Ateneo Entablado presents ‘Sandaang Panaginip’ by Rene Villanueva

Ateneo Entablado presents ‘Sandaang Panaginip’ by Rene Villanueva

Ateneo ENTABLADO (ENterteynment para sa TAo, Bayan, LAnsangan at DiyOs) continues its 33rd theatrical season with a tribute to the late Rene Villanueva, a giant of contemporary Filipino children’s literature.

This October 2015, the group will be staging “Sandaang Panaginip,” a musical comedy written by Villanueva which revolves around characters that enter a fate of corruption, betrayal, reformed leadership, and love. It will be directed by Jerry Respeto. This is in line with the group’s long-standing socio-political advocacy.

In a press release, Ateneo ENTABLADO explained that the play will emphasize the importance of liberating a country from corrupt and non-transparent leadership to pave the way for a progressive and proactive nation rooted towards national peace.

“Sandaang Panaginip” is set in the kingdom of Tralala under the leadership of King Alexander. Despite being well-loved by his constituents, Alexander was eventually forced to let Queen Leona, his second wife, the management of the kingdom because of his chronic illness.

sandaang panaginip ni rene villanueva
Ateneo Entablado presents Rene Villanueva’s “Sandaang Panaginip” this October

The Queen’s incompetence spending triggered social unrest and economic problems which dragged the once-thriving kingdom downhill. Because of Leona and her daughters’ profligate spending, Tralala incurred an eight million bar debt to King Carlos of the kingdom of Parachibum, who sends his only son Prince Anshari to demand for payment.

Making matters worse is the fact that Alexander is not aware of any of these maladies because Leona won’t let him talk to anyone else, including his daughter Yasmin from a previous marriage. How will the princess make it past the barrier that her step-mother built between her and her father? Can she succeed in exposing the truth?

The show runs on the following dates: October 6-9, 13-16, 20-23 at 7 PM, and October 10, 17 and 24 at 2 PM and 7 PM, at the Rizal Mini Theater at the Ateneo de Manila University’s Faber Hall.

Interested parties may contact Rachel Sengco at 0915 865 3431 for tickets and related inquiries. Please also check out Ateneo ENTABLADO official Facebook page.


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