damn mouth shut KID and head on back to Canada EH? I hope to God the Philippines BAN you from their airwaves you little prick… maybe losing fans by being a jackass will wake you up eventually. THANK GOD you aren’t from the USA…

      1. You mocked Pacquiao coz you like to suck beaver ‘s 1 inch dick
        @Kay likes to lick the dirt on beaver’s posters

      1. You know what Kay….. Just let people express what they feel….. As you comment to those who comment about JB or marquez makes you one of them….. If you get too emotional on how these people react about what’s going on then what’s the difference between you and them? they just express what they feel about this…. you express what you feel about them….. and I express what I feel about your TINY little brain….. We are all the same….. now im reacting to your comments….. which makes me as LOW as you. Sometimes we just cant help it,

      2. I think it’s time for you to crawl back up to my vagina so I can give birth to you and re-name you “Bieber’s Bitch”. How’s that sound pumpkin?

      1. Karma is what happened to you when you thought JB had a penis and you were ready to suck it and then it turned out that he had a clitoris. but don’t feel bad love, btw, your other dads are ready for you in bed.

  7. to all of the sport fans around the world.. we all know that MANNY PACQUIAO is one of the greatest pound for pound boxers and Marquez is a hell of a great boxer.. no offense to J.B but don’t you think thats racist.. making fun to a person that you don’t know or even close too. it’s true some Filipino disrespect Manny for who he is,but we don’t take it seriously..i hope that some people would see this comment that i made and think what would you feel if your in Manny’s shoes.. No disrepect to the Americans,Mexicans or even what country you from but you guys think stupid stuff.. it’s like your reading a Manual on a Brand new flat screen TV and still calling us for help!how stupid is that! remember boxing is a sport that we love and not a racial discrimination!say anything you want to say but remember this Manny will still fight not for his country but for his passion!

      1. She’s more on the “Hail Hitler!” side, she has this hate for successful people that’s why she loves failures like JB <3
        You see, our little Kay is a failure as well.
        So, you can see what she has in common with JB herself.


      1. Barack Obama routinely gets made fun of by not only his detractors, but also his supporters, and yet people don’t get defensively whiny about it. Stupid.

    1. You know, saying that ‘we’ are all hypocrites makes you one too. Yes, I must admit, we, Filipinos, do make fun of Manny but note that it makes a difference when a foreigner does it. Why, because we support him. Some of us, mostly those who are unfortunate, idolize him because he used to be poor but look where he is now. It’s like insulting your bestfriend in a jokingly manner. It is not an OPINION, my dear friend. How most of us see it, he is DISRESPECTING him. It is not the fact that he lost that’s making us angry, it’s Justin Beiber being immature enough to post pictures to ridicule our National Boxer.

    2. you stupid son of a bitch… that is not a opinion you fucking idiot… thats disrespecting a world class athlete with lots of achievements… unlike your androgenous talentless bastard artist who thinks he’s better than everyon else… go get some education before you post stupid shit online… fucking dickwad…

    3. One, you’re right. People here are hypocrites. Two, you’re wrong. It was not an opinion. It was a person trying to ridicule and make fun of other people through edited photos so it was actually an insult of some sort.

      Point is: whether you support Justin or Manny, the main thing here is that Justin made fun of a person who got knocked down, lying on the floor. That is very disrespectful when you look at it in any way.

      But yeah, like I said — hypocrites.

      1. Ummm, disrespectful? So making fun of Tyson biting off Holyfield’s ear is A-Okay, but making fun of the way Pacquiao got KO’d isn’t?

  9. justin faggot needs attention. check the video of psy gangnam style and justin’s video of baby, baby, baby fag…. haha! see who’s the LOSER!

  10. Nahhh… that gay Bieber is useless he is not respected to any countries, Everytime he has a concert he always have a bottles throw at him not respected at all lol.


  12. Hello guys, this is JB, my sincerest apologies if those photos offended you. I truly am sorry about it. It’s just I lost a bet big time when Manny lost. It angered me so much that I had to make fun of him. But I love him so much. He’s one of my heroes and all. I hate to see him fall down.

    By the way, I am really a gay. One reason Selena broke off with me. Is it really wrong for me to wish to have the same body as J.Lo’s?

  13. hey justin do you think that you are a perfect person!? huh! before you judge the other people make sure that you have a perfect body ok!!! do you think filipino people will idolize you huh! for your information all filipino people are hate you!! dont you try to conduct concert in philippines may be you will find your haters there ok!!

  14. Oh my gosh. Bieber, we’re surprised with your attitude. It reflects who you are. OMG so disappointed. We should share this on the different social networking sites. BOO Bieber!!! Shame on you.

  15. graveeh!!!u JB…is your popularity not enough that u make that post…just to make of fun..for what happened about the game of Pacquiao and Marquez???such a jerk!!!

  16. If i were manny i will make fun on justin bieber too. grow up justin.. just be a gay and be happy.. Budoy!! Justin biedoy.. be happy and be justin biedoy.. just post here that “Justin is a gay”. dont mess with our filipino icon why dont you mess your own country or the artist there..

  17. If you still want to make fun with him why dont you fight manny.. if you didnt fight him we all know the you are a “gay”.

  18. Justin Bieber who is he than Manny Pacquiao?… Manny Pacquiao a sport man,a good role model boxer,a champion,a good person, a good politician & God Piring!…


  20. Next time lets make Justin bieber against pacman in the ring and lets see what will happen to bieber and his skinny face!,,,

  21. There should be a national effort of banning his music in our beloved country the Philippines. It’s high time for Filipinos (especially the younger generations) NOT to patronage and junk his music in any way for insulting Manny Pacquiao and let’s totally erase him in the Philippine’s music industry.

      1. Kay, I have feeling that you, GAYweather and GAYber just had the time of your lives.. watching manny lost while the three of you are having an orgy.. Your comments are as gay as a giraffe wearing turtleneck! U should change your name to GAY too.. It suits you and rhymes with GAYweather and GAYber as well.

      1. Kay, honey, your ass is ready to be bleached for your hourly bukake with your grandfather and your cousins.
        Don’t keep them waiting sweet heart.

  22. Memes about pacquiao’s loss are all over the internet now, so why single out justin bieber? I’m not a fan and i cant stand his music, but the amount of hate you people have toward him just because he posted those pictures is ridiculous? And who always makes these boxing matches about race anyway, who keeps on trumpeting that these boxers are representing their countries? Thats right, people from third world countries like filipinos and mexicans. They arent fighting in the olympics people, they fighting for themselves and the huge purse that they get after the fight. You people should wake up.

    1. you gotta understand man… manny, in the Philippines, is in HERO status, he is one of the few good if not great Filipinos who brought the Philippines in the internation boxing scene. He took the whole country on his shoulders… i mean, all we want is respect for our man and this is blatant disrecpectful man. This is not about race, not about mexicans or filipinos, it’s about this talentless fucker who pretends he is better than everyone else disrespecting a world class athlete, the first man ever to have all 8 titles in 8 different divisiont under his belt. Think about it… a talentless dickface who never achieved anything aside from acting tough disrepecting a world class athlete… come on man, you know i have a point… you can’t blame us… if there is a quote ” united we stand, divided we fall”… for us it’s ” pick a fight with one… everyone’s you enemy” or something like that… peace man and happy holidays…

      1. Hello Kay!!! Pacquiao is a hero because he gave acres of land to flood-struck families, fed the hungry and lowers crime-rates during his matches. I’m wondering why we’re all arguing about this when Manny himself just smiled after his loss- we should all smile too, BUT I don’t find what Bieber did finny at all. He mocked someone who didn’t even do anything to him. He may think of it as a joke- but then- maybe everything about Justi is a JOKE… Including his GROSS sense of humor.

    2. Hey asshole!! If u think that all the money he gained with all his fights were all gone to his purse then EAT ur shit!! FOR YOUR INFORMATION
      hundreds of families are being helped by manny.. so please be careful with what ur saying BITCH!!

  23. the hash tag money team is the crew of may weather aka the money team has nothing to do with ymcmb idiots. Get ur facts rite

  24. Whatever Justin Bieber, Manny is far too way better than you (and your irritating, nasal-blocked sinusitis like voice..) Manny will always be honored and he is man enough compare to you… and what about u???just another pathetic, teeny bopper crooner soon to be forgotten by the people when you get older but Manny will now remain to be part of the world’s sports history..

    1. And what about you? Just another ass-kisser who thinks Pacquiao should be a politician just because he’s good in boxing.

      1. And u think Im as stupid as u? hahahah… Ur an asshole like ur gay idol and why so hateful huuh? hahahahah and ur asking what about me? I didn’t even said he’s a good politician? Oh my God, dumb-ass! hahahah we were talking about boxing and respect here. makes some sense? LOL! Think before u bark doggy!

  25. Justine Bieber …Justine Bieber….How Much Now Your MONEY? Comparing to The Greatest Boxer in the WORLD? please stop your dirty mouth shot okay…just better be a *GAY* “Faggot” (Adopted Child)….we Filipinos don’t need you.

  26. seriously dude?? how dare you make fun of him?? Can you be a better boxer than Manny?? you don’t even know how to punch bitch! I was a bieber fan and regularly visited your site for updates but for what you did, is really offensive on our race and for Manny.. YOU BASTARD!!

  27. Your a man eating a man too. So love your pictures. Are you a photographer and a stalker of Mayweather. I saw you sucking his dick beside selena. Thats better. 🙂

  28. Your a man eating a man too. So love you. You are a good photographer and sucker. I saw you sucking Mayweather’s dick beside Selena right? You are the man sucking man. Perfect. Nice world!!

      1. Actually a lot of Filipinos are Mexican boxer fans-especially Marquez, heck… His fights are always aired on local sports channels here so don’t make up weird things you don’t even know about. It makes you look DUMB and desperate…. And don’t criticize people for calling him a hero in the Philippines cause you’ll nevr understand unless you come here. That is- if you have the balls to now that you have lotsa haters here. Be glad you don’t use your real name here… Hehhehehehe

  29. Ajaja fuCk YOo0h! BaBY bieber gEeEY! Hahahaha LOL.. Kiss my asS bro! Mind your own busSines IF YOU DO THAT ON MANNY at the last time i wilL kilL you if coME bAck here in phIliPpine mark my word asShole!

  30. so gay bieber! fuck you forever! ./.
    want some? come here in Philippines and i’m gonna kick your ass you asshole! fuck you and your motherfucking mama! fuck you! fuck you! fuck you!

  31. Fuck u bieber!! If you do that on manny at the last time i will kill you! If you come back here again in philippines mark my. .w0rds bro. Assh0le!!

  32. thats only justin bieber opinion okey..and kong sa alam nyu mali sya ..tao lng nmn sya nagkakamali din….wel im sure lahat nmn tau nagkakamali..okey…sa lahat ng mumura sa knya as.if nmn ha…yabang nyu ganyan ba turo sa inyo..magmura ng kapwa tao…

  33. Manny is still a winner! Beiber is just bitter. He’s not even nominated in the Grammy’s. Now who’s the loser?? pathetic fag..LOL

    1. You just got trolled by Bieber. And you’re just a butthurt ass-kisser whose “pride” just got indirectly damaged by someone Pinoys like you who thought would lose just because he’s Mexican.

      1. Filipinos are not at all racist like you so ur wrong saying “just because he’s Mexican.” just realied, why so defendant of Justin huh? do u guys share dildos??? LOL!

  34. If all the bad/false/wrong things a person say is excused for it being “just an opinion”, then tanggalin na ang mga kasong libel at oral defamation aka slander.

      1. Smart people knows when to laugh without being offensive. Justin ur songs (fit only for nursery rhymes) didn’t made u any greater than Manny.

      2. To disrespect a man who is well respected, a man who carries his whole country on his shoulders, and a man who gives respect, eventhough gets disrespected! That:s what you just did. Ley me ask you something….what do you for America?

  35. If whenever someone says bad/wrong/offensive things about another person, and we excuse it to be “just an opinion”, then tanggalin na ung batas sa libel at oral defamation.

  36. We are given that freedom to express how we feel and say what’s in our heart..pero panu kng WALANG HEART? tsk tsk tsk

  37. Bieber is just another Nut-Hugger of Mayweather. This kid thinks he knows boxing, he doesn’t know shit about boxing. But then again, it’s ridiculous how someone’s opinion on this outcome has caused such controversy. Lets just forget about this. Bieber is nowhere as humble as Pacquiao is.

      1. kay.. your thoughts are useless. manny can punch your teeth down your throat with just a jab. your the one whos “pride” is hurt. seeing that you are really trying hard to defend yourself .

        just stop, no one wants to hear you.

  38. While it’s nice to make fun of Justin Bieber, all I can say is, OA nyo! Ang pinoy masyadong onion-skinned. It was bound to happen. Wag kayong pikon. Manny Pacquiao is NOT all that.

    1. Compared to the people who can accept defeat and stand tall in the face of ridicule, you’re one of the many pieces of shit in this country.

  39. Justin Gayber, even your Idol Mayweather is acting like a gentleman. That’s very rare even for him. Why not follow his footsteps then? Is it because you’re stupid?

  40. Justin Beiber -> Gangnam Style, im very proud of PSY, he will make a concert here in the philippines to help the victims of typhoon pablo, beiber is a loser, all he can do is to troll people, manny is fighting for the victims of typhoon in mindanao, he insults manny then he insults the people of mindanao, shame on you justin

  41. love you Psy, from Australia……. i love pacquiaoooooooooooooooooooo mabuhayyyyyy…..
    btw Justin Bieber needs diaper or maybe he prefers make up and lipstick

  42. Wow, so much butthurt. So it’s okay to make fun of Marquez, but NOT okay when others do it to you, especially Pacquiao? Yeah, way to show the rest of the world that Filipinos are overly-sensitive, over-emotional and quick-to-provoke-yet-easily-provoked.

    Seriously, grow a sense of humor and learn to laugh at yourselves for once.

  43. I’d like to see what will happen if Justin Bieber does a concert in the Philippines. I never really liked him, and I never really hated him outright, but him making fun of an unconscious man who’s regarded as a hero to majority of the Filipinos was a bit of a stretch.

    Sure, there’s a thing called a “sense of humor”, but what Justin Bieber did (those edited photos) didn’t exactly portray him as a good role model in my opinion. It was a little disrespectful (and some might say a “little” is an understatement).

    As for those who bashed Marquez, well…he’s beaten Pacquiao. Knocked him out. What’s done is done, and respect him for being able to beat that legendary guy after 4 matches. 🙂

    But back to Bieber. What do you guys think will happen if he goes back to the Philippines? I think that there’s going to be a decrease in the number of people who’ll attend since lots of Filipinos idolize Pacquiao.

    1. So it’s okay for us to make fun of Marquez losing just because he’s Mexican, but making fun of Pacquiao’s loss isn’t?

      And people idolize people like Obama, Schwarzenegger, etc. and yet I don’t hear any complaining when I see images of Obama’s “not bad” face, or the many memes about Arnold. I take it you must be new to the internet.

      Also, “idolize” isn’t the word to use here. It’s more like “unhealthy worship”.

  44. we Pinoys are still sensitive about Pacman’s defeat, it’s like we are still in the mourning phase so what B did came out as disrespectful. so i guess the timing is just isn’t right. it is insensitive on Bieber’s part, somewhat showing that he doesn’t care about his Pinoy fans he should at least have been neutral for the meantime or should have waited for the “appropriate” time to post such pics

  45. Kay, it seems that “sense of humor” is very important to you. That, of course, is a good thing. I’m sure that other people in this thread who are aware of your presence will call you a troll. However, we’re all anonymous in here and we’re just airing or posting our own opinions, which is also a good thing.

    My only concern is how dull you seem to be in terms of getting the vibes of what Justin Bieber posted. Bieber is, after all, a Mayweather fanboy. It’s ironic how Mayweather himself tried to be civil and wished that Manny would pick himself up from the trauma, which was really nice of him, Mayweather. But you can google the other things Bieber said about Pacquiao whenever he mentioned him in the same statement as Mayweather. While that is Bieber’s business, it really is nothing more than a blind, jealous devotion to some graven image in his head: “My idol is better than yours because your idol is….” Nothing different, really, from the format of what a lot of Filipinos in this thread have posted about Justin Bieber, posts that you seem to despise.

    I think “sense of humor” only applies to humor that actually makes sense. In the case of Bieber’s posts, unfortunately, the sense is coming from somewhere else, not humor. It is ignorance, piggybacked on the flair of an individual who has actually insulted a champion with claims that he was on steroids all along. So I think he was trying to be provocative and insulting.

    In the end, I really feel sorry for you, Kay. Remember that proverbial foreigner who tried to fit in? Everyone was laughing, but so was he. He didn’t know they were laughing because they were all swearing at him. He was vaguely aware that it might be something about him, but because he understood nothing, he did the only civilized thing he could do, which was to play along.

    Are you a Justin Bieber fan, by the way? Just asking. I never was. Do a Youtube search on Epic Rap Battles: Bieber versus Beethoven. Beethoven’s lines: my sentiments exactly.


    1. agree with u…that’s right…Bieber was not being funny anymore but insulting. That’s something that “Kay” didnt understand..Barking, barking most of the time without thinking..(such a dog!)

      1. It’s called “opinion”, and that is something Pinoys these days should REALLY take into consideration when dealing with people internationally. At least I don’t treat Pacman’s defeat as something like the death of a loved one. Seriously, guys, Pacman lost. We mocked Marquez (and we even did so in his past defeats) because we think Mexicans are weaker, and they mocked Pacquiao in return. End of story. Our so-called “Pinoy Pride” basically lets us rely on the more-successful people like Pacquiao and Sanchez.

    2. Nah, I dislike Bieber just like any of you. What I’m just saying is that the lot of you are angry over something Manny’s fans did with Marquez (that is, saying comments like how Mexicans are inferior to Pinoys).

      1. So you are not a Bieber fan? not a Mexican? Maybe a Marquez Fan? But i have a feeling you lost a lot of money because of pacquiao’s loss now or his earlier victories… Just wondering.. ^_^

      2. Wrong again, Kay. The lot of us may trashtalk Mayweather, Marquez, and Bieber, but only because these three have been on their end provocative as well. Mayweather effectively called Pacquiao a drug user, but when Pacquiao yielded to a match with a 4-day pre-fight testing period with Mayweather taking 55% of the purse, Mayweather still declined. Marquez had been strident in calling out the judges in his previous matches with Pacquiao. I don’t think he ever said anything horrible about Pacquiao himself, but that did nothing to keep him from coming across as a sore loser. Justin Bieber…well, he’s just the proverbial kid on his dad’s computer, if you know what I mean. My fellow Filipinos reacting the way they did…sure, many were being unreasonable, but that’s something to be expected, more so because the insinuations against Pacquiao are unreasonable as well.

        I think you’re the one who’s new on the internet. In spite of our good intentions, anonymous trash talk happens all the time in cyberspace. How many comments have you read through the years, during elections or sports events like these? Really rational users ignore harsh comments or make respectful, rational rebuttals on the irrational arguments they encounter. They try to avoid what we call in Philo 101 “argumentum ad hominem,” personal attacks on people who comment inappropriately. To the extent that they need to point out a flaw, they do not generalize across an entire community, much less an entire country.

        It’s really pathetic, Kay, the way you put yourself above your fellow Filipinos because you think you’re more world-citizen than “the lot of you” are. Sayang, since we both agree that Marquez scored a stunning victory over a virtual god on the boxing ring.


  46. i mean I have to admit that Bieber is famous so doing this is expected to make this much impact. Kay I am sure you are not stupid to know that there will be negative reactions. so whatever you say, hate posts will keep coming in. This is the consequence of what Bieber did. like what i just said, he is popular.

  47. May bad karma come your way Justin Bieber. You think you are so great and mighty but GOD will show you how NOTHING you are in with that attitude of yours.

  48. Okay.
    1. Justin is a teenager, I pretty much know that every teenagers will eventually arrive to their asshole-ness at a certain time, give him a slack. Wisdom will come to him when he’s older (let’s hope to that).
    2. Everyone is a racist, control of racism just varies in each of us. Filipinos are sensitive, we know that, and some other races think they’re open minded (no they’re not).
    3. Haters always hate and Fans will always love.
    4. The Pacman doesn’t care about Justin, If he did he’ll siege his house and do an uppercut to his lovely face. Too much lovely its horrible, but still lovely.
    5. For the Pinoys, Justin was born in a first world country, he’s an international pop star girl’s love, he’s rich, he had a very little idea what empathy means, but he knows it, he just had amnesia when he posted that. For those who hate Filipinos now: The Pacman was born in a third world country, he knew compassion and let’s be honest, he’s not a hero because he’s a boxer, it’s because on what he do with the money he earns every boxing fight, he knew empathy because he experienced poverty himself. Filipinos are just hurt when JB said that and just count construct a logical comment why there should be hate given to our teenage pop star.

  49. Chill out, guys. Some people may find this offensive, some may not. But each has their own opinion. So next time Justin posts something, he should think if it will offend someone first. That also goes to those who comment here.

    Dudes, stop hatin’, on Justin or Manny. You guys may find this offensive, or funny, and you can post your opinions here. But do it in a civilised and peaceful manner, and in a peaceful way. And respect each person’s opinion. Don’t force yours on them. What happens when we post our comments like
    “BIEBER I HATE YOU!!” or “MANNY YOU SUCK!!”? Someone just retaliates and the whole thing is in chaos. State it properly and don’t hate. Respect each other. God Bless everyone.


  51. Not a beiliber. I hate beiber but how come when 9gag does it its funny but when its a celeberty its a crime. U people cyberbully everyday and laugh at others but u cant just laugh about pacmans lost. Stop making a big deal about it. I swear people these days complain about anything…

  52. Justin Bieber I hope you die you asshole prostitute. Fuck you and your shitty woman face. I guess you have nothing better to do than post offensive pictures.

  53. @Hector
    “So you are not a Bieber fan? not a Mexican? Maybe a Marquez Fan? But i have a feeling you lost a lot of money because of pacquiao’s loss now or his earlier victories… Just wondering.. ^_^”

    Nah, I just lost a lot of respect for Pinoys in general after a shitstorm like this.

    1. ya, a shitstorm after beiber thows shit at pacquiao — hope there’s no fan in front of beiber lol — beiber throws shit, hits fan == guess who got shit in the face? lol

    2. Time for your breast-feeding, now stop being so butt-hurt about JB’s haters from 3rd world countries <3

  54. Alright, PacMan did accept his lost to Marquez. Thats the good thing about boxing. Very Admirable, Very Humble.

    But Justine Bieber doing this immature post is really disappointing.
    so someone in this Post saying Filipinos got trolled by JB. What did Pacman
    Did to Bieber to get hilarious pics and insults like this?

    -1 JB, Wrong Move kid.

  55. Clearly these are jokes made by some little squirt who has never been in a fight in his life. Also shows the extent of Bieber’s ignorance; He has no idea that he is insulting a national hero. Not very smart Biebs. Hope the tender loving you get from mayweather was worth it.

  56. Bieber has the right to express his thoughts about the fight. Let us respect him as a person even if we think he disrespects Pacquiao. If that opinion makes him happy, then let him be. No one and nothing can change the fact that Pacquiao will always be a champion in the Filipinos’ heart.

  57. Angry pinoy fans of Pacman, always remember: smart people post about ideas, while dumb joes can only post about people. Let’s remember not to sink to Beiber’s level. We’re more mature than that.:D

    1. Ooohhhh! Ooohhh!I’ll get the Justin Beiber ticket and wipe it in my ASS!!! Then I’ll put it in a cake and send to the faggot beiber on Christmas!!!

  58. Faggot bieber.. you should’nt even been born you useless fucking faggot dumb singing ugly motherfucking cocksucking

  59. buti nga sau paquiao mayabang ka kasi lahat gus2 mo pasukin congressman, pastor, boxer, ano next senador, vice pres, next president.. nagpapayaman ka lng

    1. At least may natulungan siya while pursuing his endeavors…. This is what sets a public servant apart from a traditional politician- and duh, we are in a Democratic country, tumatakbo nga ang mga laos na artista. Ikaw?

  60. Wow Kay sa dami ng sinabi mo dto d ka pa fan ni Bieber sa lagay na yan? You’re insulting my intelligence who the hell are you trying to fool around here. You cant even speak english mag-tagalog ka na lang did made fun of marquez? Did made tlaga d pwede make? Wag m sabihin typo yan ang layo ng k sa d. We are all entitled to our own opinions filipinos are mad let them. If you’re not a bieber fan bakit mo papakealaman ung opinions ng mga tao dto halos lahat ng may sinabing msama kay Bieber sumasagot ka. I never liked Bieber but i never made fun of him. I never posted anything online to entice and encourage people to dislike him kaya i have the right to be mad too kasi im a huge fan of Pacquiao and kung nagkataon man na hindi.. PINOY ako kaya d rin ako ppayag na kagaya lang ni bieber ang magppost ng mga ganun. D na rin ako nagttaka kung bakit ganun ka-bobo mga posts nya.. I almost forgot.. We’re talking about the boy can’t see glass.

  61. Wow. Very creative. why can’t beiber use his creativity on writing a more meaningful song instead of using ‘baby baby oh’ as his lyrics? Anyone can sing dude. But not everyone can be a boxer. He could just shut up instead and try to figure out how he could have a real talent.

  62. Filipinos who are against what Bieber did, please go to you tube and click the thumbs down on all the official video music of Bieber, then all of you can make a statment. Do not let your teens buy Bieber’s music. He is rude, no class, feminine looking. Will just wait when Biber chose to have his balls cut off.

  63. He got knocked the fuck out! Give credit to his opponent, the man threw an incredible counter. I’m loving this pic! Not as original since its been done when nba star Derrick rose got injured.

    I don’t like manny seeing how he is a great guy and everyone bandwagons him but so what if he lost. It’s how you recover after, if he gets his belt back more power to him.

    With that said I hate bieber, mayweather, and manny, and the fans. Can care less. Go fuck yourselves world.

  64. Best thing about the pacquioa fight was watching that smug boxer fall on his face in round 6 followed by the pathetic crying of his wife. Wonderful to see justice served. Pinoys thinking they are the best but had nothing to say after that fight. Classic

    1. I agree with you, its fun there. You going to ask Justin out since you want to see more pics of him. LOL, jk….

  65. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. cheers|

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