REVIEW: Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant in Silang, Cavite

REVIEW: Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant in Silang, Cavite

Are you planning to have a weekend getaway with your family or friends soon? Or perhaps, do you have a special occasion to celebrate in the future?

Then you should seriously consider going to Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant and Deli, located in the vicinity of Tagaytay City (Silang, Cavite, to be precise). Early this month, The Filipino Scribe together with other lucky bloggers were invited for an overnight stay in the said bed and breakfast establishment.

Before anything else, what exactly does “Chateau Hestia” mean? ‘Chateau’ is the French word for castles and palaces while Hestia is the Greek goddess of hearth, family, and domestic life. As shall be described later, the European influence in this establishment is reflected not just in its name but in many other things too.

chateau hestia silang cavite
The main entrance of Chateau Hestia Garden and Restaurant in Silang, Cavite

We arrived at Chateau Hestia around 9PM of July 10, after surviving the unpredictable traffic in EDSA as well as occasional rains. We were immediately welcomed by Ms Natalia Moran, the restaurant’s gorgeous chef and her ever-hospitable team of service crews.

The dinner table is set, but no no no! We have to leave our things first in our assigned cottages where. I, together with three other male bloggers, proceeded to the Capiz Casita (there were three other cottages reserved). After that, we finally got the chance to explore the place.

capiz casita chateau hestia
Chateau Hestia’s Bamboo Casita (Photo by Epi Lim)

As mentioned earlier, Chateau Hestia is European-inspired through and through, from the main entrance of its restaurant to its interior design. And by the way, are you a sucker for European wine, cheese, and other related stuff? The establishment has a mini grocery shop where those items together with other “home-brewed” products including fruit jams and organic bread are being sold.

chateau hestia winery
Wine enthusiasts have something to look forward to in Chateau Hestia (Photo by Alice Mate)


1) Loft Cottage – Php 3,500.00* (Queen-size bed, garden-style bathroom, rate good for 2 persons, inclusive of breakfast)

2) Suite Cottage – Php 5,400.00* (King-size bed, big living room, with steam bath, rate good for 2 persons but cottage is good for 5 persons, inclusive of breakfast)

3) Bamboo Casita – Php 4,850.00* (King-size bed, rate good for 2 persons, inclusive of breakfast)

4) Capiz Casita – Php 5,150.00* (King-size bed, with steam bath, rate good for 2 persons but casita is good for 3 persons, inclusive of breakfast)

chateau hestia dinner menu
Preparing for dinner! (Photo by Cherry Bustamante-Burwell)

5) Sampaguita Casita – Php 5,950.00* (King-size bed, with jacuzzi, rate good for 2 persons but casita is good for 3 persons, inclusive of breakfast)

6) Casa Carmen – Php 8,000.00* (King-size bed, a Filipino-heritage house setting complete with kitchen, living room & balcony overlooking the forest, with steam bath, rate good for 4 peoples, perfect for honeymooners or a family of 4, inclusive of breakfast)

7) Garden Cottage – Php 5,000.00* (Queen-size bed, cottage over-looking the garden, rate good for 2 peoples, inclusive of breakfast)

(For more information on reservation and cancellation policies, please check this web page.)

Why is visiting Chateau Hestia highly recommended?

Despite having many bed and breakfast establishments in its vicinity, Chateau Perfect manages to stand out because of three reasons: perfect ambiance, customer-friendliness, and food quality.

If the Mediterranean-style of the restaurant isn’t enough to make customers fall in love with Chateau Hestia, then its nature-orientedness certainly will. Picture this: you and your significant other canoodling in a hanging bridge amidst the evening breeze after having an outdoor dinner under the starry night. How romantic!

hanging bridge silang cavite
(Photo by Epi Lim)

Not all establishments can boast of being able to bend over backwards to satisfy its clientele the way Chateau Hestia does it, from offering lower rates for children to allowing visitors to bring pets. In fact, according to assistant supervisor Lenie Barcelona, the restaurant is also helping its customers make the most out of their budget for events such as wedding receptions, reunions, business meetings and the like.

“We can adjust the package to fit their budget. For example, we can split the servings for two people,” she explained, adding that this works for events to be attended by 40 people and more. As an additional bonus, the client can have a free overnight stay at Chateau Hestia.

Because of this high quality of customer service, it is not surprising to see why this establishment was ranked first by popular website TripAdvisor among all restaurants in Silang, Cavite. By the way, they also received a certificate of excellence from them a few months ago.

(Chateau Hestia’s food offerings will be discussed in the next post! 🙂 – TFS)

Chateau Hestia is located in J. Hernandez St. Purok 5, Brgy. Bukal, Silang, Cavite (near Tagaytay City). It is open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM everyday, including weekends and holidays. Payments via Visa, American Express, and Mastercard are accepted.

Interested parties may contact Chateau Hestia at 0929 711 32 89  or through their official Facebook page for queries. Bookings can be made through their website,

chateau hestia garden restaurant
Having your meal while enjoying the nature? Chateau Hestia makes it possible! (Photo by Epi Lim)

PostScript I: For a while, I thought this event will not push through, especially with typhoon “Egay” forcing various cities and provinces to suspend classes on that day.  

However, whatever doubts I had in mind was totally erased when Ms Cherry Bustamante-Burwell of The Big Difference Communications (the organizer of the event) began using the hashtag #WalangBagyoSaExcitedNaTao. Point taken: the game is on!  

PostScript II: Once more, special thanks to the team behind The Big Difference Communications(Ms Cherry Bustamante Burwell and Kezia Bustamante Lucas) as well as Chef Natalia Moran of Chateau Hestia for organizing this event.

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