entertainment / news

Teresa Yap, mother of ‘Pastillas Girl,’ shot dead in Caloocan City

Teresa Yap, whose daughter Angelica gained fame as “Pastillas Girl” in the ABS-CBN noontime program “Showtime,” was shot to death by a still-unidentified gunman in Caloocan City late Sunday night. She sustained […]


#BotongPinoy2016 / commentary / politics

The fate of Duterte’s presidential candidacy is no longer in his hands

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has made doing things on his own terms a hallmark of his two-decade long political career, like in his world-famous crusade against criminals. With just minutes left […]


history / holiday announcements

December 11 2015 declared a holiday in Pampanga

The province of Pampanga will be celebrating its 444th foundation anniversary, otherwise known as Aldo Ning Kapampangan or Pampanga Day, this December 11. The day is a special non-working holiday in the said […]


history / news

December 2 2015 declared a holiday in Pasay City

Pasay City will be celebrating its 152nd foundation anniversary this December 2, Wednesday. The day is a special non-working holiday in the city as ordered by President Benigno Aquino III through Proclamation 1168, which was […]


#APECsummit2015 / entertainment

Kathryn Bernardo might NOT actually vote for Mar Roxas. Here’s why.

The camp of Liberal Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas rolled out this week the endorsement of popular on-screen couple Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo aka “KathNiel.” Roxas’ wife, broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, posted […]


#APECsummit2015 / education / philippines

Metro Manila schools likely to have make-up classes because of APEC holidays

Schools in Metro Manila will have to hold make-up sessions during Saturdays in the next few weeks to compensate for the four-day class suspension in connection to the country’s recent hosting of […]


personal matters

THANK YOU! | Two award-giving bodies recognize The Filipino Scribe

The Filipino Scribe (TFS) earned recognition from two different award-giving organizations in a span of ten weeks. The recent accomplishments are the latest addition to the news blog’s line-up of accolades since it […]


news / philippines

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Kidnapping of 3-year-old girl in Angeles, Pampanga

A three-year-old girl in Angeles, Pampanga was kidnapped by still-unidentified individuals last November 12, Thursday. A CCTV footage showing how the incident happened was aired on GMA Network’s 24 Oras news program yesterday […]


#BotongPinoy2016 / news / politics

Poe maintains lead over Binay in latest Pulse Asia poll, but will her luck last?

Senator Grace Poe has widened her lead over Vice President Jejomar Binay based on the latest presidential survey conducted by Pulse Asia. According to the poll, which was conducted from October 18 to 29, […]


#APECsummit2015 / commentary / philippines

Those protesting against the APEC summit are anti-globalization hypocrites

2014 BEIJING APEC SUMMIT Beijing APEC Summit (2014) Budget: $7 billion Shut down: factories, schools, parks, government offices, private businesses, public hospitals (half day) Inconvenience: residents told to go out of town, […]


#WalangPasok – January 21 2022 declared holiday in Tarlac City

Tarlac City will be celebrating its sixth annual Kaisa Festival this January 21, 2022. The day has been declared a special non-working holiday as stipulated in Proclamation 1279 which Executive Secretary Salvador […]


#WalangPasok – February 1 2022 declared holiday for Chinese New Year

The Chinese community in the Philippines and around the world will celebrate their annual Spring Festival – more commonly referred to as the Chinese New Year- this February 1. February 1, 2022 is a special non-working holiday nationwide as […]


LOOK HERE: Full list of national holidays for 2022

With just a little over two months remaining in 2021, Malacañang has already published the official list of national holidays for the year 2022. This is mentioned through President Rodrigo Duterte’s Proclamation […]


#WalangPasok – Schools announce class suspensions as students clamor for academic ease

(UPDATED, 2:00 AM of JANUARY 10, 2022) Several schools in Metro Manila have announced class suspensions for next week due to the sudden rise in COVID-19 cases across the region. The school […]


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