The province of Bulacan will celebrate its annual Araw ng mga Barangay this September 11, Wednesday. The day is a special non-working holiday throughout the province. This is stipulated in Bulacan’s 2007 Provincial Administrative Code. Download the said document on this link.

Prior to this holiday, the province had two other special non-working holidays last month: Bulacan marked its foundation day last August 15 while it commemorated hero-journalist Marcelo del Pilar’s birth anniversary  day last August 30.

As mentioned in previous posts, the Department of Labor and Employment’s Handbook on Workers’ Statutory Monetary Benefits indicates that “workers who are not required or permitted to work on special days (including the one discussed in this post – TFS) are not entitled to any compensation.” This is the case especially if there’s no existing provision in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) or company policy that says otherwise.

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