Aquino’s animosity toward Tacloban mayor hampering relief efforts?

Speaking to CNN International’s Christiane Amanpour last November 12, President Benigno Aquino III repeatedly reiterated that super typhoon Yolanda (international code name ‘Haiyan’) wrecked so much havoc especially in the Eastern Visayas region because the “local (government) response failed.”

He told Amanpour that “two or three” local government units (LGUs) were “simply overwhelmed” by Yolanda. Watch Amanpour’s entire interview here. Even without being mentioned by name, Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez is certainly one of those Aquino is referring to.

A day before his interview with Amanpour, Aquino was said to have walked out of a briefing with Tacloban City officials after he got irked by the said LGU’s unpreparedness (Malacanang later clarified that he merely went to the bathroom).

With Aquino seemingly bent on putting all the blame on him, Romualdez played defense. In an interview with GMA News, the mayor complained about what he described as insufficient aid from the national government.

Wala namang giyera, bakit hindi magpadala ng tatlong batalyon dito para hakutin na natin lahat ng patay?” Romualdez said. He also explained that relief goods are not being transported to devastated communities because of the lack of usable vehicles.

alfredo romualdez tacloban
Tacloban City Mayor Alfredo Romualdez (Credits:

In relation to this, a point-by-point report (the author cannot be determined as of this time) on what is happening is now going viral on the Internet. In a nutshell, the post explicates that Romualdez sought as much help as possible from the national government both before and after Yolanda rammed the city. And in all those instances, Romualdez received decidedly inadequate assistance.

Here are some of the items listed. Check for the entire post:

1. After Typhoon Yolanda struck, the Mayor of Tacloban requested the NDRRMC (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council) to make a “RESPONSE OVERKILL” on the rescue and relief operations. Unfortunately, the response from the National Government was very cold and half hearted.

2. On Day 2 of Typhoon Yolanda aftermath, the Mayor requested the NDRRMC to deploy 2 Marine Battalions to help immediately establish peace and order and rescue/relief operations. Unfortunately, this plea for help was unheeded by the National Government.

5. The Mayor requested the National Government to put more vehicles and personnel for cadaver retrieval but up to now only 4 trucks from the National Government are doing this. Only 8 trucks from the National Government are doing relief work. Tacloban is now reeking from the smell of death and relief operations are still moving at a snail’s pace.

7. To add insult to injury, the Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary (Mar Roxas) wants the Mayor of Tacloban (Alfred Romualdez) to write a formal letter to Philippine President Noynoy Aquino supposedly to inform him that he could no longer function as Mayor, thereby surrendering authority to the DILG Secretary (Mar Roxas).

To say that there’s a personal animosity between Aquino and Romualdez would be an understatement. For starters, the mayor of Tacloban is a nephew of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Even until now, Aquino and the Romuladezes are on clashing sides of the political spectrum. The mayor’s cousin, Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Romualdez, is currently the president of Lakas-CMD, the party of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The administration made a vigorous bid to unseat Romualdez during last May’s polls. In fact, Kris Aquino, the president’s youngest sister and television superstar, personally campaigned for Florencio ‘Bem’ Noel, the president’s bet. “If Bem wins (for mayor), I will give whatever Tacloban needs in just one call,” Kris quoted the president as telling her during a campaign rally.

Despite all these, plus the president’s sharp criticism of Romualdez’ tenure as the city chief, he won re-election handily. In hindsight, Kris is perhaps right. Aquino would probably be more decisive in dealing with the disaster in Tacloban if the city is being led by his anointed candidate.

(PS: Is it possible to set aside political differences when it comes to disaster response? In dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy last year, United States President Barack Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie showed remarkable ability to work side-by-side for the greater good. Christie, a top supporter of Obama’s Republican challenger Mitt Romney, repeatedly noted how he and the president remained in touch throughout the calamity. Read our post about it here.)




Mark Pere Madrona

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227 thoughts on “Aquino’s animosity toward Tacloban mayor hampering relief efforts?

  1. kelangan ding ma-correct ‘tong ugali nating ito eh, yung ugaling hindi umaamin sa pagkakamali at ugaling paghahanap agad ng masisisi…

    dumating sana ang araw na kapag may nakita tayong problema, isipin kaagad natin kung paano ‘yun aayusin at kung paanong hindi na mauulit, pagkatapos nun, pwede na hanapin kung sino ang dapat pugutan, este, tanggalin sa puwesto…

      1. A true leader always steps up and says “this is my accountability”. Mr Aquino not only failed on this, he also failed to rally the community’s morale.

    1. Walang maidudulot na kabutihan kapag sinisisi sa iba. Kung wala kanang magagawa sa mga tao mo magbitiw sa tungkulin. Ang problema kulang sa preparation ng mayor. Ang govierno naman kulang ng mga equipments. Pobre ang Pilipinas dahil mas marami ang kurakot na mambabatas, period.

      1. how did you know na kulang sa preparation, ang mga tao ay nandoon sa astrodome pero pinasok ng tubig, ang mga structure na steel ang roof frame ginawan spaghette kahit yung bahay ng kapatid na congrete at steel frame kinalbo. ano pa yung mga barong barong na yun ang karamihan na bahay. Di na dapat pinag usapan ang preparasyon dahil tapos ang bagyo ang pinag usapan ay ang immediate response sana sa disaster pero ang presidente ay pagong na at bobo pa.

      2. hey mister! can’t you see what happened in tacloban? im from there..that was a super typhoon!! that was beyond any preparation a mayor could do. watch the news..the storm surge could reach even the 13th floor of a building. the mayor and his family are victims too..but still he is functioning.

      3. sir/miss please think. US was devastated during hurricane katrina, how much more leyte being devastated by the strongest typhoon recorded in history. No preparedness could have prevented tacloban’s fate especially since it was a storm surge which is a phenomenon that occurs when a storm has enough masses of water to suction up and bring along. The storm surge was tsunami like sir. Man can be prepared with anything but nature’s wrath.

      4. Ang unang tutugon sa kalamidad ay local government officials from the governor to the lowest barangay officials. Ang problema, affected din sila. Ngunit apektado o hindi, dapat sila ang unang gagalaw sa kailangan ng nasasakupan nila. The first to respond ay dapat ang local officials then the national. Ginawa ba ng local officials? O ipinubaya sa national officials? Kaya may sisihan dito kung sino ang dapat nauna. Sa akin naman, wala ng sisihan sapagkat masyadong malawak ang pinsala at milyones ang tao na apektado. Hindi kaya ng national dahil saan manggaling ang tao na gamitin ng national kundi ang local. Huwag asahan na mangaling sa Maynila ang unang tutugon sa pangangailangan ng tao dahil yung mga national personels ay may sariling tranaho at pamilya din at alam nila na katatapos ang pinsala at di nila alam kung ano ang gagawin nila. Sa local officials manggagaling ang instruction kung ano ang dapat gawin ng mga tao na manggaling sa malayo sapagkat sila ang nakakaalam. Mga local at national officers ay walang kaalam-alam na ganyan ang mangyayari. Kaya ganon ang extent ng pinsala. Kaya, sana, wala nang sisihan. Pati mga tao na napinsala, huwag ng sisihin ang kung sino sapagkat lahat ay nahilo sa pangyayari. Kung isang town lang ang napinsala madaling ituro kung sino ang hindi gumawa ng kanyang tugkulin. Ngunit sa lawat ng pinsala at bilang ng taong apektado, ang mabuti ay wala ng sisihan upang mas madali ang tulongan. Kung nagrereklamo sila at tinuturo ang kamay sa Presidente, governor or mayor, mas lalong babagal ang pagdating ng tulong. Kung sisihin ng isang barangay si Mayor, baka mas lalong hindi intindihin ni mayor ang barangay na nagrereklamo. Dapat na lang gawin ay magkaisa at isanguni ang kanilang pangangailangan at tumulong na lang sa repacking kung yan ang kailangan. Do not spend your time blaming but you are just there waiting when you can go and help repact those tons of aids given by nations, business establishments and individuals as well as our government agencies. Huwag asahan na gobyerno lahat ang gagawa sapagkat limitado ang kakayahan ng gobyerno lalo sa manpower. Ang pinagtataka ko lang ay bahit limitado ang sundalo na pinadala.

      5. kahit anung preparation, walang magagawa kung ganoon ka lakas ang hangin at malatsunaming storm surge. im a survivor and we are prepared for worse pero wala parin. wag sisihin si mayor kasi kahit victim tinutulongan parin kami

      6. I agree inutil talaga mayor ng Tacloban haha presidente siguro inaasahan niyang mag repack ng relief goods . Super inefficient ang LGU officials sa Tacloban yan ang totoo .

    2. Government reflects how are the people for today. they should not be into politics. Be wise enough to choose who were the rightful one. “If the government was full of corruption, majority of its people do also corruption”..So people be wise..Be educated.. Someday Government will fear for its people.

    3. ito ang problema sa ating mga Pilipino eh. we dont consider other extremities. Hindi naman porket na ganyan na ang nangyayari ay palaging isisi sa gobyerno lalo na kay Pinoy be open minded. salamat!

      1. kung pangit ang mangyayari, bobo daw ang presidente at sa kanya lahat ang pagkakamali at pagsisisi… if may magandang mangyayari, babawiin nyo ba ang sinabi na bobo ang presidente? will u give credit to him?

    4. About noy noy campaigning.. He no plans for reelection as in interview on the APEC summit.. so watch what you say.. About military presence.. I was under the assumption that the local military stationed needed help as well.. People can say things easily but we are an archipelago and things need to get organized especially if the damage is that strong.. The Mayor is lacking that’s why the DILG chief fired him for his own good.. You should see the disaster preparedness they do in albay they do things seriously down there…

    5. the philippine government is essentially corrupt and wicked- they only desire personal power, wealth, public figure. it is more confirmed in their slow and callousness response to those victims in need. if you see any political figure distributing reliefs- that’s just for publicity’s sake. the whole world is aware of this truth.

    6. the philippine government is essentially corrupt and wicked- they only desire personal power, wealth, public figure. it is more confirmed in their slow and callousness response to those victims in need. if you see any political figure distributing reliefs- that’s just for publicity’s sake. the whole world is aware of this truth.

    7. The President may have some reason also ,because there is a place in Leyte which was heavily devastated ,all houses was destroyed but no one was hurt or died

  2. You posted this in a journalistic site. I find this highly irresponsible since you yourself mentioned that you are basing it on a report whose authorship you do not even know. When I try to click the link or type up the website you based your report on, it gives a message 503 Service Unavailable. So, you have made a highly speculative accusation without doing any real research. I think it is common sense that not everything on the internet is accurate. Anyone can post anything, and there are many people who post things based on speculation or are using misinformation to serve their own agendas. To come up with such an article without doing your research and backing up with credible sources. This thus appears to be irresponsible journalism but a piece of propaganda.
    I am not claiming that what that alleged report is saying is not true. But there lies the problem, we have no clue do we? And you do not offer anything else to support your allegations. So, if I follow your example, I can come up with a post claiming that you are a paid hack by an opposing political party to do a demolition job against the administration – based on what? speculation.
    By the way, I am not happy at all with the way the government handled the relief operations. Not at all! But to try to do propaganda at this time against the government based on data from an unverified source is reprehensible considering you are supposed to be a journalist.

      1. Mark Madrona,
        Your sources are bogus. Your article only stands for the other side of the coin. But if you’d look closely at what has happened, Mr. Romualdez failed to do his part. He left his town be caught by surprise! Pnoy even said “DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE” the storm. He even gave warnings on STORM SURGE. Yet Mr. Romualdez even took the time to stay in his mansion beside the seashore! It’s like inviting disaster to shallow him! And look what he got! Now he is acting as if he is the victim of politics? Is he mad? I even saw an article in Yahoo news about him standing infront of a typhoon without a ship! He is actually trying to use the situation to boost his political career, not the other way around. And where is Pnoy now? He just went around Visayas visiting ground zeros! But where is Mr. Romualdez? Why didn’t he manage to gather his people to drive a bulldozer or some heavy lifters that I believe cannot be destroyed by the typhoon? Do you think BULLDOZERS were also swept to the sea? NO! But where is he? Why did he failed to give support to Pnoys effort to bring in relief? And now he’s the one throwing a mud on the President? This is a sickening joke!

    1. Ms. Samantha – it is true that the president has blamed the mayor of Tacloban. It is true that the president has blamed 3 local governments the devastation that had happened in those areas. It is true that the president was aiming for 0 casualties during times of calamities and got disappointed when he found out that many of our brothers and sisters died. It is true that he is the only president that blames publicly, points fingers but never acknowledge any of his mistakes.O

      1. Jan,
        What is Pnoy’s mistake… Please state your pointers.
        Pnoy took the whole week to warn and alarm every LGUs before the typhoon came. That is how our government works! And to Pnoy “LIFE IS MOST IMPORTANT”. Our dead brothers and sisters is why Pnoy is mad!!!!! DON’T YOU GET IT? LIVES LOST when our government is trying to avoid one our LGU’s just took this statements fore granted! And you think our President failed? He didn’t!!!!! He aired exclusive message to warn everyone of the impending danger ahead! It is the LGU that should show the MAGNITUDE and the SEVERITY of the INCOMING DANGER! YET MR. ROMUALDEZ PLAYED IT DOWN!

      2. Let us say the LGU did prepare for the calamity, have you seen what yolanda did? Even the LGU was not spared, the national government should have prepared a back up plan, since they KNEW the impact and severity of the typhoon! There is no national desaster plan! They just created one after the damage was done.

      3. Nashigun, im one of the survivor. Im a taclobanon. Obviously, the national govt operation was delayed. In fact it took 3-4 days before the relief goods arrived and 5 days before they get all the dead bodies. If the national govt grant the request of our mayor immediately then there would be no looting or stealing of food will happen. The following day after the typhoon, i saw my mayor rescuing and helping people despite that he and his family is also been a victim of typhoon. He never fail to do his part even before the typhoon. It was so dissapointing when mar roxas force our mayor to give up his position. Stop the politics issue. Leave the past behind and help leytenons to move on and not to give up.

      4. Nashigun, hope you know what you’re saying. An ideal leader won’t blame anyone in his responsibility the fault of what happened. He should take the responsibility instead and not blaming the local government. And to show it internationally that you’re blaming LGU for what happened, will show how weak the leader he is. And isn’t obvious that this is politics? And do you think that an aired message is enough? Based on this post (and other posts that I read, specifically an official one (can’t name names, I may be subject to something)) the LGU asked for help BEFORE the typhoon hits. And no help came.

        And based on your previous replies from previous comments, are you sure that the Mayor of Tacloban is in his Mansion? Or maybe that is his home (that’s why i hate politics, mansions=home)? Hmmm… And nowadays, EVERYONE tried to boost their political career (Binay poster behind the truck, yellow ribbon noodles? Does it ring any bells?) which is dark side of politics itself.

        I’m in no one side, but really, what really shows is that our leaders are weak to response in calamities like these. And it shows how corruption affects us.

      5. Nashigun, hope you know what you’re saying. An ideal leader won’t blame anyone in his responsibility the fault of what happened. He should take the responsibility instead and not blaming the local government. And to show it internationally that you’re blaming LGU for what happened, will show how weak the leader he is. And isn’t obvious that this is politics? And do you think that an aired message is enough? Based on this post (and other posts that I read, specifically an official one (can’t name names, I may be subject to something)) the LGU asked for help BEFORE the typhoon hits. And no help came.

        And based on your previous replies from previous comments, are you sure that the Mayor of Tacloban is in his Mansion? Or maybe that is his home (that’s why i hate politics, mansions=home)? Hmmm… And nowadays, EVERYONE tried to boost their political career (Binay poster behind the truck, yellow ribbon noodles? Does it ring any bells?) which is dark side of politics itself.

        I’m in no one side, but really, what really shows is that our leaders are weak to response in calamities like these. And it shows how corruption affects us.

    2. Any person who is entrusted with greater responsibility for his is duty bound to explain his side on how this happened specially when accusations are thrown at him.

      We heard none on the side of Mayor Romualdez about this during the the first days after Yolanda made a landfall maybe because he was doing his job or was one of the victims. I recalled he and his family almost died when the storm surge hit Tacloban. Still he was quick to make recommended actions being local official on the site.

      If one really wants to know weather his is telling the truth then lets have him on a lie detector test including Mar Roxaz. And lets do it on a national TV and people will be the judge.

      Readers nowadays are more intelligent. They are more informed. They read all the biases of each side and discern which is true.
      It was mentioned not everything on the internet is accurate. True but I would still choose to find the truth online than depend on the local television whose out these to condition what they want you to know.

      Habang tumatagal mababawasan na ang mauuto at magpapauto. Maeexpose na ang propaganda na nagpapaniwala na tayo ang boss when if fact it doesn’t exist.

      1. If Mr. Romuladez was correct and is serious about Yolanda’s destructive strength then why did you stayed sa mansion nya sa seashore?! Yun tuloy muntik na silang mamatay. And you think this is Pnoy’s fault? No, Mr. Romuladez downplayed Pnoy’s warning not to “UNDERESTIMATE” Yolanda. And Pnoy even reiterated that “LIFE IS MOST IMPORTANT”. These are his pointers. Kung siseriosohin mo itong mga WARNINGS na to di ka manonood ng bagyo sa tabing dagat,bagkos aakyat ka sa mataas na lugar para di ka maano ng storm surge! I clearly saw how ABS-CBN showed how storm surge works! KLARO AH! Bakit di naging maayos ang Tacloban City? It’s because the mayor of that place downplayed the storm! Ang Aquino is VERY ANGRY for not listening. Ako rin mismo naiinis sa mayor na yan e. Ginagawa nya to para maibaling ang sisi ke Pnoy at sya maging HERO! Sya ang namumulitika!

      2. I think the mayor has the right to protect himself, what if he stayed outdoors and he himself becomes a victim and gets killed? Then what? We blame the vice? He is human! You people think just because they are politics they are invincible!

      3. Nashigun, all taclobanon including me anticipate every news. But no single media inform us about the so called storm surge. May nag inform man late na kaya naman ang mga tao sa astrodome kung saan pinaevacuate ni mayor ay nataranta at nag cause ng stampede. 3 days before the said typhoon nag paevacuate na si mayor at hindi na nagkulang sa pag papaalala. Yun lang tlga ay sobrang lakas tlga ng bagyo na kahit anong taas pa ang lugar at kahit ano pa ang paghanda ay wala kang exemption. Lahat biktima. Its been years since nakaranas ng bagyo an tacloban. Kaya nman nakaktrauma ang lahat. Nakakatawa din paminsan na may mga taong kung makareact sa issue ay akala ko alam na alam. Ang mga leyteno at taclobanon lamang ang may alam kung sino ba tlga ang dapat paniwalaan.

      4. open your eyes … the government under the leadership of the president failed to deliver true service to the people.

      5. Nashingun Syota ka yata ni Pnoy. Kung ipagatangol mo. wala siyang mali. Both sides ay may mali. Noynoy ayaw gamitin ang pubic fund sa disaster ang tagalabas pa ang nagbigay ng malaking amount na pera. Si Mayor hindi niya na organisa ang mga Local Government’s ng tacloban

    3. it would be best if this report is true, otherwise we just elected an inept government official devoid of sympathy, and lack of common sense.
      one thing is true though, our President is a blaming president he likes to blame others for the misfortune his administration inherits. its like blaming your parents for the lot you are in now, He has the Power and the authority, just make changes happen, fire those damn advisers… and act.

  3. To build something better, something must be destroyed! This is my personal interpretation of Lamentation 3:25-33. I believe that our great God has better plans for the visayan region and our country as a whole. The same thing might also happen to our present leadership if we keep on doing what we are doing now! C’mon Filipinos, GISING NA!!!!!!!

      1. A loving God indeed He is, but the calamities that came , WE THE PEOPLE have brought it upon us ourselves…when His faithful people pray for a change, and He would make a change, I believe after the destruction that we have brought upon ourselves, He comes in to heal.

      2. Then what about those people in the old world at the time of noah…why did a loving God allows them to suffered….only those on board of the ark been saved….

      3. sometimes sacrifice has to happen, for the betterment of the many.
        (stop asking why, why it happens to us, did we do something wrong?
        would a Loving God allow this to happen? Yes, whats wrong with that, we are all bound to die anyway, some sooner. than others, accept that, that’s what being mortal is all about.) be glad that the storm did not wipe out our whole country.

        out of this tragedy comes out true humanity of our global community..
        lets just hope something good comes out of this for our country.

    1. This is quoted from Luke 13:2-5
      “In reply he said to them: “Do you think that those Gal·i·le′ans were worse sinners than all other Gal·i·le′ans because they have suffered these things? 3 No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise be destroyed.+ 4 Or those 18 on whom the tower in Si·lo′am fell, killing them—do you think that they had greater guilt than all other men who live in Jerusalem? 5 No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all be destroyed, as they were.””

      God doesn’t need to kill people para lng masabing may mali sa mga tao. All of this was just a coincidence, not predestined or God’s will. It was just a natural calamity.

      On the book of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon said sometime’s we are on the bad times and it causes our lives to be in danger.

      So please, wag sasabihin na c God ung dahilan nyan.

      1. Indeed, I agree, as I’ve said WE THE PEOPLE have brought this calamitiies upon ourselves…
        …but God is there to heal..

  4. Samantha’s comment makes sense. You should know who the author of the point-by-point article is. In a time of calamity, please refrain from sowing intrigues. Romualdez & his family almost lost their lives(am glad they didn’t). With most of his people affected by the typhoon and only a handful of cops reporting for duty, how can you expect his office to function normally? With so many dead, vehicles damaged and roads blocked, the LGU was rendered inutile.

    Now, that help from US forces, Canada, Japan, Australia, EU, Taiwan and agencies like World Vision, Save the Children and the like are in the country, no amount of Aquino’s animosity, if such exists, can stop aid from coming to the vastly devastated areas!

    Enough of politics!

  5. “’Wala namang giyera, bakit hindi magpadala ng tatlong batalyon dito para hakutin na natin lahat ng patay?’ Romualdez said. He also explained that relief goods are not being transported to devastated communities because of the lack of usable vehicles.” — Tacloban City Mayor Alfredo Romualdez

    Wala pong ipapabaon sa tatlong batalyon na ipapadala sa Tacloban. Wala po silang MRE. Asin lang po ang pinapabaon sa kanila at bahala na silang bumaril ng mga baboy at manok.

    Huwag na po tayong mag-ingay tungkol dito at baka makapag-isip na lusubin ng mga Intsik isa-isa ang mga isla ng Kabisayaan gamit lamang ang tig-isang platoon nila.

    1. Rey, make a research on where the Mayor of Tacloban is coming from.
      In order to comprehend the context of his statement, pag-aralan po ninyo ang public administration. He is stressing a point.

      Kung si FVR who is an experienced leader and a strategist ang president sa mga panahong ito, marahil Mayor Romualdez no longer have to make such recommendations on an overkill-response because he will treat it as such.
      Kaya importante ang leadership experience ng isang president. Si Nonoy ba meron nun?

      Since he is a minority president. He will take this as an opportunity to get his alliance. Kaya after his term madami ang naging kakampi niya.

      Tungkol naman sa chinese invasion, sira ulo na lang ng china kung gagawin niya ang sinasabi mo. Biruin mo sa harap ng buong mundo lulusob sila. Hindi ba nila alam na may nakaparadang aircraft carrier ng US sa Visaya?
      In short di nila gagawin yun habang matino pa ang isip nila.

  6. I find point nos 1, 2 and 5 highly speculative. The mayor was not privy to the deliberation/decision-making processes made after his call/s.

    Warm bodies from outside of Tacloban were needed but before they could be sent an assessment was necessary whether 1) seaports and airports are operable; 2) fuel can be obtained from electric-operated pumps; 3) roads are passable (not washed out as debris can be cleared); 4) relief workers can be provisioned.

    Remember, help can only come from Luzon and Mindanao since surrounding island-provinces were also devastated. The long distances plus separation of landmass (islands) requires airplanes and we only have 3 operating C-130s. But again flying there need info as mentioned in the foregoing paragraph.

    And remember, the devastation was overwhelming:7+ island provinces needed aid. Before Yolanda, we have the Muslim rebellion in Zamboanga, the earthquake in Bohol, the typhoon that devastated Central Luzon, the other typhoon which destroyed 17000+ houses in Cagayan, Kalinga and Ilocos Norte.

    Kung wala po kayong alam tungkol sa disaster-response ay maghinay-hinay sa pagpuna at pagbigay ng mga sapantaha.

    1. Sir Rey, I understand po what you mean na dpat hinay hinay sa pagpuna at pagbigay ng mga sapantaha. sa ganang akin kitang kita po sa broadcasting ng CNN at tlagang cnv n walang govt presence bkit maghihintay pa po ng assesment eh aerial survey lng d mo n need assesment. saka bkit po sinisi ni Pnoy ung LGU?? sana bago din po sya manisi gumawa muna sya ng paraan kc sila po nsa Nat’l govt mas marami silang resources at manpower. kaya d nakakapagtaka tlagang me katotohanan itong report n ito khit n sbi ng iba eh sapantaha lng ito para din po yang apoy nagsisimula sa usok… saka sa mga information ng lakas ni typhoon yolanda dapat me emergency preparedness prog din c Pnoy bukod don sa LGU, para me back up in case pumalpak ung mga taga LGU kaso sa tingin ko po naka NGANGA lng cla don kc d nga nila bulwarte ung Leyte…d sana magiisip n me bahid ng politiko itong ganitong action pero kitang kita po eh. kayo ng me sabi devastation was overwhelming d mas lalong need at dapat automatic Nat’l govt shld take over local govt unit. anong kinalaman ng bilang ng mga C130??? gasino n po ung gamitin nya ung isa at sya mismo agad pumunta don wala sv nya d agad cla makalipad dahil daw po masama ang panahon?? susme if theres a will theres a way…naturingan syang Presidente d po nya magawan ng paraan??? masasabi ko lng po responsibility comes with your position sana po naisip nya yan kaakibat ng pagiging presidente ang pagiging AMA ng bansa… kung ganyang klaseng ama meron tayo wala na po akong masasabi kayo n lng po ang humusga…wala po akong pinapanigan..ito rin po ay opinyon ko lamang any reaction is welcome.

      1. pinapa-resign ni sec.mar roxas ang mayor ng tacloban,c mar roxas at pinoy ang mag-resign dhil wl clng mgaw s relief operation.pupunta ba c mar roxas s tanuan leyte tpos cnabi nya s mga tao dun n wg dw kayo mwalan ng pag-asa dhil darating ang relief goods sakay sya ng chopper dagdag sya sa kabawasan ng gasulina ng tax ng taong bayan cgro nmasyal ngbwas sa stress sa mga taong nkapaligid ng airport.ang magtake-over sa region 8 ang united nation hindi c pinoy wlng silbi na presidente?

      2. Yung mga nagrereact na pinapanigan ang national government… ur not getting the point here… ur always pointing that PNOY warned, he did his job, etc etc… come on! read the article again please! wala naman nagsabi na hindi xa nagwarn and everything. The point here is, mabagal ang action AFTER ng bagyo. Are you even aware na mga relief goods na nanggagaling sknya e repacked in a yellow bag with the aquino band sign on it? ano ito? campaign period o life or death situation at may panahon pa sya magrepacked ng relief goods sa container na may imahe sya?

      3. Tama ka,ang sa akin dapat kung hindi mo baluarte magpakita ka ng concern,isa pa hindi pa nila naranasan ang mga nararanasan ng mga taong tinamaan ng ganitong calamidad rich sila,eh ky walang awa

      4. Im from tacloban, nag volunteer ako sa tacloban for 3 days under mar roxas.. pero wala talagang dumating na relief, nag iikot ikot lang sila, mga patay iniwan lang po sa kalsada.bloated,itim na ang kulay, at mabaho na . i was there ng mag walk out si pnoy. until now, d parin ako makapaniwala sa mga nang yari. nkita ko lahat ng pagnanakaw sa mga tindahan, nkita ko din ang mga preso sa tacloban city jail na gustong tumankang tumakas, sa provincial jail, bkit nman po pinakawalan lahat ng preso dun? si mayor romualdez po, kun my naghahanap sa kanya.. andun po sya sa city hall. tumutulong sa mga tao.. tubig,pagkain at gamot. pero d nya ito kaya lahat. PNOY set aside nyo problema nyo sa mga romualdez. wag kming idamay..

      5. Alam pala ni pinoy ang mangyayari ,Plan A kaya nagbabala sa publiko,tapos wala ng plano na kapag palapak ang LGU,Plan B ,,,,,
        ang ginawa nanisi na lang.Pati nga mga patay sabi nya 2500 lang ,galing di ba

    2. Rey, it seems wala ka ding alam sa disaster-response. Meron akong idea pero mas maganda itanong natin kay Dick Gordon ng Red Cross. At kung tatanungin mo siya kung paano dapat inumpisahan ang disaster response, iba ang atake sa situation.

      Kapag bagsak ang communication lines, military dapat ang unang pupunta kasi siya ang may mobile communications sila at trained on survival. Kapag may presence ng military, madaling iorganize ang iba pang bagay na patungkol sa relief operations, rescue and recovery.

      Mas mataas po ang katungkulan sa pamahalaan ay mas malaki ang impact ng action or inaction.

      Kung di napuna ang kakulangan ng national government, e di hanggang ngayon na naniniwala pa rin sila na tama ang mga kabagalan at kawalan ng mabilis na organized government action. At hanggang ngayon ay paninisi pa rin sa local officials ang nangyayari.

      Hindi ito ang panahon ng dahan dahan dahil buhay ang nakasalalay.

      1. Anonymous>>Takot kang ilantad ang REal name pinagsasabi mo akala mo, may natulong ka sa delubyo..,kahit isang sardinas magdala ka doon sa Leyte para malaman mo ang totoo…….Ikaw doon magpalit kay Pinoy kung gusto cguraduhin mo mas lamang ang itutulong mo sa nasalanta. ng Bagyo……Be man eough…..Dak ng dak inutil ka nmn..PEACE…

      2. Thats right,dapat talaga c sen.dick gordon ang ask nila how,when super typhoon pablo hits 3 provinces it was dick gordon who help until awa ng diyos unti unti bumabangon kahit devastated the entire places


      1. Ha ha ha . Sino ba ang mayor sa Tacloban? Si Aquino? Ano ba ang trabaho ng mayor? Akala nila Prince Charming lang ang Mayor. Hindi ah… Walang preparation ang mayor that’s the point. Anong ginagawa ng Pagasa? Dapat I explain nila sa prince charming gaano kadistructive ang bagyong ito para ipagpaliban ang mga party. Dapat kung may malaki silang kurakot sana gagawa sila ng matibay na evacuation center.

  7. just wondering ha. when I heard the interview with DSWD Sec Soliman yesterday na ang stock daw ng relief na nsa warehouse ngayon ay aabot hanggang dec 15. bakit hinid kya bigyan ang mga tao ng stock until dec 15 pra naman mabigyan pansin naman ng mga tao ang iba pa nilang mga dapat asikasuhin. hindi iyong magbibigay ng relief good for 2 or 3 days after that problema na naman kung saan sila pipila to get another relief for 3 days. dapat sabihan lang mga tao na good for say 1 month iyan pra di na sila umasa na meron pang darating in less than 1 month. para ang government ganun din maituon naman ang pansin sa iba pang mga bagay na dpat nilang gawin. just a thought

    1. Why not establish a feeding facility, these people have no homes let alone kitchens and pots and pans.this way food supply can be delivered to one location.



      1. Have you gone mad?! .. BEST president ba maituturing ang pinagagawa nng PNOY mo..??? Paano siya hindi babatikusin puro kapalpakan naman ang nagagawa niya at mismo mga taga ibang bansa na ang nakakapuna.


      3. Nakaka hiya tong mga taong to… Ang nakikita lang e panay “KAPALPAKAN NG PRESIDENTE”. Ano ba ang naging palpak nya… Na di nakinig si Mayor Romualdez sa warning ni PNOY? ang sabi ay “DON’T UNDERESTIMATE” the storm! More so “LIFE IS MOST IMPORTANT”. Ano ang palpak sa presidente, aber nga? Mga gunggung kayo. Kayo nga ang umupo, tingnan natin kung ano ang gagawin nyo mga nagmamagaling! Panay CRAB MENTALITY KAYO!


        Ang depensa ng mga taong sumasamba kay Abnoy, “ikaw kaya maging presidente” wtf!
        Anong gusto nyo? Tumahimik at suportahan na lang ang gobyerno? Ano p ba gsto nyo? Todo suporta n nga halos lahat ng tao pati foreigners dba e kso ano bang ginagawa nyo? We cant help not to talk and whine. Napakaimpportante ng bawat araw na lumilipas. Please sa mga maka P-NOY jan look whats happening palibhasa nde kayo naapektuhan palibhasa wala kyong pamilya sa mga lugar na naapektuhan. Mga putang ina ninyo! Kung dumakdak kyo akala nyo alam nyo ang sitwasyon sa lugar nmen! Mas nauna pa dumating tulong ng mga tao, mga kamagaanak kesa sa tulong ng gobyern!

      5. galing na ba kayo ng Tacloban? nakita nyo ba nagawa ng Mayor dun bago ang devastation? sana nakita nyo para malaman nyo kung ganu kamahal ng Mayor yun town. Si President Pnoy kung true leader sya dapat mag lead sya! at wag magturo, responsibility nya mapasunod tao nya kht na oposisyon pa ito. eh ang kaso pinairal nya yun family dispute nila hnde muna inuna yun pagtulong. Tsaka pansin ko lang masyado nya pinapa gwapo image nitong si Mar Roxas, sorry di sya mananalo dahil asawa nya si Korina.

      6. sana din di na tumakbo usi pnoy kung di din pala nya kayang gampanan ang tungkulin nya..nasaan na ung sinasabi nya bago dumating si yolanda sa handang-handa na sila..asan ang 20eroplano ang relief goods na sinasabi nya?

    1. ice say. alangan naman lalayas sya sa house nya iligtas nya lang sarili nya paano ang mga tao na walang pupuntahan? iwanan nalang ba nya?

      1. Jogena Tolentino,
        Do you actually here your own voice? Ang iba nyang family nasa isang safe na bahay while he stayed in the shoreline. SIRA ULO ANG TAONG ILALAGAY SA KAPAHAMAKAN ANG KANYANG PAMILYA. This is one evidence Mr. Romuladez downplayed this typhoon. He didn’t listen to the president’s call not to UNDERESTIMATE this storm. Klaro naman ah. Bat di parin nya ginawa ang tama. Tapos ngayon aangal sya? For a fact na he is an irresponsible leader… The DILG has the right to take over his seat.

      2. Nashingun.
        Honestly, wala ka nang alam sabihin kundi yang sinasabi mong DONT UNDERESTIMATE crap from Noynoy. Kahit anong gawing prepare ng mga tao, walang makakaestimate ng lakas ng bagyong yun. Bakit, ikaw ba, maiisip mo bang matatanggalan ka ng bubong e alam mong napakatibay ng bahay mo. Kahit sino, di mafoforesee yung ganung damage. Sabihin nating nagkulang nga si Romualdez, pero point is, why keep on blaming the LGUs at this time. Pwede namang magtuturuan after maisaayos ang nangyayari. Bakit, sa ginagawa nyong paninisi, may naitutulong kayo sa mga nasalanta. I have friends who barely survived it, and sila mismo, di nila naisip na ganun kalaki magiging pinsala ng typhoon. They lost their houses, their belongings. They lost lives of their families. Pero do you hear much complaining? Yes, probably. But they have the right to do so. Kasi walang wala na sila. E yang punyetang presidente mo? Na inuuna pa ang manisi ng ibang tao kesa sa bigyan ng tulong ang mga tao. For your information, huling huli na dumating ang tulong ng gobyerno. My friends were there and they say they even got the relief from a large private company. Hindi gobyerno.

        Huwag nyo muna kasi gawing issue yung sino may kasalanan. Kasi the blaming game you keep on playing alongside your stupid and incompetent president is not undoing any damage. You’re just making it hard for the typhoon-struck people.

        And besides, sa sinsasabi mo, you’re refuting Noynoy’s warning rin. Kasi sya mismo, inunderestimate nya ang bagyo. Kasi kung hindi, dapat may series of plans sya ahead JUST IN CASE pumalpak nga ang LGUs. Diba? Kaya ka nga may contingencies. ALL LEADERS should always consider the worst case scenarios. Kung tunay na leader yang presidente mo, naisip nya yun. Kaya wag kang nagmamagaling. Kasi from the looks of it, walang contingency yang pangulo mong ulol.

    2. Kasi nga po wlang isa man sa kanila/sa atin ang nkapicture-out ng magnitude ng isang signal # 4 n super typhoon.. kung ikw b mkkanood ng balita at sasabihan na “o may super typhoon signal # 4”.. maiimagine mo b agad na “naku sobrang lakas nun, kaya nung iwipeout ang buong tacloban”.. maybe even the mayor ay kamapnte n sa pghahanda nila.. no one might had ever phatomed the probable impact of this calamity.

      1. The President was LOUD AND CLEAR.



        The president has the right to be angry at Mr. Romualdez for failing to act properly. He is an irresponsible leader.

      2. If the president knew NOT to underestimate the storm then why was the national gov not prepared to HELP when LGU city hall was destroyed? Both are to blame!

      3. Ang tanga naming mayor niyan. Wala pa tayong signal no 4. Signal no. 3 nga halos maging dagat na ang apektadong lugar, 4 pa? Kamukha mo paka siyang tanga. Ngayon, hingi nang hingi ng ayuda na hindi dapat nagging ganoon kagrabe kung maayos sana ang utak niya at hindi mayabang just to disprove the President. Magsama siguro kayo. Pareho kayong walang utak pambayan.

    3. sa akin lang… kahit ano pang warning yan.. kung di naman naexplain ng mabuti.. storm surge.. storm surge.. alam nyo ba talag ayan bago pa natin yan nakita sa tacloban? hindi naman di ba? sana kung naexplain ng mabuti na kung mas delikado yan sa tsunami.. baka mas nagprepare mga tao kase nasaksihan nmn natin ang nagyari sa japan… kung tabing dagat man ang bahay ni romualdez… malamang mansion ang bahay nyan… sa tingin nya matibay… wala namang nag akala na ganyan kalakas ang storm surge.. kase first time nga na may ganyang kalakas na bagyo… kung 1 week pa lang before dumating si yolanda eh nagwawarning nah… eh di dapat hindi lang paglikas sa bahay ang ginawa. kundi paglikas sa buong town ng tatamaang bagyo…

      Presidente ka… nagwarning ka… alam mong malakas ang bagyo… di ka dapat nakapante sa desisyon lang ng local govt mo… dapat ginamit mo ang presidential powers mo para maiiwas ang mga tao kung alam mo nga talaga ang magiging epekto ng bagyo… hindi yung “I told you so…”

  9. ice says: sinung mag aakala na may storm surge….kasi alam ni mayor matibay ang roof kaya no need to evacuate….

      1. that’s right kaya ang dapat jan sa mayor romualdez na yan mag resign mahiya nman sya nakikita nya ang kakulangan ng presidente pero sya hindi nya pansinin na mas malaki ang pagiging irresponsable nya

      2. good mayor? anong nagawa ng angkan nila sa leyte? wala. been traveling by land for 20 years from manila to mindanao alam mo na pag leyte na lubak lubak ang daan. til now isa pa rin sila sa mahhirap na lugar sa pinas. romualdez lang ang yumaman doon. noon pa man di na sila nag cooperate sa tamang daan kaya nga sumoko si ted failon as congressman dba.

      3. If not enough for the disaster management plan for the lgu, i think national government should have contingency plan. So if the lgu was so irresponsible, i think national government has immediate act of being responsible not blaming for its incompetency. “Do responsibility first, later investigate”. National government stating him as irresponsible mayor and requesting him to step down. Well, that’s politics.. there’s no national interest.

      4. Im from tacloban.. If you were not there to witness what truly happened, and not see the chaos and how disorganized the relief efforts were then shut up and stop fluffing yourselves up…

  10. We (Filipinos) are shocked and unexpectedly strucked by this super calamity. Both National ang Local gov’t are unprepared of this and that is the very reason of delays! What everybody can do is help in any means, and pray to God for fast recovery. Ating ibalik ang “Bayanihan”.

    1. am 100% agree with you Ian….wag nila sanang biktimahin ang na biktima na!!! bagkos magumpisa muli…..tulong tulong ba sa pagbangon at pagbabago…un nlang gawin natin mga Bro!!!

  11. Pareho Lang silang sinungaling! Anjan na yan, why can’t they set aside their differences! Dyan kayo magaling turuan! Kawawa naman mga kababayan ko.. Sa darating na election let us not forget the incompetence ng mga taong eto! Let’s find a new blood of politician ung Meron pagmamahal sa ating inang bayan..

    1. Allan
      Isa ka pa. Our President has been doing all he can to meet the needs of our people. It is this Mr. Romualdez who took lightly this storm Yolanda. He was in his mansion beside the sea when the storm came. Pnoy said “do not underestimate Yolanda” yet Mr. Romualdez was so calm pretending this storm is not a SUPER STORM with 315KPH wind!

      Kung sasabihin mo silang dalawa ang nag sisinungaling… Sino ba talaga. Ano ang kasinungalingan na sinabi ni Pnoy? Or it is Mr. Romualdez who’s doing the politicking infront of the International media. Kung titignan mo sya pa nga ang take advantage ng mga media people just to get excuses para di sya masisi.

      1. PUTA KA dami mo arte nashingun! mga PUtang INA nyo! puros mga kurakot mga politiko sa pinas walang asenso! kakawang mga mahihirap na pilipino!

      2. You’re annoying, the president has failed to inspire the people, thus he has failed as a leader, ‘Pnoy’ has failed as a president, all those GDP bullshit the administration keeps spewing only works on those who are illiterate and have no knowledge in Economics at all, and it seems to me you are one of them. He has failed to inspire the people to help each other, and has failed to help those in need, God damn this bullshit.

        Mr Romualdez stayed at home, and it has kept him safe, a sturdy mansion gave him the means to survive, I don’t get your argument, what made him so lax just because he stayed in a sturdy structure? The truth is the evacuation centers failed, they weren’t strong enough,Pnoy blames the LGU but fails to realize they are also victims of the storm, 80% of the police population in Tacloban died, so shut your trap.

      3. still the president has to take all the blame for the simple reason that He is the President and by any means his job is to make sure that everyone is doing his job right. he is the only one who has all the power to do so. so even if the LGU or specifically Mr. Romualdez failed as a Mayor the national government should always be ready to assist him. after all his family is also a victim.

      4. putang ina mo nashingun. paulit ulit k. nkakairita k n. cge ngbigay nga ng babala ang president ntin, ano ng ksunod nun? babala nlang? wla ng ksunod? wla ng plano pra s mga maaaring mngyari p? sbhin n nting di nga ksinungalingan ang mga cnsbi ni Pnoy, sna di n sya nanisi. sna gumawa agad cla ng aksyon pra sa mga nsalanta ng bgyo.

  12. Here are the facts:

    1. Geohazard maps pinpoint areas in Tacloban City which are prone to storm surges.
    2. Mayor Romualdez is aware of the maps’ existence and the areas prone to storm surges even before Yolanda struck.
    3. The national government through the DILG has alerted all LGUs to evacuate, even forcibly, all residents living in danger areas due to Yolanda.
    4. PAGASA has alerted the country when and where Yolanda will make landfall.
    4. Despite the warnings, Mayor Romualdez and his family were still at their mansion by the sea when Yolanda made landfall.
    5. Mayor Romualdez chose to be near the coastline instead of manning City Hall, which is located on higher ground. Only his administrator was manning the fort at City Hall at the time.
    6. It was the group of Sec. Gazmin and Sec. Roxas that helped the Mayor and his family be transported to City Hall after the Cabinet secretaries saw them walking helplessly on the street a day after Yolanda struck.

    Who is unprepared? Who is politicking? You be the judge.

    1. This LGU in tacloban are hard headed. all the things are already taking up to preparedness but this LGU is not functioning. Try to look Camotes Island same scenario happen and same position in geohazards maps. prone to storm surge. 90% damage but looked almost zero casualties in there area. because the LGU their is working, they enforce evacuation on all residents near caostal area.

    2. Kong ano man ang nakaraan mayron kyo… sana naman isangtabi natin muna lalo na sa kalamidad at pangyayaring katulad nito alalahanin natin si jesus nagpakamatay dahil sa ating mga kasalanan…wag na po natin syang patayin muli… Being a leader dapat ikaw ang mag bigay nang serbisyo sa tao at hindi ang mga tao magserbisyo sa isang leader tama ba? kaso ang nangyari hindi…tama npo ang bangayan puede po ba? ksi ang mga mamayang mahihirap ang sobrang apektado…gampanan po natin ang ating mga tungkulin,aayosin natin ang sira, pakainin natin ang gutom, gamutin natin ang may sakit, painumin natin ang nauuhaw, at ang higit sa lahat pagaralan nating mahalin ang ating kalaban… d ba mas masaya nasunod sa utos ni Lord….yon nlang mga pare at mare Tabang,tulong and help!!!!!God Bless Everyone!!!

  13. Ang gulo na..bat d na lng kc mg tulongan puro na lng sisihan…huhuhuhu sana wala ng away away peace na po taung lahat subra pa sa world war 2

    1. mppdali sana ang help kung alam ng LGU kung ano ang unang kailangan at aling lugar niya ang sobrang affected taga tacloban ba ang pangulo?pangulo lng b siya ng tacloban?mayor kya nga kyo inilect ng taong inyong nsskupan pr idulog sa pangulo kanilang pangangailangan…dapat kyo ang unang nakakaalam pra mlman ng pangulo knilang pangangailangan…di nganga lng ktibayang di handa ang taga tacloban…bkit nasa bahay mo ikaw ?di b dapat nasa city hol mo ikaw ksma ng mga konsehal mo at nag mo monitor ng kalagan ng iyong mga kababayan.

  14. kayo nalang maging presidente tingnan natin kung ano magagawa nyo puro lang kayo blame ng blame…. sa totoo lang malas lang talaga si aquino kahit noong bago pa sya nahalal ng pangulo una yung hustage crisis sya ang na blame kahit yung mayor lim naman ang nag utos. pangalawa yung sa china inaagaw yung lupa natin ng mga chinese si pnoy pa rin blame nyo…. yung problem sa taiwan at yung war sa mindanao…. kayo kaya sa kalagayan nya tapos marami tao bini blame kayo tingnan natin. yan ang problema ng pinoy crab mentality kahit sino naman ilagay sa pwesto marami pa rin katulad nyo mag rereklamo

  15. It is so sad that it is so evident that politicking is obvious please we need to throw away this system of ours hoping that all Filipinos must be awaken on what kind of leaders we have where are you president why your decision was so so late letting the people agonize more and why other leaders were able to reach out on time—-to my own viewpoint you showed politicking bcoz the place Leyte is a Marcos colony not this time pls what about the filthy Binay why in Iloilo stop your politicking we are not idiots not to know your purpose —-watch out for your next move you will suffer more than the Yolanda victims

    1. Really? You think this is about the Marcoses? Or was it this Mayor Romualdez who’s politicking this event! I saw Pnoy came to Tacloban first. Mar Roxas was also there! The first to get relief is Tacloban… so why are you thinking there is politicking here? This is so sick to the bone! Our government is doing so much while we in our chair infront of our computer only do is talk and make more intriguing and destructive gossips!

      1. Nashingun,
        I cant believe in your blind allegiance to the DUMBEST president the phil ever had! If he really is smart and he said he warned about the intensity of the storm, why dint he ask the DILG chief to check on the preparations of the provinces? Pnoy did not even have a concrete plan. And like you has a one track mine. Blame others!

      2. anonymous, ikaw kaya magpresidente ano kaya gawin mo. hindi nga nakaya ni mayor ang power ni lord, ang president pa kaya. at least nakita sa tv ang tauhan ni pnoy, eh ang mayor nasaan. umiiyak sa tv. tama ba yon? tumulong nalang sana cyang magbuhat at maglibing ng bangkay

      3. anonymous, kailangan talaga i-check isa2x ang mga LGU?? eh di ibig sabihin bobo ang mga LGU?? of course when PNoy gave the warning and instruction to prepare, he also gave the full authority for the LGU to know and implement what is the best plan! they as the LGU should already know what to do and where to go! mas kilala nila lugar nila! they grew up there and stayed there everyday! di nmn kailangan ang presidente pa ang magtuturo sa mga LGU ano dapat gawin! insulto yan sa mga mayor and LGU if ganun! they have the full power to implement plans! ang LGU dapat ang may plan para sa sariling area nila, and should not be waiting kung ano ang ituturo sa kanila nag presidente!

  16. Based on your replies, I can see bias in there. I think we should stop blaming the government. It leads to nowhere. We should just learn from this experience and move on. The most important thing at present is to help.

  17. yan,ang napala nating mga pilipino dahil sa election mahilig tayo sa papyolaridad,c pnoy sa totoo lang wala naman yang ambisyon,pangarap plano maging presidente cnulsulan lang ng mga taong wala ring magawa after ng pagkamatay ni corry so ngayon anong napala natin bukya na naman tayo,kaya sa susunod wag na nainyong suportahan ang ono mang mga sinature campaign campaign nayan at magpadala sa mga sulsulirong mga walang magawa sa buhay…

    1. Edgar Basuel
      So nag sisisi ka? Sino ba gusto mo manalo… Si Gibbo na tao ni Arroyo? O si Erap? Engot ka rin ano… Bakit ano ba ang nagawa ni Noynoy na pangit sa pagkakataong ito, pigilan ang bagyo? Sa tingin mo kayang pigilan ang Yolanda? O ikaw lang ang nag iisip ng baluktot! I suggest you look closer kung ano ang naging decision ni Pnoy at naging mabilis ang relief mobilization!

      1. Bakit si pnoy at mar roxas di nag dala relief goods nung unang bisita nila sa mga areas? Kahit man tubig? Nag sayang lang sila gasolina at panahon kung ang dala nila ay salita lang na “parating na relief goods”

  18. The government is ill prepared to face that magnitude of damage.. We cannot blame the National Government for the slow response,considering the limited resources we have. But the written request as required by DILG Sec Mar Roxas (if true) is unacceptable considering the present condition. I understand the slow relief operation,because the govt is still looking for a system,however the govt.,should immediately set up an emergency food rationing system,considering that almost all people have no food to eat. Empty stomach will result to, too much disastrous incident.

    1. Ronald Paderga,
      No one can be prepared from this kind of magnitude and destruction knowing the strongest typhoon every hit land just fell on our soil! Not even the US can stand on 315KPH wind… You are pathetic if you think a nation could be ready for something like this. It’s like the Tsunami in Japan or Katrina in New Orleans. You are looking for too much, there is no perfect government, not one! Wake up from daydreaming. Our government did what they have to do in the wake of Yolanda’s destructive path.

      1. nope..
        unlike the Philippine government, the US government actually uses its power.
        When hurricane “Katrina”(category 3 hurricane) struck the US, its federal government executed a MANDATORY EVACUATION for those near the expected impact zone.
        When “Haiyan” struck, the national government of the Philippines issued a WARNING..
        just a warning, its just like saying “we did everything we could” but you didn’t even lift a damn finger..
        its also like being the strongest person in the room but you’re not even helping with the lifting..

      2. so sinabi mo, “no one can be prepared from this kind of magnitude and destruction” e di lalo na ang local gov. na direct hit ng bagyo. wala nga silang sasakyan magamit e. di na dapat sisihin kung sino ang may pag kukulang bago dumating ang bagyo. ang dapat pag usapan ay yung after ng bagyo inutil na ang mga bayan na sinalanta ng bagyo dahil wala na slang resources at mga sasakyan magagamit para makatulong sa taong bayan maski mga tauhan ng bayan ay nasalanta din at namatayan na siguradong nagdadalamhati din.SIGURO NAMAN ANG NATIONAL GOV. ay meron mga sasakyan at eroplano o helicopter na magagamit para i airlift agad ang mga relief good na sinasabi ng national gov na nakahanda na maging ang mga heavy equipment na kailangan ng bayan in two days dapat napadala na ng DPWH NA siguradong meron sila para linisin ang mga saradong daanan ng mapadali ang distribution ng relief goods. ang kaso mo yung na titirang sasakyan ng bayan ginamit pa ng national gov na nag punta dun na walang dala gamit.


        Yun pala e. So ano pa silbi ng comments mong dumidepensa sa abnoy mong president.

    1. Elmer,
      Pnoy was expecting from the ground its full support, he found none, not that he is blaming but finding out he saw that even LGU’s were victims. You should know how difficult the situation is, we were all blank on what has happened to Tacloban City from total black out of any communication. And it is also on Pnoy’s shoulder that everything will fall on to.

  19. I dont think na nagsisisi si Aquino. I think na he was just telling the facts that indeed help was not simple because the LGU failed to do its function because first, they are also consider as victims, some members of the local government are already dead and those who are alive are also seeking for their lost relatives. I think also that our country had failed to invest on things that would help on the speedy distribution of goods like adequate supply of helicopters and cargo ships, satellite phones etc. para sa mga equipments na gagamitin sa “clear up” operation. Lastly, I also think na human as we, are we all have lapses.Masyado tayo nagfocus sa prevention and not sa rescue operation. We also have to consider that the damage is very extensive not just in Tacloban but also in the nearby provinces. Kaya it is not easy to run an impoverish country no matter how big are the funds we are getting from other countries because sometimes we have to consider the nature of Filipinos din naman,how do we respond individually if we are the one in this type of situation? Yes donation are pouring in, but since when? We should not relay entirely sa government but sa ating mga sarili. We need to discipline ourselves first because the truth is, we are also the one responsible for all the “dirty works” that are happening in our government because we are the one who put them in their seats. So enough of blaming the government or the LGU. Let us stand up, and learn from this experience

  20. This city has been condemned! Tacloban the name alone is prophetic! Tacloban when translated to English means “to cover or to hide”. Many places on Earth have disappeared ,like the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, Pompei, Atlantis, The US bases in Clark and Subic. This is true this is not man-made and it is beyond man’s control.

  21. No one is hampering the relief distribution in Tacloban… Why would Pnoy do that just because the Mayor of that city is Mr. Romualdez. In fact the way I see it is this Mayor is trying hype up something that is not there. President Aquino only said that the whole LGU was totally devastated and there is no one left to organize the ground zero. He was not hampering anything except that our Airforce simply could not tackle the relief effort alone due to lack of mobilization, meaning we only have 3 C-130s and attack helicopters that are not really for heavy lifting.

    This Mayor Romualdez is stirring controversy taking advantage of the situation to twist the situation so that the blame won’t fall on him alone.

    1. mabagal ang distribution pag may repacking at sealing pa. relief goods were already for distribution. for the Government, please don’t change the seal/repacking, para mabilis

  22. The blaming game is understandable. Somebody has to be liable for the government’s inability to sustain order and facilitate relief operations. Let it lesson be learned, especially to those people who voted for these officials. We as Filipino people, are still united and are helping and donating. But if the government is irresponsible in its role, people are gonna suffer more.

    To Mr President and his colleagues, accept the criticisms. You have a HUGE obligation to us and every decision you make is going to have a big impact to us. Don’t deny them. Learn from them.

    To the readers, never stop asking for information, be critical. Let’s observe. We are also gonna learn from this. Of course, don’t forget to help.

  23. This is where Philippines Divide : no real reconciliation , no forgiveness, no pardon , no True Sacrifice on the part of Leaders and as a result The Filipino People Suffers. This is in contrast to the biblical Story of Joseph the Dreamer.

  24. Lets Face it. Aquino and Romualdez are both rich men,and both are in don’t expect them to understand the situation of our people devastated by typhoon Yolanda…Both of them are devastated by their own incapability to think intelligently how to address the present condition of Leyte…so instead of reaching out, helping more of our people they both have time to fight for their own interest. Throwing stones at each other while there are lots of important things to do to ease the sufferings of our kababayan in leyte…

    Nakakahiya lang sa mga dayuhan…if both of them could be one in mission to extend both their help, they could have given our kababayan jobs inside leyte..HOW? by letting them work to re-build the community…pay them on a daily basis using the cash donations and the billions of pesos Aquino is claiming to have for emergency calamity funds.. Let the people of Leyte work in the clearing operations of their own barangays but the government needs to pay them so as for the people to get a source of income. while the wives should work in bayanihan to feed their working husbands, sons, and other relatives with the relief goods they get from the barangay.

    Stop arguing instead use our heads to find ways how to help. Let you voices be heard. make your suggestions on ways how the government could re-build Leyte.
    We are not politicians, we are not rich as they both are….we are people of moral standards….We are Filipinos in the real sense of the word.. Filipino Mabuhay ka, LEYTE BABANGON KA!!!

    1. Tama. time to end political dynasty. Vote for an independent person who not only will represent his/her constituent but also the Filipino people as a whole

  25. It is very sick to find this article being too political! I can’t stop but criticize whoever wrote this! Mr. Romualdez is to blame for what had happened to his town. HE IS THE MAYOR for crying out loud! Who else is there to blame, the President? The place is totally devastated and the DILG must take over for the rebuilding of the place! Mr. Romualdez even failed to gather people to start clearing the road! He even asked the President to send more TRUCKS? Where are his heavy equipment! I don’t think bulldozers can be swept by the storm surge, its too heavy to be moved! But here we are hearing Mr. Romualdez as if he is being politicized.

    He is the one doing the interviews from the international media! I even read an article in Yahoo news about him taking the typhoon head on without a ship! It’s like egotistically taking the monster by himself! So ridiculous to listen to a liar like this guy.

  26. Mr. Romualdez is broadening his political career taking advantage of this event. What a dirty politician he is!! Look at this article from Yahoo news!

    Why would this article talk about Imelda Marcos and Tacloban being a stronghold of the Romualdez? Yet according to this article it is Pnoy who’s making political grudges over him? NO, this is purely Mr. Romualdez tactics and strategy to get himself attention! But frankly I say he is the very at fault why his City has high casualties. Not Pnoy.

    1. Disgustingly BLIND rhetoric in the midst of people suffering and dying. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! You are not doing anything useful for the unfortunate victims of the storm. YOUR WORTHLESS OPINIONS ARE MISGUIDED and USELESS.

  27. It’s too late to cry over spilt milk! You can’t bring back the past! Dr. Jose P. Rizal must be so ashamed of our leaders!! The growing social cancer that he denounced in his book, NOLI ME TANGERE, is still very much alive and worst it is committed by Filipinos against his fellowman and country.

  28. tulungan na tayo! dapat natin pansinin muna ang mga kailangan ng mga nasalanta ng bagyong yolanda kesa pinaguusapan *palagi* ang pamumulitika or kapalpakan (in many ways) ng mga taong ‘to. sinesensationalize natin ‘to kesa pag mobilize ng local relief efforts. mas interesting ba ito kesa pagtutulong sa relief operations. Ewan ko na lang sa inyo.

  29. Our youth should read and study the works of our heroes!! I couldn’t believe What I saw in my friends’ TFC, the Filipino Channel!! We have lost our culture and identity as a people! Again, Dr. Jose Rizal defended our people when he wrote his Essay, “INDOLENCE OF THE FILIPINOS” in 1890 which still very much true to the present. Besides, the “Colonial mentality” The “Manana habit” or putting off for tomorrow what you can do today” I think the hindrance to our country’s progress, is that our leaders have learned from the colonizers how to abuse, exploit and oppress their people through corruption of the office and trust of the Filipino people.

    1. I agree with you! let’s not represent any gov’t official! yun iba kay Aquino at yun iba kay romualdez! Yan ba talaga ang dapat ipaglaban nyo?…with what you are all doing right now you’re just giving them more power to corrupt…..mga kabayan ko, we all love our country and we’re all proud of it….so let’s not fight!

  30. Alam nyo wag nyo ipagtanggol ang kahit sino sa kanila!! eh pare-pareho lang yan! nagbabangayan sila sa POLITIKA sino ba ang TALO? ang TAONG BAYAN lang lagi ang talo!!! WHAT MADE Us GREAT IS OUR PEOPLE YET WE HAVE A ROTTEN GOV’T!!! WAKE UP GUYS WE NEED TO STAND UP AGAINST THE GOV’T NOT AGAINST EACH OTHER…SA HULI HINDI NAMAN TAYO IPAGTATANGGOL NG MGA ROMUALDEZ AT AQUINO! THEY BOTH HAVE POLITICAL HISTORY MGA PAMILYA NILA at tayo kayo parang mga TANGA at pinagtatanggol sila sa totoo lang sino ba ang tumulong sa VISAYAS sa tragedy na ito? si Aquino ba? o si Romualdez? sino bang politiko? Di Ba hindi? I hope you see the point na ang Kalaban ay ang gobyerno! sila ang nagpapahirap at hindi tumutulong! Nakikita nyo na sa TV limpak limpak na pera na kinukurakot wala tayong maasahan sa kanila…..

    1. tama! hindi naman natural calamaties ang kalaban natin.. kundi ang bulok na gobyerno at bulok na sistema ng pamumulitika dito sa bansa natin.. yan talaga ang dapat nating labanan talaga… nakakapagod na… hindi na sila nakuntento sa pagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan.. pati ba naman sa mga gantong kalamidad eh nakukuha pa nila magdeadmadeadmahan at manamantala sa pagkakataon… mukhang tuwang tuwa pa sila dahil di natutukan ang napoles issue… at sa dami ng donasyon mula sa mga pilipino at sa buong mundo… hindi na ganun kalaki ang gagastusin ng gobyerno para sa mga nasalanta… porket wala ng pdaf.. di mo na sila maramdaman… nagtitipid na ata.. para sa susunod na eleksyon…

      at alam ko.. sa gantong pagkakataon.. dapat nagtutulungan tayo.. pero masisi mo ba ang mga tulad kong nagrereklamo sa gobyerno? hindi ito isang simpleng childish rant… malalim ang pinaghuhugutan ng mga reklamong ito.. hindi pedeng kasanayan na lang natin habang buhay ang kapalpakan ng gobyerno natin…

      wag nyo rin kaming sisihin kung bakit puro kapalpakan lang ang nakiita ng iba sa pangulo dahil simula pa lang sa hostage crisis… wala pa akong matandaan na may crisis syang nasolusyunan ng maayos… di ko alam kung may kinalaman dito ang pagiging bachelor nya at walang anak.. dahil obvious na di naman nya lam kung panu maging ama.. panu pa sa buong bansa…

      sa mga nagsasabing kung wala kang maisip na solusyon wag k amagreklamo.. anung magagwa ko.. hindi ko kabisado ang batas… hindi ako ganun katalino para mamuno ng bansa… hindi rin ako kilalang tao para pumasok sa pulitika… hindi ko ito magagwa ng mag isa kahit gawin ko pa ang parte ko sa pag babago…

      marami na ang gising…. pero onte pa lang ang bumabangon… Bumangon tayo Pilipinas!!!!

  31. “7. To add insult to injury, the Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary (Mar Roxas) wants the Mayor of Tacloban (Alfred Romualdez) to write a formal letter to Philippine President Noynoy Aquino supposedly to inform him that he could no longer function as Mayor, thereby surrendering authority to the DILG Secretary (Mar Roxas).”

    Is he for real? Did he forget that he requested PNoy to declare Martial Law in Tacloban? Ofcourse they would be asked for the reason why they wanted Martial Law to be declared! Tigil na nya kakaiyak nya! Pathetic!

    He is the mayor of his town. Up to when is he going to play victim?! Dami nyang press release, sama mo pa asawa nya. They should get their acts together for the sake of the people of Tacloban!


    Ang depensa ng mga taong sumasamba kay Abnoy, “ikaw kaya maging presidente” wtf!
    Anong gusto nyo? Tumahimik at suportahan na lang ang gobyerno? Ano p ba gsto nyo? Todo suporta n nga halos lahat ng tao pati foreigners dba e kso ano bang ginagawa nyo? We cant help not to talk and whine. Napakaimpportante ng bawat araw na lumilipas. Please sa mga maka P-NOY jan look whats happening palibhasa nde kayo naapektuhan palibhasa wala kyong pamilya sa mga lugar na naapektuhan. Mga putang ina ninyo! Kung dumakdak kyo akala nyo alam nyo ang sitwasyon sa lugar nmen! Mas nauna pa dumating tulong ng mga tao, mga kamagaanak kesa sa tulong ng gobyerno!

  33. This government of Pnoy must admit their shortcoming and lack of preparation and not blaming others and then move on quickly to address the problems and situation. Palaging sisi sa iba at ayaw nilang aminin ang kanilang kapabayaan. Talaga naman lantaran at maliwanag pa sa araw na may halong politika ang pag action nila sa kahilingan ng kaawa awang Mayor ng Tacloban City na isa rin biktima at nasuerte siya at nakaligtas siya kasama ang kanyang pamilya dahil meron pa siyang gagampanan mahalangang papel sa daigdig natin kaya siya iniligtas ng Panginoon Diyos. Ito ay hindi panahon ng sisihin at pasahan ng responsibilidad kundi panahon ng pagtutulungan at pagpakita ng pag mamahal sa ating mga kababayan mga biktima ng kalamidad na ito. Tungkulin ng mga pinuno ng ating bansa na gampanan ng maayos sa pamamagitan ng mabilis na pag kilos at. Nasaan ang mga sinabi ng national government natin na handang handa sila sa anuman darating na kalamidad, kung totoong nakahanda sila sa unang araw pa lang natapos ng kalamidad dapat nakapagpadala na sila agad ng mga kinakailangan tulong na pagkain, kagamitan sa shelter at mga heavy equiment kailangan sa agaran pag alis sa mga patay at pagalis sa mga nakaharang sa mga daan. Dapat initasan agad nila ang mobilization galing sa mga militar para secured ang peace and order, at iba pang dapat nilang gampanan. Itong gobyerno natin at nagpapakita lamang ng kanilang kahinaan at kawalan ng concretong mga action plan. Mayroon tayong mga matatalinong mga membro ng cabinete at mga may puestong kapangyarihan sa gobyerno na dapat magbigay ng tamang payo sa ating mahal na Presidenteng Aquino. Sa mga unang araw Ipinamahala lahat kay Secretary Roxas ang pamamahala ngunit hindi niya kayang magisa, hindi ba dapat lang minobilise nila ang buong miembro ng cabinete at binigyan ng kanya kanyang assignment bawat provincia na sinalanta ng bagyo para sila ang unang pumunta sa mga provincia at makipag unayan sa mga cuidad at municipalidad hanggang sa barangay level para agad malaman ang kanilang mga kailanganin, isama nila ang mga militar para sa peace and order dahil sa local level eh hindi na nilang kayang magampanan ang kanilang mga tungkulin agad agad dahil sila rin eh biktima din ng kalamidad. Sanay itong pangyayaring ito eh magsilbing araw sa ating lahat at mag plano ng maayos at maghanda, ilagay sa tamang lugar ang mga evacuation center na hindi maabot ng pagtaas ng tubig, lalo na kung ang warning ay super thyphoon eh huwag ipag walang bahala ang warning galing sa mga kinaukulan. Ipakita natin ngayon ang ating pagkakaisa, pagtutulungan at pagmamahalan ng isa’t isa bilang mamayang FIlipino. Gamiting at makarating sa mga tamang tao na biktima ng kalamidad ang mga tulong galing sa ating mga kapwa kababayan at mga tulong galing sa ibang bansa. Please lang magbago na tayo para sa ikabubuti natin lahat at hindi sa ikakasawi natin. Pagpalain tayong nawa ng Panginoon Diyos at makabangon muli ang mga taong naging biktima at kalamidad na ito. Salamat po sa pagkakataong makapag bigay ng aking sariling pananaw sa pangyayaring itong nagaganap ngayon sa ating mahal na bayan Pilipinas.

  34. I don’t favour to anybody. Filipino politicians must learn and adapt how the modern countries behaved in times of calamity. But the problem of Pinoy Politicians, they behaved like kids in Politics. By nature, Pinoy Politicians are not good sport. Both parties have failed to look after their people. The Aquino Goverment failed to send battalions of men. Yes, the mayor is right. He said, “There is no war in the country, why could not he send battalions of army to help clear the aftermath?” The President turned a blind eye because he is the nephew of the famous 3,000 shoes former First Lady. Another, the Government relief-in-charge is out of touch. You know, the people are dying of hunger, you just piled the relief good for ages. In my own opinion, as soon as the relief goods arrived, distribute them, no need for paper processing. That is pathetic. They are dying, queuing of hunger. Where is your soul? It is very embarrassing our own country “Philippines” is listed as one of the top ten corrupt countries in the world. I think all Filipinos must unite to let the American Government run the country. Our nation is lagging behind compared to other countries in the FAr East. Nobody can run the country properly. Once you voted them, they abused their positions, make themselves rich and let the ordinary people suffer. Another, Filipinos must never vote celebrities. Showbiz must stay in showbiz. If you vote them, the country is going to end like showbiz business. That is happening in the Philippines. The celebrities take advantage. They make a plan B. In case, they no longer make money in showbiz business, they will make money in Politics. Watch out! If we don’t change, we will have another revolution. We don’t want our country to end up like Egypt, Syria and Libya. We can do better, all we need to do, stop stealing the money of the people of the Philippines and the donations. Lastly, we Filipinos must copy how the Japanese Government run the country. They don’t steal that is why they are successful.

  35. Kaya nga po may tinatawag na local government at national government di ba?! Ibig po bang sabihin aabandonahin ang LGU kasi “kasalanan” nila? pwede po bang isantabi muna natin yan utang na loob!!!

  36. How could the govt do this? Kahit trahedya na ay politika pa rin ang nasa utak ng mga taong eto. Kelan kaya natin maasahan ang tamang responde na walang halong politika? KELAN?

  37. I totally agree with you Aimsy Cost! Our fellow Filipinos are suffering, we are all victims of our corrupt government officials, and we can’t deny the fact that we also are accountable of the actions we do. It is my prayer that during the next election, that we shouldn’t be deceived by the corrupt candidates, by grabbing their tig -isang libo na pambayad just to cast our votes in their favor . This is a wake-up call for all of us, we have become so cheap to chose incompetent and very corrupt government officials kaya nga nagnanakaw sila much more than the amount they spent during the elections.” I love the Philippines, it is the land of my birth” as the line of the song goes! Yes it is true in my heart, even in the workplace when some would belittle Filipinos I stood -up and won’t allow anybody to say such ugly words about our country and specially about the Filipino people. But guys we have our responsibility, let us stop playing the blame game now, there is room for change and let us not forget to give, share and donate anything to help our countrymen who are in dire need. Let us be the people who help and love each other specially in difficult times. Love God and love people!

  38. What is this , a blame game? What’s done is done we can’t undue. Now is not the time or place to play politics. People there in Tacloban needs help. Let the UN, Red Cross, people from other countries that came to help do their jobs and most of all, let the Philippine government assist them with no political agenda in tow.

  39. One thing is crystal clear, government response is wanting in.many ways. When these politicuans requests for Saro, basta kakampi cge cge lng. Puro sarili ang iniisip kahit sila PUBLIC SERVANT. Itong si pinoy pati patay kailangan kulay dilaw! Kung buhay lng ang ama mo, sigurado ako makukutusan ka! Puede ba magising kana, yung mga alalay tumigil na sa dada. Kumilos kayo bago kayo ang àbuutin ng dilubyo!!!

  40. the finger pointing and the blame game do not help anyone. can we focus on helping our fellow filipinos in need instead of writing useless articles like this that only draw the ire of our countrymen and distract them from what needs to be done.

  41. From the start, I knew President Aquino would be an inefficient leader as her mom all because of greed, personal motives, and the likes. It’s so shameful that foreigners are more compassionate in helping the survivors without 2nd thoughts. Shame on you for robbing on what the people needs the most in this time of distraught.

  42. BAKIT KAILANGAN PANG MAG WRITE NG WRITTEN FORMAL LETTER, WE ARE IN A STATE OF CALAMITY! NO time for such written formal letter! the gov’t should do their best in order to save the lives of the filipino people!!


  44. BAKIT KAILANGAN PANG MAG WRITE NG FORMAL LETTER! WE ARE IN A STATE OF CALAMITY! The Gov’t should do their best in order to save the lives of the people!! We must Unite Together in the next election! THe future of our Country relies on us on how we choose a Good and Smart Leader!!

  45. DAMN STUPID MOTHER FUCKING MISERABLE PATHETIC(Philippine gov’t) !!! This is what i get for paying 20K pesos in taxes every month… ASSHOLES!

  46. Pen pointing is not the solution. We must take a look on the whole system if we have. If we don’t then we will create/ develop integrated system on the emergency preparedness.

  47. The hell with this president. So his gonna blame the local officials? Even though his the damn president?

    Even IF the local government is the fault, the real fault here is the GOD DAMN PRESIDENT! He became president for almost 4 years, and promise the people that he will caught the corrupt people. Then what the hell is this?

    1.) President’s Blame to the Local Government
    2.) Reports from other countries that donations to the needy here are needed to ……be tax.
    3.) ABS-CBN top female reporter “Korina Sanchez” was suspended for a week, …..cause she questioned Cooper’s credibility.
    4.) Advertising their names (Korina, Aquino, Binay, etc.) through relief goods.

    Wish I could see another damn revolt against this idiocy what the government is doing.

    Links & Proofs:

  48. One rule about leadership. It is always your fault. When we have state disasters (eg.bushfires) here in NSW. We have our state premier holding a press conference everyday coordinating and collaborating with several emergency departments with daily updates of efforts in response to the disaster. I don’t see Pres. Aquino doing that in philippine news. I watched the news daily in regards to the super typhoon news. And was surprised to see that help coming from abroad have landed there first before national help arrived.

  49. I’m from Belgium, and our national NGO team has arrived in The Philippines a few days after the typhoon Haiyan has reached Leyte. After their arrival in Cebu, they noticed, and reported to Belgium the villages that have been reported to be of different situations, as to whether, some people of one village were capable of getting water from a source, and how the others walk like zombies without water, and this is just about water! How much more the reality in dealing with the relief in terms of food, water and medicine. There has been rumors that it has been politicicized. The Filipinos continue to put shame upon their heads, and this starts with the leadershi^ps of their president, whom, with an enemical bagage went to Tacloban and continue the fight/flight with The Romualdezes! How can a nation stand against the tides of a typhoon such as this one, when even during operations, the president himself is biased and very camera oriented just like his sister Chris! The NGO of Belgium plead for coordination, because, how can they work without coordination. This word, “coordination” is new to the filipino people, because it’s a modern word! You need a reliable, very structured military agencies, who works for specific areas, you need medical representatives that works on shifts, you need telecommunications that is ready for every second when families need to call their families, you need be alerted in every situation, and not just work with a “ningas cogon” system! You need to be prepared!!!

  50. your so… true mr. anton .. “IN MY OWN OPINION” NATIONAL GOVERNMENT can eventually deploy a lot of army to help they have a lot of trucks, helicopters, planes, etc just to help our affected brother’s and sisters in leyte and tacloban.. SAAN NA ung mga billions of pesos or dollars and other currencies na nadonate for the philippines coming in from other countries ? San na ung mga nabayaran nating mga taxes ? bakit hindi nalang nila gamitin un para matapos na ang mga kaguluhan sa affected areas. KAYANG KAYA basta sama sama.

  51. When you write an article or blog nowadays, you write whatever you feel, hear or see, or even believe. I think this article is not bias. The mayor informed the people to leave their houses near the seashores. That’s why there are survivors. That’s why there are people in the evacuation center. As the captain of the ship, he should be the last one to leave. Haven’t you heard or watch the news? Haven’t you read the survivor’s testimony here? Kahit nasa malayong baranggay na, inabot parin ng storm surge. Kahit naman magsilikas silang lahat kung ganun katindi ang bagyo, marami parin talagang nabiktima. Di nyo ba nakita ang places very far from the seashore? Di bat nasalanta rin sila at marami ring namatay doon????

    My point is, PNoy is the head of this nation, why put the blame on the bottom leader? Mayor didn’t even want this to happen! Besides, people were informed through national television and other means about the coming typhoon. Dapat naghanda na si Pnoy as the president of this country. I supported him (though did not vote him). I prayed for him. But for the sake of this article, this is my personal opinion.

    Now the typhoon is gone, the nation should move on…. we should help each other.

  52. Tacloban City has been covered with debris and dead bodies lying in unknown mass graves!! And it stinks!! Why not declare Tacloban “Ground Zero” for now? Move all the people to higher crowds in other towns before rebuilding the city? The people should not be moved back there yet, again until they are assured of the safe and stronger housing and infrastructures? The govt must use ALL the humanitarian aids for the towns/cities in the Visayas including those of Panay,Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, Samar and many other small islands which suffered the brunt of the past 7.2 earthquake and now the Super typhoon. The world is watching the Philippines on its road to recovery from one of the poorest countries on earth. So help them God!!

  53. Tacloban is one of the poorest regions of the Philippines and The Mayor there is one of the richest there. Now why is that so ? People in Tacloban should wake up and vote wisely next time.

  54. We should keep one thing in mind. Regardless of what government position one held, this is a major calamity, The Filipino victim of Yolanda need an URGENT help. They (government officials) need to set aside their political differences and gear their mind to solve the immediate problem of the victims. How would you feel if you are in their shoes? Be considerate. Pray more, hate less. PEACE.

  55. bakit d na lang c noynoy ang magresign kc tacloban pa lang my problemeh “He could no longer function” pano kung boung Pilipinas na may problema ano ang gagawin nya

    1. Do you know the structure of our government? The government system we deal with? We have (1) national government in-charge of the national issue and (2) Local government mandated under (Local Government Code) which is Tacloban City under the LGU. Anong resign-resign pinagsasabi mo… balik sa classroom mag-aral muna saka ka magbigay ng magcomment

  56. 12 days after Yolanda, most of the comments here, are all backwards or nandoon pa rin sa nakaraan. Sisihan! Author speaks of journalism, BUT THIS IS NOT JOURNALISM, just pointing on the one-side of the coin. What the HELL YOU SPEAK OF JOURNALISM, when you don’t even know the real fair journalism is all about. This is a mere speculations, on deeper analysis, you can see the true color of the author. Be FAIR.

    Sa paghahanda, ayaw aminin ni Mayor Romualdes, na nagkulang sila. Defense mechanism is ibaling sa iba ang kasalanan, hugas kamay. On the interview Gov. Salceda of Albay on ABS-CBN this morning, he said they took seriously the 320kph wind and storm surge, they even keep on communicating the PAG-ASA, force evacuation doon sa maaring maapektuhan ng storm surge. Even other island like that of Guiuan, where Yolanda made the first land fall, lower casualty, certain island of cebu, all house down, no calsualty, dahil seryoso sila sa paghahanda. Gov. Salceda is rights, kailangan ng puso ang mga Local Officials, para protekhan ang mga nasasakupan. Dito nagkulang si Mayor Romualdes, a proof that HE DIDN’T TOOK IT SERIOUSLY, SERVING BY EXAMPLE, is sya mismo nandoon sila sa mansion nila malapit mismo sa dagat. Paano susunod ang mga tao, eh ikaw mismo pinakita mo sa kanila na OKAY LANG. Dapat wala nang tao sa mga low lying areas.

    Buhay ang Mayor, and he should be the FIRST GROUND RESPONDER. Ang hindi ko gusto sa action ninyo bilang Mayor, hinatid nya ang asawa nya sa Manila, ASAWA NYO BILANG CITY COUNCILOR, anong ginawa nag-presscon ang nagkwento sa nangyari, imbes ba kumatok doon sa national government, manawagan, sabihin ang nangyari, wala, sarili ang inuna, Saan ang puso dito na sabihin ninyo, mahal ninyo ang mga tao.

    As Head of the City, He can gather, collect and confiscate some of the available supplies, sa mga department store, and distribute it fairly to the survivors, na iwasan sana ang looting. Habang naghihintay na dumating ang tulong, nagmobilize ng mga tao, para hakutin ang mga namatay, tulungang naclear ang mga daanan, pero wala ginawa at naghintay lang. Hugay kamay.

    Nakalipas na, sana matoto tayong lahat, directly affected or not. Isa sa naobserbahan ko, sana namobilized ni Mayor Romualdez ang mga nasasakupan nya to move and help the clearing operations, at huwag lang lagi maghintay ng relief, kung di kilos na rin. Move on. Linisin na natin sariling bakuran natin dahil nariyan naman ang national government and international community. Bilisan ang aksyon sa lugar mo Mayor, iwasan ang papogi at hugas kamay sa Media. Hindi lang Tacloban City ang apektado dito na binabangon ng National government.

    At this moment in time, we need to be united, building those people affected by Yolanda, helping one another. AND THIS ARTICLE, could not help us, rather divide us.

  57. hirap talaga dito sa pinas…. sisihan – pati tuloy ako sinisisi ko sarili ko bakit ako bumoto sa mahina ang loob na presidente!

  58. ngayon, lumalabas na ang tutuo, sa mismong bibig niya, galing na hindi sila talaga nagpa force evacuation dahil di niya alam kung saan dadalhin,,, kaya pala sa ibang lugar naman, me namatay pero yung nag matigas na di lumisan,, may zero pa nga, pero sa bayan niya, libo libo ang namatay!!

  59. I feel so sad to see those poor people and some area was plattened by Yolanda. I do really care and send some money to any reliable Philippine charity . But one thing i don’t understand is,,if you are truly believed that God is powerful then why God can’t stop this calamity? Is your God angry with all pathetic,hypocrite religious people? Did your prayers answered or stop Yolanda?
    What’s the matter with you people,,,you always mixing God to all your Daily Life. Don’t you know that nature rules?
    If you build some Concrete building to hide when it comes to typhoon or flood or earthquake instead of building “churches” that cost a lots of million dollars then it will prevent innocent people and children to die..stop believing with non-sense,,,act and solve the problems.

  60. walang makakapagsabi kung ano ang maaring mangyari o mangyayari, walang accurate sa mundo, walang gadget o equipment ang makakapag detect ng kung ano ang pwedeng mangyari..walang may gustong makita na ang kapwa mo nasasakupan ay makita mong lugmok at walang buhay, instead na magsisihan, magpersonalan, sana for once i set aside nyo yan sa kapakanan ng nakararami, nakakahiya sa mga foreign countries na halos walang patid ang pagtulong sa atin , tapos makikita nilang ang namumuno at mga politiko sa pilipinas eh nagbabangayan at nagpaparamihan ng daliring maituturo sa isat isa. asikasuhin nyo ang mga taong halos maghintay sa mga tulong nyo,sa sitwasyong ito hindi natin kailangan ang impluwensya, ganda at talino, puso at konsensya ang kailangan nyong pairalin dito.

  61. Filipino politics is so corrupt..No more politicizing !!! Typhoon victims all over Phil’s are suffering . It shows that they have no compassion towards the people that are affected .. It starts with Vatican who only donated a few thousands to the 3rd most populous catholic …

  62. Ang masasabi ko lang, nandun ako sa Tacloban nung bagyo. Kahit affected lahat, very visual si Mayor Romualdez sa pgbigay ng tulong sa mga taga Tacloban. Pgkatapos ng bagyo, agad-agad siyang tumulong. Preparedness? Kahit anong preparedness kung ikaw ang target at kasing lakas pa ni Yolanda, grabe talaga ang casualties. Hindi pare-pareho ang capacity ng tao na tumira sa isang napa.strong na bahay. Kahit konkreto nga, sira. Kahit may kaya, apektado.
    Pasalamat ako at buhay ako. Sa mga nawalan ng buhay, may you rest in peace.

  63. Who’s to blame here? first and foremost it’s the Filipino people who voted this moron.
    What drag Philippines down to the pit and lag behind its Asean neighbors is politicking, that Yellow color will kill all the poor Filipino people. That YELLOW color is a curse.

    I took the side of Mayor Romualdez, he divulged the truth live on national Television.

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