Unable to redeem Globe Rewards lately? Here’s why

Before I start, I want to thank the organizers of the Globe Tatt Awards last August 26 for giving me passes to that event (http://rightonthemark.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/face-to-face-with-ms-maria-ressa-and-the-professional-heckler-at-the-1st-globe-tatt-awards/).

I’ve been a Globe subscriber the past three years. I was a Smart user before that, but I got disgusted with the unsolicited ringtones they kept on sending me (which costs P15 each). Since I load regularly, I earn lots of points in the Globe Rewards promo. Every day, I get text advisories from Globe about the points I have earned. I was able to redeem Sulitxt15, Unlitxt20, and at one point, even Unilitxt80 in the past.

However, a few weeks ago, I noticed that I can no longer claim those items. Each time I try to redeem them (REDEEM UNLITXT20 to 4438), I get this message: “Sorry, your message can’t be processed as of the moment. You may have entered an invalid keyword, or the reward you tried redeeming is temporarily deactivated.” The text message also asked me to text REWARDS to 4438 for the correct keywords. A quick browse in Google search revealed that other subscribers are also having this problem.

The mystery was only resolved when I called Globe’s customer service hotline, 730-1000. The male Globe CSR informed me that the items I tried to redeem are no longer included in the list of reward items beginning last July 13. I reminded the CSR that this change have neither been posted in their website nor disseminated to us subscribers. He said I have to earn at least 100 points to redeem the lowest available reward, GCALL100 (60 minutes, valid for 5 days). I can also redeem GCOMBO200 (215 SMS and a 40-minute call, valid for 5 days) if I earn 200 reward points. The next item? An SMAC (SM Advantage Card) 1000 for 1,690 points. You have to load at least P16, 900 to have that! Thank you, Globe!

To Globe Telecom: Why not end your rewards program for good instead?



Mark Pere Madrona

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34 thoughts on “Unable to redeem Globe Rewards lately? Here’s why

  1. same thing happened to me, naka ilang try akong mag redeem nka 5 ako, so 5petot na din un, tpos un pla 100 na smallest..

  2. wala ring silbi yang rewards kung kelangan pang magipon ng thousand points! what’s the point of giving rewards kung hindo naman feasible yung points na gusto nila.. maybe pwede, pero it would take years pa! haha! nagpaload ka nlng sa tindahan instant pa.

  3. It’s time to boycott globe! Indeed, we have to boycott globe! We the consumers have been had by globe. Globe changed their rules in the middle of the game – very very unfair to consumers.

    I saved my points to redeem SMAC500 just to find out recently that this item has been removed last July 13 without prior notice.

    We have the right and should dessiminate this information to the public/consumer since globe delliberately misinformed us by not sending or posting this important information on their site on a timely basis.

    Let us show our disgust by either (1) moving to another telco for subscription or (2) by lessening the amount of globe load we purchase “exponentially”. Globe hurt their consumers and we should return the favor to them. Let’s hit globe where it hurts the most – in their profits. A financial repurcussion for globe’s deliberate act of fooling their customers.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I agree with you that Globe really erred when they greatly reduced the list of redeemable reward items without prior notice to their consumers. However, here’s my take on your proposal. One reason why these giant telcos can go on with this kind of business tactics unscathed is because they don’t have other serious competitors. In short, the public has no choice on this regard.

    2. True just like I’ve for less SMAC200 which is about 380 pts. when I tried to redeem it I gt the same message It’s very frustrating since they said I have to redeem it before march 30,2012. So why remove that reward before the deadline.Globe should be investigated for this unfair practice. Everything you said is true!

      1. Hi, Rommel. Thanks for sharing your experience here. Globe once told us that the reward points can be used anytime we wish. Why are they now changing their rules? I don’t think this is fair at all.

  4. nangyari din sa akin yan redeem ako ng redeem laging failed sorry daw kaya ayun sinubukan kung search sa net yun na nga bago na 100 na pinakamababa… di alam ng globe sila din ang 1st na tatamaan nito dahil madami ang mawawalan ng gana magpaload dahil masyado ng mataas yung hinihingi na earned points.

  5. what if you are not the user pero the statement is in your name is there other way for you to redeem the rewards other than texting sa globe ?

  6. bkit ganun ang globe request ko lang n tanggalin n ung mga pinapadala nyong song at ibinabawas pa nyo p s load nmin? aanhin nmin yan song n yan? 25.00 pesos syang din un ah!

  7. Hello Everyone,

    Meron pa rin pong smaller rewards…. I just redeemed GCombo50=65pts, my nieces redeemed sulitxt15=20pts….

  8. ako nga nag-redeem ng 4g n usb, tapos idedeliver daw after 30 days, lumagpas na ang 30 days tapos mgttxt cla n di na raw madedeliver.ibabalik daw ung points ko pero halos kalahati lang naman ang ibinalik nila.ang tagal kong pinaghirapan ung mga points na un tapos wala rin lang plang makukuhang rewards.

  9. no this is the latest even i have 600 point it didnt go through either so i am wondering now whats goin on with this BS globe! they keep sendin me the same message thast it always failed so do you think rewards redeem is still working???? im thinking switching other network cuz its been 5 yrs i am globe subscriber..

  10. HMM.I i also can’t redeem any reward.. as of today. 🙁 its a waste of my points since i have earned almost 600..

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