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5 thoughts on “Facing the toughest challenge of my life”

  1. S says:

    hi mark, sad to hear about you having gallstones. pero alam mo i once have this officemate na nadiagnosed din ng ganyan at kailangan daw magpaopera. pero hindi siya nagpaopera pero gumaling siya. subukan mo magnatural remedy. there’s this concoction slash regimen of apples and olive oil in the morning. i’ll send you the link, hanapin ko muna. it really worked. besides, healthy ang apples and olive oil. maybe it can spare you from surgery. 🙂

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Hi there, “S.” Sayang you didn’t write your real name here. Ready ako magpasurgery, pero I treat it as my last option. That’s why I’m exploring my other options. Pero nagtataka rin ako na I suddenly had it kasi I’m only 21. I couldn’t have had taken that much fatty foods in my lifetime. Ang sabi, baka daw genetically predisposed talaga ako to have gallstones. 🙁

  2. Jeva Turner says:

    My elder sister once had gallstones in her twenties because napakasipag in a very stressful and very busy job in Makati while working as a secretary to a vice president to a Swiss company. She tried to go to the toilet to avoid wasting time and to do that she tried to consume any drink like tea or fruit juices.

    When she started feeling the pains and the doctor diagnosed gallstones, my mother boiled banaba leaves for her and she avoided having an operation.

    Nowadays, I heard of a modern operation for it:

    I think it is really true that we should listen to the signals our body are giving us.

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