DIRTY FINGER | ‘Atenean’ doctor who fooled a Jollibee delivery guy lashes out at his critics

DIRTY FINGER | ‘Atenean’ doctor who fooled a Jollibee delivery guy lashes out at his critics

Facebook user “Jay Bee,” who gained notoriety after he boasted on Facebook that he deliberately refused to answer the calls of a Jollibee delivery boy so he can avail of the fast food chain’s P200 discount on late deliveries, hit back at his critics through his Facebook account Saturday.

In an unapologetic series of status updates, he thanked netizens for supposedly making him famous, adding that he may even make it to the Ellen DeGeneres show soon. He also attached a photo of himself flashing a dirty finger.

Sa lahat ng fans ko all over the world,

Salamat ng madami sa biglang pagsikat ko. Hoping na makarating ito kay Ellen Degeneres para naman makapag-guest ako sa show nya. Mga sikat ang invited nya eh. Sa lahat ng bashers ko dyan: natural lang sa isang sikat na magkaroon ng bashers, pero thankful pa rin ako at lalo nyo ako pinapasikat. I am happy na sikat ako ngayon, daming tumatawag saken all over the world informing na sikat na nga ako. Thank you ng madami sa inyong lahat.. mabuhay kayo.”

In a succeeding post, he even invited everyone he describes as his “fans and bashers” to visit him at his residence so they can meet him personally. “Nasa receipt ang address ko,” he added. He later on indicated that he is staying, at least for the night, at Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower in Makati City.

jay bee jollibee delivery scandal
Facebook “Jay Bee,” the man who fooled a Jollibee delivery rider, is taunting his critics

According to the Facebook page PERK UP! The Philippine Business and News Forum, “Jay Bee” is a graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) School of Medicine and Public Health. His real name cannot be ascertained as of this time.

Because of the uncertainty of his identity, at least one Facebook user who also uses the name “Jay Bee” has complained of receiving harsh messages and even death threats from netizens who erroneously thought that the one involved in this issue is him.

Commentary: It is hard to fathom that a graduate of medicine from a venerable institution like ADMU can behave this way in public. This is not to say that all graduates of ADMU, and all top universities for that matter, are prissy individuals. His demeanor and choice of words on social media suggests that he is nothing but a jerk.

But, what if he is really a licensed doctor? Is there a possibility for his license to be revoked? According to Article I, Section 6 of the Philippine Medical Association’s code of ethics, “Physicians should be upright, diligent, sober, modest, and well versed in both the science and the art of the profession.”

Now, the question is, who will press charges?

(Update, July 7): In a statement released to members of the media Monday night, Jollibee Foods Corporation appealed to the public to always treat their riders with courtesy, honesty, and respect.

“Even as we are committed to provide fast and efficient service to our customers through our Jollibee delivery guarantee, the safety and welfare of our riders are of paramount importance to us,” Jollibee public relations director Arline Adeva said. She later told GMA News that the crew involved in the incident has declined to comment since he is simply doing his job.

“It has never been Jollibee’s policy to charge the gift certificates issued to customers as goodwill for late delivery against our riders’ salaries,” the fast food giant also clarified.

Jollibee has released a statement about “Jay Bee” (Photo credits: www.CoolBuster.net)

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11 thoughts on “DIRTY FINGER | ‘Atenean’ doctor who fooled a Jollibee delivery guy lashes out at his critics

  1. I don’t think he’s a doctor. Doesn’t look like one, doesn’t act like one. He needs a manicure btw, if he’s a surgeon I wouldn’t wanna be caught on his op table, baka ma-infect ako sa dirty finger. Yah, I took the time and effort to comment but def am not a fan! Just couldn’t let this pass, Jollibee should also check their late delivery policy. TECHNICALLY THE DELIVERY ARRIVED ON TIME BECAUSE THE DELIVERY WAS ALREADY IN THE PREMISES AND the doc WAS AWARE OF HIS ARRIVAL BUT DELIBERATELY, MALICIOUSLY, INTENTIONALLY DELAYED THE DELIVERY GUY FOR HIS OWN SELFISH GAIN. Can anybody in the LAW PROFESSION step up for the delivery guy? What are his rights? Were there any violated? Did you know the delivery service sector is one of the most DANGEROUS JOBS IN THE WORLD? Picture these guys rushing to make delivery on time amidst horrendous traffic, rain, dangerous road conditions and this “doctor” is what they get.? I don’t believe JAY BEE is a doctor. If I were one, I would disown him. He brings shame to a NOBLE profession. Absent ka ba during oathtaking nang HIPPOCRATIC OATH O HYPOCRITE CODE ANG FOR YOU. JUST SAYING, “doc jay bee”. Pahabol pala doc, trivia time: define – A REAL DOCTOR.

    1. Phil weather, criminal records, traffic chaos makes a delivery services one of the most hazardous jobs… And for a measly pay but badly needed for surviving… Allegedly from ateneo if he really is, an alumni of the current admin… Matuwid na Daan… Ateneo should set the record straight. A small seemingly harmless but lacking of morals exhibits a bad education…

  2. I-feature na ang katarantaduhan nyan sa Jessica Soho para tuluyang sumikat nang husto sa kawalanghiyaan niya….SHAME ON YOU FILIPINO DOCTOR KA PA NAMAN ASAL HAYOP KA!

  3. Nah… I strongly doubt that this asshole is a doctor. Yun mga totoong nkaka angat at may sinasabi ang propesyon would not act as this faggot did. Malayong malayo sa kine-claim nyang profession. He couldve taken his picture just anywhere for all we know to make it appear na may sinasabi sa buhay. But his behavior clearly shows that he/she was not raised properly. Squatting asal ng aso na to..

  4. http://www.fashionpulis.com/2015/07/scammer-exposed-juicy-story-on-jay-bee.html

    s stories bannered that the said Jay Bee is from a premier university, which might have stemmed from the Ateneo logo that was in his FB page, and a doctor, as someone in the exchange referred to him as “Doc,” his notoriety has provoked some netizens to conduct their own research on the alleged character of this person.

    An anonymous source claims that Jay Bee is neither from the Ateneo or a doctor. The source, who sent the photos to FashionPulis, alleges that Jay Bee is an auditor who works for an airline. Moreover, a few years ago, Jay Bee allegedly stayed in a local hostel to meet foreigner backpackers in the hope of meeting someone who can be his boyfriend. Unfortunately, Jay Bee was unable to pay his fees at the hostel and he had to give up with old laptop to compensate for his debt.

    Jay Bee, the source claimed was actually successful in his aim and ended up with a foreigner boyfriend who supported him for almost half a year. The boyfriend gave him money for his needs, but the fairytale ended on that fateful day, when the foreigner boyfriend caught him cheating in bed.

    With fame comes the coming out of skeletons in the closet as well as the digging of tons of dirt on one’s past. Thus, with the attitude exuded by Jay Bee, we will not be surprised if more information about his true personality will emerge in social media.

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