Time for some self-gratification (Hey, it’s not about THAT!)

Sorry for the double-meaning title. 😀

Yesterday, this blog has reached 5000 views, a significant milestone for me. I know this figure pales in comparison to the page views popular sites out there gets. Some of them can easily get 5000 views in a matter of weeks, or even days, but that’s not the point. Right now, I feel like a parent who enjoys seeing his child’s first baby steps. We all know that babies are not able to walk far distances without tripping, but later on, with constant practice (and much prodding from his/her parents), they can already run around the house!

5000 views - not bad for a new blog, right? 😀

My page views are wildly inconsistent for now; it’s been only of late that it got 100+ views for several days straight. Plus, only a handful of my readers have posted their comments. Nevertheless, I do not get disheartened. As others have told me, I just have to be patient. In fact, I am making it a point to regularly post here new content as soon as time permits. I really appreciate those who’ve complemented my writing style and topics discussed here. I can’t help but be flattered when people tell me they’ve subscribed to my posts or have bookmarked my site.

For letting me promote my blog on their pages, my heartfelt thanks to:

The Professional Heckler (the king of online humor writing!)

Veteran journalists (and Facebook friends, ha-ha) Ms Raissa Robles and Ms Ellen Tordesillas

Anti-Pinoy Facebook Group

Pass the Anti-Discrimination bill Now Facebook Group

My officemates, schoolmates, and friends who’ve visited this page (due to pressure?)


Engr. Helen Mary Labao – more than an officemate and online buddy. My ultimate source of blogging tips. 🙂

Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat!

So, what lies ahead for this page? As stated above, there will certainly be more posts to come. I have many topics to write about in mind, and I can also share here other unshared works I’ve written over the years (articles, essays, and the like).

Please check their latest posts:

The Professional Heckler (http://professionalheckler.wordpress.com/2011/08/09/i-am-back)

Ms Raissa Robles (http://raissarobles.com/2011/08/10/disturbing-art)

Ms Ellen Tordesillas (http://www.ellentordesillas.com/?p=17273)

Engr. Helen Mary Labao (http://www.helenmarylabao.com)

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7 thoughts on “Time for some self-gratification (Hey, it’s not about THAT!)

    1. Miss Raissa,

      I honestly did not expect you to drop a comment here in my site. Thank you very much for the encouragement. I shall keep that in mind always. 🙂

      As for libel: I will do my best to avoid writing about Mike Arroyo. 🙂


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