Top 5 Goldmines for Freelancers from Philippines

Top 5 Goldmines for Freelancers from Philippines

Thanks to the Internet, writers, web designers, programmers, journalists, and other freelancers now have access to more job opportunities than ever before. Since there is a global market for such type of work,  freelancers from the Philippines now have a chance to earn a decent income and create long-term connections with paying clients.

If you are willing to give this career a try, you’ll need to become a member of the right freelancing platform. It’s difficult to find clients on your own, so it’s easier to become part of a community that connects you to the right type of jobs for your set of skills. The following websites offer beneficial working conditions and a productive environment for freelancers from the Philippines.

At, you get a chance to connect with a global network of clients who need written projects on different topics. What makes this website different from other freelancing platforms is the chance for advancement and certification. To become part of this community, you need at least a Bachelor’s degree, solid writing skills, and understanding of the English language, decent computer skills, and an ability to meet deadlines. The website is very user-friendly, so you won’t have any trouble to sink in and start applying for jobs.

Writers.PH review
Writers.PH is one of the go-to websites for Filipino freelance writers.

At this website, writers from all over the world have found great opportunities to make money from home. The company will connect you with clients who are looking for different types of writing services, but will also help you grow as a writer.
You can start working at if you hold a Bachelor’s, MA or PhD degree and possess solid English writing skills. Of course, you also need a stable Internet connection and basic computer skills.
Although there are different types of jobs for freelance writers at this website, the company is mostly focused on academic writing. You can earn up to $30 paper page, depending on the complexity of the order and the client’s budget. Before you start working on orders, you will need to sign up, pass a small grammar test, and complete a writing assignment.
If you have skills in academic research and writing on various topics, this is one of the best freelancing platforms to join. Of course, this type of work also requires Bachelor, Master, or doctoral degree. logo is another popular option among Filipino freelancers

This is another website that connects Filipino freelancers with clients who are willing to pay for their work. You don’t have to be a writer to become part of this community; also features jobs in the categories of mobile phones and computing; IT, websites and software; design, media and architecture; engineering and science; translation and languages, and much more.
On this platform, you can also connect with clients who offer jobs in different categories. Freelancers with qualifications in engineering, graphic design, training/education, translation/writing/editing, business consulting, accounting/finance, and other niches can start making money in a productive environment.
There are two ways to find work on search the project database and submit your bids, or advertise your freelance services directly to interested employers.

Explore the opportunities!
Many recent graduates in the Philippines struggle to find jobs in their country. The global freelancing market offers great opportunities for them to benefit from the knowledge and skills they have. The five websites listed above will help you start working on short-term and long-term projects that pay well.

Melissa Johnson, 25, has been a freelance writer for five years now. She says she if fond of travelling, and is always open for new opportunities.


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