My appearance on “Telum Talks” for The Filipino Scribe

My appearance on “Telum Talks” for The Filipino Scribe

I was recently interviewed by George Putong of Singapore-based Telum Media to talk about my book “Right on the Mark: Selected Articles from The Filipino Scribe” and to share my insights and experiences as a blogger and journalist for over a decade now. The full interview can be accessed through this link.

Mr. Putong began the interview by asking me what advice I can give to young writers. “Find mentors, keep practicing, and be teachable,” I said. After all, I am truly fortunate to have been surrounded by people who believe in my capabilities.

I am grateful for the people who have been my mentors dating back to my high school days, and I am now blessed to be a mentor for others as well. However, having a mentor won’t really do you much good unless you are willing to practice and excel in your craft.

He then asked me to recount how The Filipino Scribe (TFS) started nearly eleven years ago and how I overcame challenges. Since blogging remains a passion project for me, sometimes I am not able to write for weeks or even months depending on the demands of my teaching job.

I decided to publish my first book “Right on the Mark: Selected Articles from The Filipino Scribe” to serve as a compilation of my selected works. I included there some articles that I posted here on TFS, stories I submitted for various competitions, as well as some I’ve written during my college years.

When asked which personality I’d like to have an exclusive interview with, I mentioned President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine given his courageous leadership amidst Russia’s ongoing attempt to invade his country. I regret not mentioning Vice President Leni Robredo though!

Run by former journalism and public relations professionals, Telum Media takes pride in being Asia’s “most comprehensive media intelligence organisation.” It’s wide array of products and services help connect PR, marketing, and communications professionals with journalists and media organisations across Asia.



Mark Pere Madrona

The Filipino Scribe (TFS) is managed by Mark Pere Madrona, a multi-awarded writer and licensed professional teacher from the Philippines. Mr. Madrona earned his master’s degree in history from the University of the Philippines-Diliman last 2020. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in journalism cum laude from the same university back in 2010. His area of interests includes Philippine journalism, history, and politics as well as social media. Know more about him here:

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