ROLLBACK: P30 flagdown rate for taxis nationwide beginning March 9

ROLLBACK: P30 flagdown rate for taxis nationwide beginning March 9

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has announced a temporary P10 reduction in the flag down rate for taxis all over the country beginning March 9.

This means that the flag down rate for regular taxis will go down from P40 to P30 for regular taxis and from P70 to P60 for airport cabs.

LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez cited the series of oil price rollbacks beginning from late last year as the reason for the provisional fare rollback (the petition was first filed three months ago).

taxi flag down rate 2015
The flag down for regular taxis nationwide will be don to P30 beginning March 9 (Credits: Twitter page of LTFRB)

Since the rollback is not yet set to be implemented long-term, taxi meters doesn’t need to be recalibrated. Instead, cab drivers will have to deduct P10 from the amount indicated on the meter at the end of a passenger’s trip.

Ginez called on the public to be mindful of the soon-to-be implemented lower taxi fare rates. He likewise appealed to cab drivers to follow LTFRB’s mandated flag down rate.

His appeal came amid the complain of some taxi operators that the reduction in the flag down rate will translate to huge losses for drivers.

Bong Suntay of the Philippine National Taxi Operators Association, for instance, urged the LTFRB to “take into consideration the inflation rate, cost of living and the cost of spare parts and other taxi conditions” before making any judgments regarding fare reductions.



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