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Noynoy Aquino–Grace Lee love affair – top ten reactions!

Even while his allies remain hell bent in seeking to have Chief Justice Renato Corona impeached from his position, President Benigno Aquino has made a startling revelation a few days ago – he is in a relationship once again, this time with South Korean-born TV host/DJ Grace Lee. The announcement has elicited various reactions from people associated with them.

Noynoy Aquino and Grace Lee (credits:

10. Liz Uy – “Well, Noy. If you do get married, you can still have me as your stylist. But wait, are you inviting me?”

9. Baby James “Bimby” Aquino-Yap – “Tito Noy, is she your girlfriend?”

8. Lhar Santiago and Pia Guanio – “Grace! Gusto namin maging updated sa showbiz happenings, este sa love life mo!”

7. Korina Sanchez – “Kung ako na lang sana ang iyong minahal … e di sana first lady na ako…”

6. Kris Aquino – “Gosh, Kuya Noy! This time Korean naman ang bet mo. I like her na talaga! Ahahaha!”

5. Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz – “I stand by what I said last year. The President is already too old for marriage.”

4. James Yap – “Grace, akala ko ikaw ay akin.”

3. Barbara Milano – “Noy, kumusta na? Natatandaan mo pa ba ako? Ten years ago, you were mine!”

2. Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo – “Pareng Noy, sana sa dambana na tuloy nyo! Tingnan mo kami ni Shalani.” *smiles sarcastically*

Shalani Soledad and Roman Romulo during their wedding (credits:

1. Shalani Soledad – “Noy, kung kailan ako kinasal, saka ka biglang nagka-girlfriend? Ano yan? Rebound mode?”

{UPDATE}: Kris Aquino made another statement regarding her brother’s lovelife: “You know, Kuya Noy, free na rin ako to date sa wakas. My marriage with James is already annulled!”

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

Grace Lee, interviewed on GMA 7’s “24 Oras,” on how she and P-Noy (President Benigno Aquino III) got together: “Basta nangyari ang nangyari.”

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24 thoughts on “Noynoy Aquino–Grace Lee love affair – top ten reactions!”

  1. Joan Orpilla Capito says:

    pres.noy, you’re not getting any younger, kaya sana sa dambana na po ang tuloy nyan… congrats po in advance!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Grace Lee sayang nang ganda mo ..hindi yan seryoso c pinoy .. hindi nga nya pinakasalan si Shalani mas maganda pa sayo ikaw pa kaya ..

    1. markpere2010 says:

      LOL, Anonymous. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ugh. My god, stop trying to sound like Professional Heckler

    1. markpere2010 says:

      FYI lang po: I’ve began writing humor bits even before I encountered Professional Heckler. Stop comparing, please. 🙂

  4. Rosenda Torres says:

    Grace Lee is asking that her lovelife with P-Noy be private when all the while she has given and told all about the bits and pieces of her romantic encounter with P-noy public. She is no different from Kris who is very talkative and cant’ help revealing the happenings in her life to the public. For instance, in a TV interview, you said that you are talking with P-noy for 4 to 5 hours everyday by phone. That will add to the perception of the public that P-noy is sitting on his job because of this. Beware Grace, you were the one who divulged that P-noy’s offer to give you you PSG security. You’re not even officially a member of the First Family yet you are unwittingly dragging P-Noy to a CASE OF GRAFT AND CORRUPTION. It’s OK if it would be P-noy’s personal money that will be used to paying the offered security. It is our taxes that is at stake here- remember!Too much ambitious for comfort! Why don’t you just keep your mouth shut just like Shalani?

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Thanks for your comment, Rosalinda. As public figure, they have to be more responsible with their actions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    At 50’s tumitigas pa kaya si little pinoy’s

    1. markpere2010 says:

      HAHAHA. What a question. 🙂

      1. Anonymous says:

        sure tumitigas pa si lil pnoy…

      2. markpere2010 says:

        Hindi ko po masasagot yan. Haha

  6. Anonymous says:

    please act as a real president who shuld really be a model to ur fellowmen,,iam not saying na wag kang mag girlfrend but then u shuld focus on the economic status of the philippines and not on ur lovelife….

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Natumbok mo!

      1. Anonymous says:

        tlaga,,natumbok ko,,,sa lahat na ata ng presidente eh masyado kang pa controversial sa lovelife mo e ang daming problema ng pilipinas,,mas masahol kpa ky gloria,,,ay mali,,buti pa pala sya,,mukhang lalaki eh ikaw kaya,,,

  7. Anonymous says:

    bakit ang dami dami ng nalilink sa u? bakit wala k pang pinakakasalan,,are u really a man???????

    1. markpere2010 says:

      LOL! 🙂

      1. Anonymous says:

        naku tigilan mo nga ako sa mga LOL mo,,ur non sense

      2. markpere2010 says:

        Nonsense pala ha. Bakit ka pumunta dito sa blog ko? Patawa ka naman.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ayoko k grace lee,,sayang talaga si shalani kz sobra syang kadisente at sya ang bagay sa u,,,and not that grace lee

  9. Anonymous says:

    well, well… dont argue over Pnoy love affairs….ako pa hinihintay nyan… LOL!

  10. Mr.Clay says:

    gurang, maliban sa dating2x marami kah na bang nagawa sa malacañang? life mo lang ata inaatupag mu eh..matanda ka na, smoker ka pa, menopause ka na oi..awat na..!

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Noynoying lang ng Noynoying ang matanda! Tsk

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