December 11 2015 declared a holiday in Pampanga

December 11 2015 declared a holiday in Pampanga

The province of Pampanga will be celebrating its 444th foundation anniversary, otherwise known as Aldo Ning Kapampangan or Pampanga Day, this December 11. The day is a special non-working holiday in the said Central Luzon province as stated in President Ferdinand Marcos’ Proclamation 2226, which he signed in July 1982.

The provincial government reminded Kapampangans of this in a brief note posted on its official website, The full text of Proclamation 2226 can be found in this link. Since the holiday this years fall on a Friday, Kapampangans will have a three-day weekend because of it.

In his proclamation, Marcos explained that the holiday declaration aims to “preserve, maintain, and hand down to prosperity the beauty and richness of Pampango culture, the heritage, as well as its arts and literature, and to honor with a fitting ceremony the illustrious Kapampangans who have distinguished themselves in different areas of endeavor.”


Lilia Pineda of pampanga
Governor Lilia Pineda of Pampanga (credits:

Marcos further emphasized that the proclamation will be in effect not only in the year 1982 but for succeeding years as well. Please take note that none of the former president’s successors appears to have made any attempt to revoke or rescind this proclamation.

Pampanga’s territory once included the present-day provinces of Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, Tarlac, and Zambales. It is the first province in Luzon since it was established by the Spaniards in December 1571, or seven months after they first arrived there.  The first province in the Philippines is Cebu, which was established in 1565.

Ironically, Pampanga three centuries later would be one of the first eight provinces to revolt against Spain. By 1901, or three years after the Americans took over from the Spaniards, a civil government was established in Pampanga with Bacolor as the seat of power.




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