May 13 2013 Election Day Philippine holiday

UPDATE (4/24/2013) – Palace has released Proclamation 571 which declares May 13 2013 a special public holiday. Better late than never! Access Proclamation 571 here.

The Philippines will have its midterm elections this May 13 2013, Monday. Unless otherwise provided by law, the 1987 Constitution mandates elections to be held on the second Monday of May. The May 2013 polls will be the fourth midterm elections under the present 1987 Charter (the previous ones were held in 1995, 2001, and 2007).

President Benigno Aquino III is yet to issue a proclamation designating the said day as a special non-working holiday. He is expected to do so within the next couple of weeks. After all, not declaring May 13 a holiday will seriously affect voters’ turnout since the Philippines currently does not allow early voting.

Aquino’s predecessor Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared May 10, 2010 (the election when Aquino won the presidency) as a holiday “to give the people the fullest opportunity to participate” in the said democratic process. Acting on behalf of Arroyo, then-Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita signed Proclamation 2020 two months before the elections. Access Proclamation 2020 in this link.

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May 1 2013 Philippine Labor Day Holiday (

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  1. should be declare earlier for us hr practitioner to be able to released inter office memo to our employees

  2. I can’t vote if that day not declare a holiday, more than hundred 62 miles away from my workplace . Where I’m registered voter.

  3. Many businesses and workers are well aware that the excessive holidays are just a bizarre way the politicians pander to the filipino workers, some who take more pride in being paid for nothing, rather than taking pride in the quality of their work. Thank god, Noy Noy is getting with the program, he will have a legacy of starting the Phils on the road to development and better opportunities for everyone.

  4. he should declared as regular holiday coz the private employee cannot participate on that event..

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